Hello! It's been a while and I haven't put much on here! Here's a three part story I like to call Night Riders. Please enjoy and review.

The night was cool and quiet as a woman on a healthy, large black stallion made her way to the next post. Her black and green streaked hair was pinned up in her black hat, making her look like a man. The woman's horse skid to a stop as the post came into view. He was scared. Something was out there and she didn't like it. Not one bit. "Calm down, Dark Star. Stay calm and we'll be okay." she soothed. The horse didn't seem to understand and shot forward at a full gallop.

"Dark Star!" she shouted. Within her inner world, the horse spoke.

'Master, there is something out there. I do not like it.'

"Thanks for the warning, Darkie. But it's a little too late. Pay attention." she grumbled. The horse gave a short whinny before fixing his attention on the horizon. There were people, most likely looking for te woman perched on his back. Suddenly, out of the blue, one of them spoke.

"Enzyme! Stop your horse and follow us!"

Enzyme's green eyes shot open. "Wait, what?! Stop then follow?! That doesn't make any sense!" she shouted. The guard stiffened, clearly annoyed. Then, all of them charged,knocking Enzyme from her steed. "Hey! Be careful!" she shouted. The guards didn't listen to her and dragged her up by her long, thin arms.

"Let go!"

Again, the guards don't listen. They just drag her to the cage, drop her in, shut it and then apply a padlock for safety. "That should keep her locked tight." one of themmumbles. "Yeah, we better be paid extra for finding her!" Enzyme growled.

"Oi! I'm not a prize! Now let me go before I force my way out!" Enzyme yells. The guards laugh. " And how are you going to do that? You're poweless against us. Now quit wasting our time!"

Enzyme growls deeper, her black blood boiling. "You just made a big mistake." Sge grins that Cheshire like grin and her fangs and claws grow. A tail swoops out from behind her and her hat falls off, exposing two pointy cat ears instead of human ones.

Now she was ready to attack.

Didja like? I'm sleepy now. Good night/good morning!