Get caught up again

These nights, these lonely nights

As I wait for something to happen

The door outside slams

My heart crumples inside

Like newspapers I left in the rain

To let me hold you

Is way too much to ask

Wasn't I the one who let you go

You could laugh at me

And all that I could be

I still made your coffee this morning

Million dollar bills

Still wouldn't buy your heart

And make you lie next to me to sleep

Your scent lingers here

Pictures of you are strewn

Though I couldn't be bothered to look

I lay here all day

And my mind's flooded with

Thoughts of you like my mailbox with bills

I'll drink to forget

Who I horribly am

And how you cried that just broke my heart

My stupid phone rings

I let it go on and on

Days pass and the guilt trips me up again