Crimson Midnight


Mist swirled around her ankles, and fog clouded her vision. Her white nightgown – normally loose – clung to her body, slightly damp from the light rain a few moments ago. Her feet were cold and wet, and mud was stuck in between her toes. Despite the uncomfortable sensations, she did not turn to go back inside as instinct screamed.

Something was out there, and she had to know what it was – though she already had her suspicions. As she had been inside, curled up in her nice warm bed, a fire crackling in the hearth, she had heard noises that echoed after the thunder and lightning had stopped. Howls, growls, and snarls had pierced the air, making sleeping impossible. After that, she had heard the sound trees – and bones, though she tried not to think of that – made when they cracked. She had been unable to sleep, and now here she was.

Maria clutched the silver dagger tightly in her trembling hands. Her fingers shook, and her palms were sweaty, even in the cool air. Her legs were a mix of jello and lead. Her mind had no illusions on what was out there – she could only hope she was wrong.

She knew what she had to do if she was right.

Swallowing back whimpers, she pushed back thick vines of ivy, her honey blond hair falling in her face momentarily. Sweeping it back from her face, green eyes swept over the area. She wished she had left the hair in her face.

Her already tense shoulders locked tighter in place, and her breathing became even more uneven. She was completely frozen in place. Trembling arms lifted the knife higher, leaving in front of her chest, though she knew – knew with unyielding certainty – that she was not strong enough to kill the creature before her.

Its – his – golden eyes were that of a humans, proving her suspicions correct. His body rippled with sheer muscle, and he was covered in thick, black fur. He was huge. If he had stood, he would be her height and a half. His paws were the width and height of her head.

He stepped forward, baring long, sharp teeth at her.

Maria stumbled backwards, knife falling aside. Tripping on a root, she was sprawled on her back before the large creature. Tears welled up in her eyes as she knew what was coming next. Her bones chilled at the thought, but she had been raised to know what these creatures were and how they operated. Her previous village – her parents, her siblings, her love, her family – had been slaughtered by a pack of these beasts.

The werewolf leapt, and with one mighty snap of his powerful jaws, crimson blood stained the dark ground. White became red, blond became red, and green became lifeless.

The wolf howled, her blood dripping from his teeth. He regretted nothing. He would eat well tonight. Sorrow would come the next morning. But tonight…Tonight he would enjoy the taste of her flesh, with only the pale moon and dancing stars as witness to this atrocity.

Tauria: So, after finishing up some work in my second class of the day on Thursday (09/27/12) I got kinda bored and wrote this. It's a lot darker then what I usually write, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! CX