Heaven's Aisles Dancing

Heaven's aisles dancing,

Bride and Groom Wedding,

Untold trillions there,

Supper all will share.

Heaven's aisles dancing

Amidst crown-layings

At the One Lord's Feet

Dealing great defeat

To Satan always

Through His holiness

With Blood on the Cross

Meant to save the lost.

Heaven's aisles dancing

With many singing

Songs of quite pure joy

On Heavenly Days.

Heaven's aisles dancing,

All celebrating,

Both the Bride and Groom

In many Master

Builder-made mansions

For God's forever

Golden-streeted Home

Across the Jordan.

Heaven's aisles dancing,

Endless partying,

Serving God on High

With love that won't die!

Heaven's aisles dancing,

Joyous reception,

Peace everlasting

For the Bride and Groom.

New J's streets of gold

Light lands never old

With the Holy Glow

From God's Holy Thrones.

Heaven's aisles dancing,

And all worshipping,

Across the Jordan

In New J, the Bride,

God's Holy City

For Eternity,

Where He shall abide

With His own people,

Both of Israel

And of His own Son,

Forever ageless,

Lord and God Jesus!