When she woke it was early in the morning. The blinds were still pulled shut but bright white light still shined through the edges. Next to her Robin was snoring very loudly, mouth wide open with drool falling down his chin. Anyone else who would wake to that would be pissed but she was used to her best friend and just giggled before standing. Breakfast seemed like a good idea to start on. Knowing her parents they were already at work, her dad a lawyer at his own firm and her mother worked as a bank manager. Since both her parents worked from the morning till night and were barely home, she always made meals for herself. Once her mother tried to hire a nanny to cook and watch over her but Visery yelled about not being a child. That closed the argument and within a few hours her mother had totally forgot about the idea.

She opened the fridge and took out the package of bacon along with some orange juice. Before she could even put them down on the counter Robin walked in, hair tousled and clothes all wrinkly.

She smirked, "Nice hair."

He broke out into deep laughter as he jumped up to sit on the island counter. "You didn't look in a mirror yet did you?" Her face dropped as she ran into the bathroom down the hall. She stared at her reflection, her hair was knotted and she had make-up all around her eyes. Beautiful, she thought sarcastically. She took a comb to her hair and washed off the make up before returning to the kitchen. Robin was still sitting on the edge of the island with his feet swinging and a smile plastered on his face. "Aw come on I liked you the other way!"

Her fist collided with his shoulder causing a groan to come out from him. "Serves you right, jerk." She turned on the stove and took the pan hanging from the rack above the island.

"Aaaah bacon, the only thing a man is ever after." She laughed at his remark.

"I thought 'man' was only after s-"

She was cut off by, "LALALALA!" and his hands covering his ears.

She snorted, the sizzling bacon chimed in as she put strip by strip in the pan. Taking two glasses from the cabinet and placing them on the counter, she poured them some orange juice. He accepted his with a teasing smile. Holding hers in the other hand not with a spatula she turned back to the stove, "Come on Robin, you are not some modest angel." A choking noise made her whip around. Robin punched his chest lightly, trying to stop his coughing fit. "You okay there?"

He nodded once the hacking stopped. "Angel? No, but I haven't gone as nearly far that you're assuming." Her nose scrunched up in the weirdness that this conversation brought on. "You're right. Let's drop it." He said, seeing her facial expression.

"How about you cook the bacon and I'll go wash the dishes. Thanks for telling me by the way, I love waking up to a dirty sink and thinking some serial killer stopped by for dinner." Her parents would have never eaten in the morning. They always stopped for coffee separately before going to work.

He took the spatula from her with a frown. "I didn't eat anything here last night."

"But-" She looked back at the sink, only a few dishes and a cup were in it but she could have sworn it was empty when she went to bed.

"You know maybe your parents had something to eat." He smiled which she could tell was forced. He knew damn well after all these years that her parents never breakfast in the morning or even late at night. He knew something was up.

After breakfast Robin went home. He insisted that he should stay the rest of the day but she just brushed it off that she had homework to do. In truth she knew the real reason behind the dishes in the sink. It was a message for her and even if she would feel safer with Robin, she didn't want him to get hurt if it came down to that.

Sure enough minutes after he left the front door opened again. It wasn't Robin coming to get something he forgot, it was that creep that she met in the woods the day before.

"You were in my house?! Never come into my house again or at least without my permission!" She moved closer to him. The chill came in through the door causing her to shiver. Seeing it he slammed the door shut. "What are you just gonna stand there?"

He barked out a laugh. "Sorry I was just reliving the pain I received in my male parts." He folded his arms across his chest which was covered by only a long sleeve v neck. How the hell wasn't he freezing? "I'm Taint by the way."

She imitated his body, "Sorry I was wrapped in the arms of some psycho." His eyes squinted in distaste.

"I wanted to help you but all you did was run. If I let go you would have run away again."

Her head tilted to the side. Was he being for real right now? "You are seriously crazy and if you don't' leave me alone I'll call the cops."

He groaned and walked into the living room. Making himself right at home, he sat down on the couch and patted the seat next to him. She put her hand up as in to say No. He kicked is feet up onto the coffee table. "Sweetheart, it's dangerous for someone like you to not even know what you are. You have so many gifts that are waiting to be unleashed right now and all you're doing is living some crappy human life."

"That's because I am human!" she yelled.

"Really? Tell me something then. Your parents seem fairly normal from what I've observed these past few hours-"

She cut in. "You've been spying on my family?"

"And that leads me to believe you aren't even their child. Someone like you does not come from two humans. Now either you're too foolish to realize that something is tremendously wrong or you actually know what I'm talking about and are just bluffing. Which one is it?" He stood up in her face. "The scared unintelligent girl or the pathetic succubus bitch-" He hissed in pain, her hand stung after striking him. She forgot about it when she slapped him again. The tears built up in her eyes that she tried to blink away. He looked too shocked to speak, so she started.

"I am not pathetic or stupid or any other shit you say! I know something is wrong with the picture in my life. I don't look like either one of my parents; they don't have anything from when I was a baby and they hate when I bring it up!" She dropped down to the floor, wrapping her arms around her knees she pulled into her, letting herself cry. She didn't care if it was in front of this jackass.

She felt his hand on her shoulder. "I didn't mean what I said. It was wrong of me to talk to you like that." His tone was soothing even if it barely helped. "But you need to let me help. I can sense something different about you and I feel like I'm not the only one who has tabs on you."

That had made her look up. "Other people are watching me?" He nodded. Fear took over her mind. "What do they want?" His hand moved to her knee.

"I don't know but these people aren't like me. They will take you away or even kill you. I know it seems like a lot but this is real." She took in his words. "You never told me your name."

"Explain why you think I'm like you."

He sighed, but she wasn't ready to tell him. "People like us can tell when we are around each other. So that day in woods when I found you I could tell you were a Succubus. I'm an Incubus. We feed off people while having intercourse or even just making them have dreams about being with us. It's how we stay young. I was born a very long time ago and yet I probably seem close to the same age as you."

"So you were a child once?"

He shook his head no. "None of us are really sure how we appear but we just do. The earliest earth memory I have is standing in the middle of the street. A horse carriage almost ran me over. I was about seventeen." He smiled to himself. "Some say that we are souls from hell that get sent to the world to cause destruction. That's one thing special about you. You were a child even if you don't have any recognition of being a baby. Someone must have given you to your parents when you were young. And-" He stopped himself.

"What is it?" she asked.

His tongue skimmed over his top lip before biting down on the bottom. "You're only half succubus; I can't tell what the other is but it isn't human." Great now she was double the freak!

She still wasn't convinced that she was what he said. "Prove it; prove that all this shit is real."

Determination flashed through his eyes. She didn't know whether to be worried or happy, this was what she wanted though. She felt it then. The pull to him and it was obvious that he was doing it. A smirk was set on his face. The feeling was conflicting in a way. She knew what was going on so even with the pleasure flowing through her body she couldn't control it and that scared her. It kept building up, she finally couldn't take it anymore, and she gripped the carpet beneath her. "S-stop it-aahh!" She threw her head back letting out a moan. Then in one second it was gone. Her lungs rose and fell quickly as she tried to catch her breath. When she came back to reality she pushed him. "What the hell was that!?" He laughed when he saw the blush rising in her cheeks.

"That was the effect of the Incubus. Usually you could block me but you're not used to. You can do the same thing. We also can run incredibly fast, walk through solid objects, and have amazing strength."

That would explain how he was so fast and how he probably got into her house last night. "Visery. My name. It's Visery." He totally forgot that she never answered.

"I like it." His lips curled into a closed lip smile. "Oh and some of us even have personal talents too."

"What can you do? I mean do you even have a personal talent?"

"Yes, I do have one. I can locate anyone anywhere at any time." So he can find her even if she didn't want to be found. Not creepy at all. "That boy that was here earlier is outside your house right now."

"Wait-" She didn't get to finish. The door was kicked in to reveal a fuming Robin.

She jumped up to her feet as did Taint. "GET AWAY FROM HER."


Taint took in a deep breath. "I should have known. Wow Visery, you keep some interesting company. Did you know your friends an-" Robin jumped and tackled him to the floor.

His hands latched onto Taints shirt, pulling him up just to bash him harder into the floor. "Your filth of a kind is what I've been worried about all these years. She was having a safe life before you showed up!" He snapped. "I haven't been protecting her all these years just to let you hurt the only thing I live for."

Protect her? "Robin..what…" His eyes lifted up to meet hers, realizing she witnessed the whole thing.

He let go of Taint and tried to come closer to her but she just backed away. "I can explain Viz."

"Viz! I like it, sound sexy." Taint was lounging on the floor now, head resting on his hand.

Robin sent a glare his way. "Shut it you." He looked back at his best friend. "I'm not human either."

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