A car horn beeped multiple times, as I slid out from under my bed, clutching my soccer shoe victoriously. I sighed, annoyed. I told him I would be down in a second! I went over to my window, and opened it.

"I'm coming, you impatient jerk!" I hollered to Adrian, who was still honking the horn.

"Well hurry up! Coach said we had to do one lap for every minute we were late, if we're ever late again!" he yelled back. My eyes widened and I shut the window loudly, and it rattled dangerously on its frame. I swore loudly, hearing my mother call from down stairs.

"Camille! Don't let me ever hear you say something like that again! The new next door neighbours are here, and I want you to meet them." I opened the door.

"Now isn't the time, mom!" I called back, running down the stairs in my soccer uniform only one shoe on, things hanging out of my bag. Then the worst happened. I tripped on the sweatshirt sleeve hanging out of my bag, and was sent sprawling on a boy who looked about my age. My face was mashed against his chest, as I lay there uncomfortably for a few seconds groaning. I quickly got up and I looked into his startled eyes. I pecked my parents on the cheek.

"Camille!" they said alarmed.

"Can't talk now, I'm late! Coach is going to kill me! Sorry!" I called over my shoulder, running out the front door. "Bye mom, Bye dad!" And with that, I ran down to Adrian's car, jumping in and buckling the seatbelt. My mom ran to the door shaking her fist at me.

"Camille! How could you be so rude, when you come back, you better apologize properly!"

"Love you too mom!" I called back, smiling at Adrian as he drove away.

"What took you so long!?" He started. "Coach said-!" he exclaimed. I pulled out my phone looking at the time. 5:20. Practice started at 5:30 sharp. I cut him off.

"I know what coach said, now step on it! We have ten minutes!" he rolled his jade green eyes.

"Well, if you wouldn't take so long we would a- wait, why are still wearing your pyjamas?" he questioned. I rolled my eyes.

"Well, your honking woke me up, so I rushed, and could find my soccer shoe. Mom and dad had the new neighbours over, so yeah, I tripped on the stairs and went sprawling on their son. Can you say 'embarrassing'? I babbled. He rolled his eyes.

"Only you, Cammie, only you." I grinned at this as we pulled into the parking lot. I looked at my phones time again. 4:25 pm. My eyes widened as I bolted for the change rooms, changing in record time, sprinting to where coach and the rest of the soccer team were. It was a mixed soccer team, so the boys and girls played together. Coach smirked.

"Good job, Evans, 4:30 on the dot, no extra laps for you today. Everyone seven laps now!" Coach Carson barked. I jogged up to Adrian and we kept at the same pace, beginning our laps.

"Thank God I made it on time!" I exclaimed. Adrian grinned at me, running a hand through his dirty blonde hair.

"Because of me!" he added. I rolled my eyes, but didn't make a comment. He was right after all.

I walked into the house with Adrian, I had convinced him to come over for a bit. I did not want to face my mother's wrath alone. It had only been an hour and a half, and I don't think she'd cooled down. The new neighbours were still there, surprisingly. From my earlier err, incident, I thought I'd scared them away. My mother spotted me, instantly going red.

"Camille Victoria Evans." She started.

"Oh, full name, you're in trouble!" Adrian murmured. I elbowed him in the ribs.

"How could you just land on him without apologizing, without even greeting them, and the state of your room?" She went on.

"But I did apologize, and was running late! And I told you not to go in my room! I said that it was invested with turtles!" I complained. She pressed her lips in a thin line and I hung my head.

"Go to your room take a shower and dress nicely. Dinner is soon. But not before apologizing and clean that mess!" she said calmly, looking as if she were refraining from ripping my head off.

"Fine," I mumbled.

"Hello there Adrian dear, how are you?" My mother asked pleasantly.

"Yeah I'm pretty good, though it's been too long without your famous chocolate chip muffins." He grinned and my mom smiled.

"So he gets a 'Hello Adrian dear' but I get a fire breathing dragon. Nice." I muttered. My dad chuckled and I heard a small laugh covered up by a cough. I looked to my left and saw the boy I had fallen on earlier. My mom glared at me, and I put my hands up in surrender.

"Okay mother dearest! I shall retreat to my room with Adrian but not before apologizing!" I muttered. I turned to the startled family noticing two other kids. "I am terribly sorry for startling you all earlier. It was unforgivable. Oh, and sorry for knocking you over, it's just that I was in a hurry, because my dear friend was eager to get me to soccer practice on time." I gave my most charming smile, turning on my heel, and skipping upstairs, Adrian standing there.

"Were you being sarcastic about the dear friend bit?" He asked coming up after me.

"I think you can figure that out for yourself." I called back, turning into my room and grabbing my towel, and going onto the bathroom.

"Cammie, I'm going to the guest bedroom, to get sorted, my stuff's in there anyways." I heard Adrian call as I was stripping from the other side of the door.

"Sure!" I called back.

I was down in ten minutes, damp and clean hair, and in a pair of shorts and t-shirt. I hoped mom was happy. She nodded at me a satisfied smile on her face, and I waited for Adrian everyone looking at me expectantly. My mum looked at me and mouthed.

Do something. I sighed, mouthing back.

Like what, a magician act? She sighed, shaking her head.

"Why didn't you dry your hair?" she asked. I smiled cheekily.

"Life's too short for hair drying." I grinned. She rolled her eyes but cracked a small smile. There was awkward silence again. I cleared my throat.

"So, um, can I know your names? It's kind of awkward like this… I'm Camille by the way, not that you already don't know, after my mom said it disapprovingly about a few hundred times." I trailed off chuckling nervously earning, a sharp glare from my mother. The other woman seemed happy with my question. She began speaking.

"Well, yes, I'm Ruby, and this is my husband, Robert." I cut in during her pause.

"Ruby and Robert, I like it, goes together you know?" She smiled.

"As I was saying, this is my eldest son, Nathaniel, and the younger ones, Sophie and Joshua." She finished. I grinned at the younger ones, giving a small wave. I nodded at the older one. Someone game up beside me, slinging an arm over my shoulder.

"Hey." Adrian said coolly.

"You took forever." I exaggerated.

"Hey! It takes time to look this good!" he defended himself.

"Well, your methods of beautification don't seem to be working." I shot back. He gaped at me.

"Take that back, right now!" My mom cut in.

"Let's get to dinner now, shall we?"

Oh joy.

I moved the peas around on my plate, some going into the mash and gravy. There was an awkward silence, and Adrian didn't help by clearing his throat. Someone spoke. It was my mom.

"So, how was practice, guys?" Adrian answered for us.

"Well, um, it was okay at the start, we started practicing for the upcoming game, that's on this Friday of the first week of school." He informed her. I groaned.

"Don't talk about school, I don't want this summer to end!" Adrian smiled.

"Oh look on the bright side; you'll see Emma after she went on that trip to Europe."

"Yeah, that's more of a plus for you." I mumbled low enough for only him to hear. He nudged me, and I smirked. "When did she say she was coming back again?"

"Not sure. Didn't she say she's call you?"

"Oh, right!"

"So you two play soccer?" Ruby asked. We nodded.

"Yeah, it's a mixed soccer team." I answered. Then the oldest boy, Nathaniel spoke up.

"What positions?"

"Well, I'm a mid-fielder, and Adrian's a forward, so yeah. Do you play any sports?"

"Yeah," He answered. "I play football." Oh, so he was the typical teenage guy, cool. Not.

"Oh, I used to be into that in middle school, but I was taking too many sports, so I dropped football, netball, basketball and hockey." I shrugged. Adrian cut in.

"She played for like almost all the school sports teams."

"Hey! I didn't do gymnastics and there were only six teams back in middle school! Now I only do soccer and tennis!" I defended.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's what you always say." Adrian said.

"Well you did those all too!"

"Touché," He said, and I smiled victoriously. Ruby spoke again, trying to get a good flow of conversation. She was a smart woman.

"So you guys go to the local high school?"

"Yup, we're in senior year this year!" Adrian cheered. She smiled.

"Well, Nathaniel here is in senior year this year. He'll be starting there on Monday." She smiled proudly. I half smiled in response. No offence to this Ruby chick, but I didn't think anyone would actually care about where her son was transferring. I looked at the younger kids who were looking at me curiously.

"You're weird." Sophie started. Everyone snickered and I nodded understandingly. "But that's what makes you cool." She finished off, smiling at me. I grinned back at her.

"Yeah, my sister's right. You might know what the elementary school is like right?" Joshua said.

"Yeah, but elementary school is like a distant memory."

"It is a distant memory." Adrian cut in. I ignored him.

"But it was good. You two will like it, I assure you." They nodded. I opened my mouth again. "How old are you two?" I asked with keen interest. Sophie spoke up.

"I'm eight, and Joshua is ten." I nodded approvingly.

"I've never had an eight year old best friend. Or a ten year old best friend for that matter. There's a first for everything."

"But I thought I was your best friend!" Adrian put on a mock hurt look.

"Well, you've just been replaced." He frowned, and I chuckled.

My cell phone started to ring. "My cell phone senses are tingling! Excuse me!" I got up from the table reaching into my pocket to get my phone. I clicked answer.

"Hello?" I asked, walking on my way to the kitchen.

"CAMILLE! I CAME BACK! I'M BACK FROM EUROPE IT WAS AWESOME!" I winced, entering the kitchen.

"Yeah, okay Emma, I can hear you, just don't yell." I said calmly.

"OKAY, BUT IT WAS SO GOOD, AND OH MY GOSH, I JUST…" I listened to her rant on and on, until she asked to speak to Adrian.

"Yeah sure, but how did you know he was here?" she laughed.

"He's always there." I nodded.

"I guess you're right." I cleared my throat. "Hey Adrian, Emma wants to talk to you, she's back from Europe!" I heard him push back his chair, excuse himself, and stride towards the kitchen. The door swung open, and he appeared at the door, grinning. He still had a small crush on Emma. She also did. Ever since I could remember, they had always liked each other. He made a grab for the phone, but I held out my index finger, pushing it into his face. I finished off conversing with her.

"Hey, Em, I'm going to go now, Adrian's here. I'll see you on Monday morning, and maybe in some of my classes, if we have any together. Bye!"

"Okay, bye Cammie!" I finally handed the phone to Adrian, and he began talking animatedly with her. I smiled to myself. One day, those two were going to end up married, and I was going to be her bridesmaid. I sighed dreamily, exiting the kitchen, and returning to my seat.

"Sorry about that. Emma called; she's back from her trip." My dad smiled.

"Is she? Well, that's something to look forward to, seeing her at school on Monday."

"Dad, I assure you, nothing with make starting school better." I started to eat again.

"Aw, come on sweetheart, it's only school. You used to have a great time!" he reminded me.

"Until Miranda moved here." I said under my breath. My dad let it at that and we finished dinner in silence.

"Well, goodbye! It was nice having you over Ruby dear, you too Robert. We can do this again sometime, unless my daughter didn't scare you off!" My mother laughed along with Ruby. I rolled my eyes. I waved goodbye at the two little ones.

"Bye guys!" I shouted.

"Camille!" my mother scolded. "Not so loud!" Here we go again.

Well, um, that's the first re written chapter, so um yeah. :D