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Now she was ready to attack...

"You guys made a big mistake." Enzyme sighed. "Well, it can't be helped, now can it?" Enzyme unsheathed her long black claws and readied her arm for violence. Then, something made her stop. That somethinEdward the very thing she thought she would never hear again. Much less not kill someone right away.

"Now now, Enzy, I thought you promised never to kill again." It was Jack T. Ripper. He stood happily on what once was the cage she had been in. He was wearing his normal smirk with the stitches on the lengthening on the right side of his mouth. His black dress shoes shined and his tail coat was finely pressed, fitting his body perfectly. Jack tipped his black and red top hat, his smirk growing wider.

"Enzyme Zonic, you need to learn to control that temper of yours."

Enzyme snorted at his playful words. "Shut up Jack. I know what I'm doing."

Jack sighed. 'This girl is hopeless.' he thought. "Enzyme, I wasn't kidding. You need to morph backfor I will force you to." now Jack had this scary air to him, making chills run down Enzyme's spine. Reluctantly, she obeyed, sheathing her claws and placing her hat atop her head. "Whats my punishment this time?" she asked. Now Jack's smile was back.

"I am going to hae to lock you in a higher tower. The Repentinance Tower." Enzyme cringed. Oh god, anything but that tower. It is said that a Demon Lord was imprisoned there for murder. Mass murder.

"Oh god. Not that! You know te stories that were told! Someone died there! A Demon Lord no less! You can't expect me to go there!"

Jack's smile turned into an annoyed frown, but scaling scar at the corner of his mouth stayed upturned. " You ate going to that tower or else."

"Or else what?!"

There was a tense so pregnant it could be having octuples. Jack stared into Enzymes glowing blue eyes for a moment, silently hoping that he wouldn't have to resort to this. Enzyme could be a good girl but, he would rather have her locked in the Repentinance Tower than the other punishment. "Or else you become thebeside of the Demon Lord's son, Takao."

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