Semira was worried. Her mission of infiltrating the Lightworld Messenger's hideout wasn't going well. She panted as she turned a corner, in an attempt to loose her followers. They were armed soldiers, who had found her trying to hack into the computer system. They immediately knew she was from the Darkworld when they saw the emblem of her planet on her back. She had bolted when they saw her, and now she was being chased. She wasn't that great with actionny stuff, because the Darkworld Lords entrusted her with the sub-element "Metal". That's why she was hacking into the system. But she wondered why the Lords didn't send her with a person with an actual fighting element. Sure, her element was a good one, but not the best for fights. It takes alot of energy to control metal. She stopped abruptly. She quickly scanned her surroundings. She smiled triumphantly. There was plenty of metal. She was in one of the under-ground tunnels. Ah, but there was plenty of metal. Inside the walls. She focused her power and imagined the wires, bolts, nails, etc. getting pulled out of the walls. She thought, "Crap! That will affect the main computer though!" The soldiers rounded the corner, just as the wires, pipes, etc. burst from the walls on either side of smiled, and moved her hands with her element, controlling it with her power. The soldiers just had time to press a small red button on their armored chest, just as the wires shot through their bodies, and the pipes crushed them into an unintelligible mess. She pulled away from her element's trance, and staggered back. She panted, and realized that the button they pressed was the emergency intrusion alarm. She backed away from the crime scene, and pressed a blue button on her armor by her neck. She felt the strange sensation of being pulled apart, but not painfully, as she was transported back to her world. The Lord's won't like how her mission went, and she knew she was in trouble.