Story Title: Poetry Club - October 2010

Author: Hikari no Vikki

Genre: Life/Poetry

Description: A collection of poems written for my high school poetry club in October 2010.

Author's Notes:

These poems were written during the years I participated in my high school's resident poetry club around the beginning of October 2010. Some months had a lot of inspiration, some didn't. Some poems I just forgot to date. (But they're listed in rough chronological order.) So I decided to put them up here for people to see. I graduated high school on June 4th, 2012, so the poetry club series will only go until about May 2012. Enjoy!

Imprint - 10/14/2010

Press against a wall
Slapping a burned memory
Carved deep in a wooden soul.

A hardening, thorough and complete.

Yet ever there is a softening,
Drilling bit by bit,
Moving mountains inch by inch
Until the dawn is different.

Given nourishment, seeds shall grow.

Thou art a terrible fool
You skittish, desperate creature,
Declaring change without rule
Though it be our most natural feature.

If you read this, let it be true,
I hath now made an imprint on you.

Dream - 10/11/2010

Once a dream
Always a dream?

Perchance, as I wander
Through my hopeless reality,
Do I stumble upon
My dream's last sleeping?

How am I to know?

Beyond sleep's refuge
Truth is jaded,
As is the cracked mirror
That serves as my mind.

Reflections of eternity?

To my own truth,
I cannot do more than wonder
Or forever shall I be torn asunder.

So I am beyond these words,
Collected outside myself,
Preaching both truth and falsity.

My humble explanations
Warrant no belief
For all the certainty
I proclaim them with.

I know that at least.

Consequently, my conclusions,
While potentially tangible, yes,
They do so suffer
For time's carelessness.

Fragility pervades eternity.

So indeed, if refuge is a dream,
Send then my thoughts beyond.

Only two this month, but this is the earliest of the meetings I went to, so I didn't have much yet. See you soon with more!

- Hikari no Vikki