If I ever told you why

Would you ever understand?

If I ever asked you why,

Could ever give me the answer I seek?

You always say you love me

You loved her.

But when talk about Alaska

I wish more than ever

That I was her.

She is a character of fiction

Spun from an unknown mind.

Different to every one who reads it.

You see one you loved.

In Alaska I see

What I want to be

The girl I have to be.

The girl I will never be.

Beautiful, mysterious, unpredictable

Impossible not to fall for and impossible to keep

A captivating phantasm

Untouchable but broken

How broken would I have to be to be Alaska?

Break my body to make it more beautiful?

Break my mind to be coy, unpredictable, alluring?

Break and destroy what little I have to call myself to become the faded shadow ghost of an imaginary girl?

I can never be Alaska.

I can never be as imperfectly perfect as she is.

I can never be as beautifully broken.

I can never be the perfect girl.

I will never be Alaska.

So I'll wish for the phantasm.

Wish for the charm.

But never be the one to be your perfect.