If you would of asked me a month ago what was holding me back if would of said plainly, Jake. But if you ask me now well the answer is a big fat nothing. There is nothing and no one to hold me back when people ask me why I liked him all I can say is it's because he is he and I am I we were in the wrong place at the wrong time, fate crossed in a way I hoped it wouldn't. I cannot deny that I loved him but that love is long lost. Its funny how love works that way it makes you as happy as possible then tears it away. Love in real life isn't the same as in movies does he love her, will they get together, and they do and live happily ever after. Love is a powerful force a force that cant be held back when it hits its like a battle field, just as it seems like the end it just rushes back, but your first love is a bitch. You feel like your flying but with it comes your first heart break, whenever you see them again your heart will be filled with joy, you both smile and cock your heads to the side, then laugh at old memories. Then you remember who you are now and why you grew apart and your heart breaks all over again.