Quiet, mysterious
I feel your presence
emanating. Your essence
radiating. It draws me
to you, like a gravitational
pull. And I find myself
falling, falling slowly
to you. If I were a star,
you are a star system.
And I, a shooting star
am now, somehow, I am
caught, I somehow now
find myself in orbit.
And suddenly, I am anew.
And I guess for this,
I must blame you.
For making me see
with innocent eyes,
the wonder of the world-
the beauty of the skies
Reflected, in your eyes
Which hold me, hypnotised
and unable to look away
lest I miss a moment of you
Something that you do
Or mayhaps that you say
Your wondrous infinity
Never ceases to amaze
And though I try oh so hard
I'm almost always a little dazed
But I wouldn't give this up
Would be loathe to make a trade
for any other present
than the one
where you are present.