"Camille Victoria Evans! If you don't get up for school this instant..." My mother warned from downstairs. I got up, groaning.

"Yeah mom, I'm up! Don't worry!" I yawned, going to the bathroom, and taking a shower, drying my straight hair and tying it up into a ponytail. I put on the uniform and my black ballet flats. Yeah, you might be thinking. 'What? There's a uniform?' But I go to a snobby school for rich kids. I know, I'm being hypocritical, seeing as my parents do have a lot of money from owning a long line of hotels all over the world. But a lot of the people that attended were really stuck up about their money. The uniform was okay looking; it wasn't yellow and purple or anything drastic like that. It was a white button up blouse with a black tie. The skirt was plaid, a royal blue fabric with black and white lines. There was a school jumper which was of course, royal blue, and also a blazer. You could choose from wearing white socks or black stockings. Today I had chosen to wear the socks, seeing as it was still hot today. I ran down stairs, and going into the dining room to check the time. 7:30.

My mom looked up at me, giving me a pleased look before returning to her buttered toast while reading the morning paper.

"Morning darling." she greeted. I smiled, leaning down to kiss her on the cheek, and hug her. I noticed that my dad's seat was empty, and he must've gone to the office early today.

"Good morning mom." She beamed, and I sat down, starting my breakfast. "When's Zack coming home for a visit? He didn't even come once this summer." I complained. Zack was my older brother in college. Like me, he was interested in a wide range of sport activities. I guess that's where I got my love of sport from.

"He said he'd be over for two weeks after Halloween and for Thanksgiving." She replied, not taking her eyes off of the article in front of her. My mood instantly brightened and I finished my breakfast in good spirits. Soon, I was on my way to school a load of new textbooks shoved into my backpack and arms.

I walked into the hallway yawning. So many people were whispering and looking at me. I looked at them strangely and shrugged. I looked around and saw a few new faces. Some of the new guys were pretty cute. Adrian and Emma didn't seem to be here yet. I suppose they would be late today. I looked over to where a group of popular kids were and saw that the new kid, Nate seemed to fit into their crowd, already. I went over to my locker, and opened it, putting my new school things in.

"Yeah, and she threw herself at me, literally!" I heard Nate say. Miranda, the Queen Bee gave a laugh. I narrowed my eyes at my locker, scowling. Miranda was the bane of my existence. She's hated me ever since she moved here from England three years ago. I don't know how she still has the accent. It should have faded a little.

"Are you serious?" she gasped dramatically. "I never knew she'd do something like that. I never really liked her." Insert flip of lustrous brown hair here. I rolled my eyes. I wonder who was caught in the rumor this time. I got my phone out of my skirt pocket, beginning to text Adrian.

Where are you guys? I shut my locker, sliding down to the floor and crossing my legs. I got a reply about a minute later.

I just pulled up in front of Emma's house. Relax; we'll be there in a few. I smiled.

Okay. But don't go making out in the back of your car! He was going to kill me for this. I put it back in my pocket and sighed. I looked up, feeling somebody staring at me. Or a large group of people, it was the popular group. Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate the popular group. They were tolerable, just not Miranda. I looked at them strangely again and was about to look down again when one of the two it guys, Ryan spoke up.

"Hey Camille, how's Zack going?" The guys mostly asked about my brother. During his time here, he was the man. Great grades, courteous, respected teachers, great at sport, musically gifted, good looks, you get the picture. So basically everyone loved him.

"He's okay, haven't seen much of him lately, he couldn't visit this summer." I explained. He nodded, facing the group again. Wow, way to have a conversation, Ryan. I sat there for a short while longer when two shadows loomed over me. I looked up and grinned widely at the sight of the two boys in front of me.

"Sean! Luke!" I jumped up and hugged them both.

"So how was your summer?" They asked. I shrugged.

"It ended way too quickly for my liking." I stuck my tongue out.

"I agree. School is the worst." Sean commented.

"You guys went to that beach house, right?" They nodded grinning.

"There were loads of chicks there. Man, we were so lucky; the temperature was really high, so there were hot girls in bikinis everywhere!" Luke said high fiving Sean. I rolled my eyes.

"Boys will be boys." I said to myself.

"Did you visit Emma yesterday?" Sean asked me, changing the subject quickly. I shook my head.

"I figured that she needed her rest, so yeah. I left it and stayed home peeing my pants with Adrian while playing 'Slender'." They laughed. They stuck around, chatting with me for a while, before they had to go.

"Well, we're off. See you around!" Luke waved and I lifted my hand in a small gesture of goodbye. I checked the time. 8:03 Homeroom started in two minutes, but I would be loyal to my friends and wait for Emma and Adrian. That and I wanted to see if they had homeroom with me this morning. The bell rang, and everyone wandered off to their homerooms, still whispering. What was up with them?

Three minutes later, Emma and Adrian still hadn't showed, so I decided to go to class. I took my stuff and quickly went to the homeroom. I opened the door. My new teacher was young looking, only about 25 years of age.

"Sorry I'm a little late sir!" I apologized, taking a seat up the front of the class. He smiled.

"Since it's our first day, I'll let this one slide. I'm Mr. Turner, and I'm your new homeroom teacher." I grinned back at him, as he continued explaining things to the class. Inside I sighed with relief. Thank gosh he let it slide! I looked around at the rest of my class. Miranda was here. I scowled. She was sitting next to the new addition to the popular group, Nathaniel. I rolled my eyes. Just because he's in the popular group, he can't be that bad, right?

I looked around and tried to spot where Adrian was seated. I detected him on the other side of the cafeteria, going over to where he was engrossed in his hamburger. He didn't seem to notice me as I approached him. The cafeteria was semicircular, and was unusually quiet today, whispering still going on. Throughout the day, people still pointed at me shamelessly. I shrugged it off, but in reality wanted to punch them in the face and yell: 'What the hell is your problem?' I sat down next to Adrian who was seated at a circular booth like table. It was kind of like the ones you see in diners. Adrian smiled at me and gave me a quick side hug, and went back to his burger. I sighed annoyed. Of all tables, he chose the one a little close to the popular table.

"Hey, Cammie," He greeted.

"Hey," I replied. "Do you have gym next?" He nodded, and I grinned, high fiving him.

"Awesome. So that's one class I have with you. I wonder if there are any more. Though, we'll see later." I said cheerily.

"The best class to have with each other, I guess."

"Well, not really," I countered thoughtfully. "Remember in freshman year, during history?" His eyes grew distant, when he grinned.

"Oh yeah, that was awesome. Mr. Hughes was asleep half the time and the class went wild." He laughed, while I chortled.

"Remember the time when I dared you to declare your undying love to him?" He laughed even harder.

"I think he left the school because of me, every time I saw him after that, he always went red, and started mumbling to himself." I wiped a fake tear from my eye.

"Ah, good times they were, good times." I said. He nodded in agreement. Then I decided to tell Adrian about the weird thing that was happening today. "Today was so weird. Everyone's pointing and whispering at me. That doesn't sound so normal." I told him. He looked thoughtful.

"Someone probably spread a rumor." He said darkly. It was a little later that we found out that it was indeed a rumor. Emma ran into the cafeteria, her eyes eagerly searching for us. At first, I thought that it was the excitement of seeing each other after months, but after she spotted up, hugged me, screamed a little and sat down, Adrian and I finally understood why she was in such a hurry. When she calmed down a little, her baby blue eyes softened and became serious.

"Ouch!" I exclaimed, rubbing my cheek. "What was that for?" I slapped her back, and she glared at me for a few seconds.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I gave her a confused look.

"Tell you what?" Adrian and I exchanged a look.

"Well, if you want to play dumb, I heard from Jessica, who heard from Anne, who listened in on Miranda talking to-"

"Get to the point." I said bluntly, not liking the start of this. Little did I know that it was about to get much worse. I took a sip from my can of cola.

"Well, the new guy said that you threw yourself at him and you guys hooked up." Her eyes were wide. My eyes bulged out of my head and Adrian and I looked at each other once again.

"I did WHAT?" I exclaimed at the same time Adrian bellowed,

"She did WHAT?" Emma looked confused, and her face fell a little. Miranda looked over to our table, and wrinkled her nose. I narrowed my eyes at her and glowered.

"So it's not true?"

"It better only be a rumor." Adrian warned darkly.

"Of course it's not true!" I spluttered. Adrian visibly relaxed.

"Apparently it happened yesterday." Emma said casually. My jaw clenched.

"I can't believe you thought it was true!" I accused. She defended herself.

"Well, I was so shocked, that I believed it straight away." She explained. I exchanged another look with Adrian.

"Why in the world would you believe that under any circumstance?" I questioned disgustedly. She shrugged.

"I would never ever do something like that." I was a little peeved at her. She should know me better. Letting out a shaky breath, I ran a hand through my hair. Or I attempted to, since it was tied up. I went with settling them at the top of my head, supporting my upper body against it. "What do I do?" I wailed. Adrian put a comforting hand on my arm.

"It's okay, I'm here for you. We've been best friends since kindergarten. I mean, you've done so many things like get us banned from that ice-cream store-"

"That wasn't my fault!" I defended.

"Broke my wrist when we were at that petting zoo," he continued.

"You took that animal food cup off of me!"

"Then there was that time where you-"

"Okay, okay. I've done some really embarrassing things, but go on." I trailed off.

"But anyway, I'll always be on your side!" Adrian pointed out. "Plus, my friends are the bad-asses of the school." I snorted.

"They try to be, but they're big softies."

"That is true." He agreed, inching his pursed lips to the side.

"Hey! What about me?" Emma cut in. "I'm here for you." I smiled half-heartedly at her.

"What have you got next period?" I asked her.

"Theatre," she told me, as soon as she examined her schedule. "I think I have it with that new teacher, Mr. Turner." I nodded.

"Cool." was all I said.

"Can we spend the rest of lunch outside? It's sunny and nice anyway." Emma pleaded

"Let me finish my lunch!" Adrian exclaimed, his mouth full. I looked at his tray seeing one French fry left on his table. She gave him a look as he chewed with his mouth open, grabbing the French fry and throwing it into his mouth.

"You're done. Now let's go!" She pulled him up and grinned. Yawning, I stood up too, grabbing his tray. I dumped it, and attempted to follow them as they neared the doors leading outside. I snuck a glance at the popular table, seeing Nate sitting at the head of the table. He gazed round the cafeteria with his brown gaze looking like he owned the place. His eyes met mine and he gave an easy smirk. That expression told me everything I needed to know. He did it on purpose, and felt no remorse whatsoever about the subject. I turned away, scowling angrily.

"I want to sit under the tree!" Emma exclaimed, running ahead. I followed my friends out of the door.

"You better tell me all about that trip." I called. I bit my lip. It was then on that I knew that I absolutely hated the new boy. And it wouldn't be the only rift between us that I knew for sure.