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The imperfections are what make her perfect, she thought. She ran her fingers at a feather-light touch over her girlfriend's bare back as she slept. The gorgeous brunette underneath the covers with her shivered in her sleep, but stayed in the position she was in, breathing softly.

Her girlfriend had scars—inside and out. She had scars on her back from run-ins with her alcoholic stepdad when she was younger. She had a scar on her knee from a terrible car accident she got into where the gas and brake pedals came up and severed tendons and muscles there. There's a small scar on her forehead, which she usually keeps hidden by her bangs, that appeared when she tripped into asphalt.

Her internal scars had more to do with her past relationships. Her first girlfriend would only agree to see her in secret, eventually breaking up with her because she wasn't a 'faggot.' A few girlfriends after that were unfaithful. One girlfriend was long term, but died in the car accident where her knee tendons were severed.

And here she is now, she thought, kissing her shoulder and snuggling under the covers to spoon up behind her. Unconsciously, her girlfriend responded, leaning back a little against her. Her girlfriend sometimes hated the way she looked, her scars, and hated her past.

But I love it. Imperfection is beauty. And she is breathtaking.