The tissue squeaked beneath her tear-covered hands. She held it between her quaking fingers, her voice squalling high in an uncontrollable feat.

"Why… why….why?" But there was no one there to answer, no one that could let their voice spread in a consoling gale to comfort her. A small hand slipped across her shoulder. She didn't feel it, instead believing death to be welcoming her into its grasp. In a shock she shook away. A smile passed across the determined face in front of her sight. She didn't see it, instead believing dark to be coming to gather her in its arms. In a jolt she turned away.

She sat there and sobbed into the hands of her body. At some point, a woman placed her hand against her shoulder. Another smiled a thin waver at her. She noticed neither, instead feeling death and seeing dark. Though this time she welcomed it, gracious in defeat. Whilst slowly she slipped off, to sleep.