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Semira was transported to the middle of the room. She felt tension, and anger as she knelt down. She looked up. 7 majestic figures sat in chairs around her. The Lords. They were covered in long black cloaks, hoods covering their scarred faces. All 7 lords had the power of all the elements, and were un-defeatable. They loomed around her, quiet and deadly. She knew all they had to do was flick a finger, and she would be dead. "Semira... My child. What happened?" She glanced at the one who spoke, and fearfully responded, "Soldiers set the alarm, and I couldn't finish my job... I beg for forgivness my Lord." The Lord sighed. "You should have sent someone who is skilled in combat." Semira said, before she realized what had come out of her mouth. She heard a laugh of mockery. "There's nothing we should have done, we trusted you were good enough for the mission. You have failed us. The LighWorld messengers will continue with their plan, and destroy human kind and us. We could have gotten ahead of them, but now... We cannot." Semira's vision started becoming distorted. "Wait! My Lords!" The hooded figures said in unison, "We have no need of you. We will find someone of an element who is worthy of us. And can fulfill our wishes. Begone!" Semira screamed as she was developed in darkness.