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She loved the smell of smoke. Even though the substance could potentially kill you if you inhale too much she enjoyed a nice camp fire. Grey air forming above and traveling to the heavens, scorching hot embers that blazed with an orangey glow that would thrive then turn black with its end, that little fear inside that the baby fire tear drops would burn you if they traveled far enough. A musk scent filled her nose. You could try to keep the flames going, adding more wood, but in the end it always disintegrated to nothing. But for now she would be locked into the dancing gold flames, she wasn't really thinking about anything or even really looking at the fire, the hours seemed to go by in only minutes.

A twig snapping is what broke her out of the trance. Coming to the woods was like her sanction and freedom to be alone. The horrible realization that she lost her hiding spot clawed its way into her heart. She looked around trying to locate the intruder but was only met with rotting yet still green trees. She had to admit they weren't the liveliest, it brought her sadness to see the poor nature in such a way. The beauty was still there though. Sometimes death was a beautiful thing.

"Who's there?" She was now standing up from her place on the earthy floor. Another snap. Her head turned wildly in the direction it appeared to be coming from. "Show yourself or leave."

Then a man stepped out from behind a tree. When she looked closer she realized he wasn't even a man really, he looked closer to her age. He was enticing in a dark way. She didn't know what it was but she had this pull to him while still feeling the detachment. He didn't seem right at all. The only non-dark part of him was his eyes, even holding a vicious stare, the clear water drowned her.

His face suddenly changed into one of arrogance. "Intriguing meeting you out here, I was hoping to get a snack but it would seem not. Don't get me wrong it does give me good pleasure to make your acquaintance. " He started moving closer and bells set off in her head.

"Excuse me?" The confusion took over. Where could he possibly get a snack out here in the woods? Then it came to her, the way he stared as if she were something to eat. She was going to be this snack he talked of. "You eat people?!"

Now it was his turn to look confused. "What on earth-oh." His head nodded slowly as if he was coming to a conclusion slowly. Then a great chuckle erupted from his stomach and through his throat. "A treat indeed to meet one who doesn't even know! My dear.." His words came to her as if he was from the 1700s.

"I don't know what?" She asked.

A sly smile stretched upon his face. "Why nothing at all." He turned as if he were going to leave but then stopped himself. "How old did you say you were?"

Her patience was getting at her. "I didn't," she snapped. "Now tell me what the hell you are talking about." She could feel her nails digging into her palms as she squeezed her fists into little balls.

Seconds later he was standing in front of her, as if he could move faster than light. His eyes took her body in. "You're a young little thing aren't you? I'd say between 15 and 17. It shocks me that you haven't shifted once yet. This body you live in is truly mouthwatering for men even such as myself." She felt the tender feeling rise within as his hand skimmed up the side of her from hip to chest.

He knew how old she was. Yet he was saying she was young even if he didn't look a day over 19. When it dawned on her that she was letting him touch her she pushed his hand off, stumbling back a few feet she almost tripped but recovered quickly. "A Succubus that doesn't like being touched? Interesting. Who are your parents dear?"

This was getting too creepy for her. The word he used sounded familiar but she couldn't put her finger on it. But the fact that he was asking so many personal questions and trying to touch her was enough. "I really need to get going.." His face twisted into a tight sneer. "Now!" She took off in a sprint in the way of home. Her legs fought for distance as her arms pumped from front to back. Even with her being a good runner her breaths turned into short in takes. That burning sensation scratched the inside of her throat, she could have sworn her lungs were bleeding their way up through each harsh out take.

She dared turn her head to see if he was following but couldn't see any trace of him. Then she hit into something rock hard. If two strong arms hadn't caught her then she would have fell. But these arms she didn't want to be in, she pushed and struggled to be released but they just pulled her tighter to his body. "Obviously you don't know what I or you are capable of." His breath was tickling her ear, the warmness she could feel through her hair. "I don't want to hurt you."

She prepared herself for what she was about to do. Her shoulders lost their tense hold and she leaned into him. "I know." Raising her head softly, her eyes met his. His rigid stance eased at her defeat. A hand snaked its way through her hair in a delicate action. She nudged against the hand as if it was an owner's leg and she was a cat. He seemed to become attracted to her, well more than he had expressed before. Maybe she was this thing he mentioned or maybe she was just a good actress. His thumb traced circles on the back of her skull, the feeling made her want to melt. She found herself actually enjoying this; she needed to end it before it sucked her in for good. "But I can't trust you." The circular motions stopped just before her knee collided with his groin.

She didn't know how she managed to get away but here she was, sitting Indian style on her bed. She just checked her window locks for the fifth time that night. He can't get in. Stop worrying yourself. Everything is gonna be alright. Even her own thoughts couldn't calm her down.


She spotted her laptop on the grey carpeted floor. Deciding that she wanted to know more, she grabbed it and quickly accessed Google. The keys clicked as she typed in slowly S-u-c-c-u-b-u-s. Each consonant getting its own sound.

Up came the Wikipedia link as the first source. She skimmed over the article trying to pick up the gist of it. She read out loud, "Asuccubus or succubi is a femaledemonor supernatural being appearing in dreams or real life, who takes the form of a human woman in order to seduce men, usually throughsexual intercourse. The male counterpart is theincubus. Religious traditions hold that repeated intercourse with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or even death." Great, if she ever had a boyfriend she would kill him. No wonder she was still single and a virgin. Guys could probably sense that "down there" was some death deed.

"What am I saying?" She shook her head. Was she actually thinking she was one of these things? They were myths from forever ago. Looking back at the article she read about four queens or something. Her pointer finger slide across the bottom and hovered over Incubus before clicking it. Basically the same thing as a Succubus but a guy. If she believed for a second that they were real, which she didn't, was that guy an Incubus? Remembering the conversation earlier she recalled him saying "..for men even such as myself."

A voice brought her out of her concentration "Whatcha looking at?" Her body jolted in shock. When she turned she was inches away from her best friend's head that was reading the article on the screen. With a groan she pushed his head away and shut the laptop.

"You know you scared the shit out of me right? How did you get in here without me hearing you?"

He sat down on the foot side of the bed. "Why were you looking at the Succubus?" Ignoring her question completely.

"Why do you care why I was looking at the Succubus?" She arched her eyebrow.

He laughed, "Listen Viz, if you want to get some you don't need to go looking for some Incubus." Viz was his nickname for her since they were kids. It was short for Visery in the case that the s sounded like a z.

"I am not! How do you know about Incubus?" she asked.

"I was reading that article for a minute before you even noticed. You went into major space mode." His mouth opened up to his brilliant smile. He could always get her in a good mood or even to forget things. Which was needed right now, big time.

She wondered if she should tell him about what happened earlier that day. "Robin, I met this guy in the forest this afternoon. I know it's probably nothing but he scared the hell out of me. He asked me how old I was and who my parents were. He even said that I was a Succubus, I know I know, that sounds crazy," She snorted. "He probably was."

She felt like his mood changed instantly. "Where did you see him? Was he alone? I told you to stop going into those goddamn woods by yourself! Did he say what his name was?"

She put her hand on his leg. "Calm-Calm yourself Robin! Jeez what's the issue? I'm fine and No, he didn't tell me his name and Yes, he was alone."

Checking himself, he smiled instantly as if he weren't freaking out seconds before. What was with him tonight?

"Just let me stay with you tonight?" He asked. She nodded, thankful that he asked. She didn't want to spend the night alone. Could Robin even help if the guy showed up? He was capable of things, like he said.

Later on, she was lying down with Robin next to her. He had promised not to sleep till she herself fell asleep. Feeling bad for her friend she faked sleeping and could now hear his snores. The more and more she thought about it things would make sense. Her parents didn't talk about her birth. She of course had a birth certificate but never once came open a photo of her mother in a hospital gown with baby Visery in her arms. Not even a hospital bracelet or anything. Would she have been born into a normal hospital if she wasn't human?

She didn't feel any different. She didn't seem any different. She didn't want to be any different.

But she was.

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