Life is like a labyrinth
Submerged in so much time
That we sometimes almost
Drown from sinking much
Too deeply into life.

And dreams are welcome
Breaths of air funneled
To those who deign to sleep.
From time to time we hold
Them tight with just our hearts.

But they oh so slowly
Dissipate, hitching
Rides on shiny red
When shifts are over
And they've made the rounds.

It seems pointless sometimes
To even breathe, when we
So fervently believe
That atlantis is a dream
That we are living.

And so pointless too
The endless searching,
When merely surfacing
Let's us so clearly see
The blinding, starry skies.

Bobbing up and down
And you suddenly
Realise they were always
Within reach and that
Clarity does not beget reality.