Minna-san! This is my first story in fictionpress. Sorry if I don't make a good story since I, myself a newbie in both fanfic and fictionpress. So please bear with my current one! XD

Here you go!

Summary :

Once upon a time, there was lived a young girl. She seemed normal. Unfortunately, she had a sad life.

She did it again. My mother always liked that. She used to love me when I was a kid, but when my little brother was born, she began to change. Like something had cursed her. Actually in my own little experience, she had always been like that, she always loved my brother more than me. For her, I may only being a burden. Even though I don't understand why she did that to me. I can do better than my brother, I am smarter than them. But why did she hate me so much?

I used to love them. Why? It has to be like this? I love her, but why didn't she care for me? I always loved her. I always did. But why did she do this to me? Does she even care about me? Does she even love me? If not, then why I exist? Why I was being born into this world if no one loved me.

I wish that I hadn't been born…

I wish that I never existed…

My chest always hurt from being abused, I don't know why, but

Everything that can make me escape from this pain...I will do anything. Even it means that I would lose my soul and body. I don't care...Just make me escape from this pain.

Do I have a reason to be in this world?

Do I have the right if no one loved me?

I wish that I will die soon…and leave this pitiful life and began a new one.