Through the Looking Glass

Alice was sleeping peacefully in a pile of hay, finally feeling at ease when she felt something nudge her. She opened her eyes slightly to see a black snout a few inches in front of her. She looked at it with tired eyes for a few more minutes and then the nose pushed against her again.

"Alright, alright I'm up…" She said sleepily as she sat straight up and let out a big yawn, she stretched her arms towards the sky and got up. Once she was more awake she wiped down her dress trying to get as much hay as possible off, then Alice grabbed a small wooden bucket and walked out of the stable towards a well. She tied some rope around the mettle handle and started lowering it down the well. Once it was up again she made her way back to the stable and held the bucket to a black stallion. He sniffed the water and then began to drink it.

"There you go… good boy." She said as pat the large horse's nose happily. Alice was there for a few minutes until she heard some footsteps running towards the stable.

"Alice!" She heard someone yell. She turned her head towards the stable door to see Mildred standing there.

"Good morning Mildred… what is it?" She asked as she eyed Mildred closer she noticed that she wore a worried expression on her face.

"Mistress wishes to see you right away." She said in a worried tone. Alice was now scared but she just put the bucket of water down on the ground and ran towards the main house. When she entered the main house she saw all the servants lined up and her mistress wearing her best gown. She stared at them completely flabbergasted; she was like that more a few minutes before her mistress noticed her standing there.

"Ah Alice about time you arrived, come here girl." She said as she motioning for Alice to get closer. Alice took a deep breath and then stepped towards the crimson lady. She stared up at her mistress cautiously and then finally curtseyed to the older woman.

"You called for me Milady?" Alice asked as she peeked up at her master from underneath her eye lashes. The older woman scowled at Alice for a minute and then let out a long, distressed sigh.

"My niece and nephew are coming for a visit… and I am a much too busy woman then to care for a couple brats. So I'm entrusting them to you Alice, Keep them entertained no matter what." She said with a stone face.

"Y…Yes ma'am!" Alice said as she nodded her head enthusiastically.

"Good… glad I could count on you." She said with a sly grin and then began to walk up the stairs to her office. Once she was at the top of the stares she stopped and glared down at Alice.

"Oh and Alice… make sure you don't disappoint me, or else." She said with a sinister grin at the 'or else' part. Alice felt a cold sweat slide down her spine. The only thing she could manage to do was nod her head. After that the mistress of the manor disappeared, everyone let out a sigh of relief.

"I can't believe that woman! Letting you entertain those two! She's just anticipating you failing!" Mildred said in a huff. Alice looked up at her confused.

"What do you mean? I'm good with children." She said with a smile plastered on her face. Mildred just stared at her with concerned eyes. It looked like she was about to tell her something when there was a knock on the door. Everyone stared at the door with horrified expressions, dreading at the thought of what was behind the door.

"Well don't just stand there! Answer the door!" The mistress yelled from the banister on the second floor. After she said that the butler walked up to the door and opened it carefully. On the other side of the door was two children, one was a girl who looked to be thirteen with light brown hair that was made into two pigtails, and the other one was a boy who looked to be around seven. His hair was a little darker then the girls and he was a lot shorter.

"Mary, Sam! Welcome it's so good to see you two again! How was the train?" The mistress said with a smile across her face. The two kids looked at her with a bored expression and then the older let out a long sigh.

"Hello Aunt Clarissa… enough with the small talk who is our pet this time?" The girl said bluntly. Clarissa just giggled at her niece forwardness and then grabbed Alice's shoulders and pulled her so she was standing in front of her.

"This is Alice, and she is your dog this time around." She said with a sly smile. Then the two kids looked the girl up and down and sinister smiles crossed their faces.

"Well play nice you three! Aunty must go now!" She said as she ran up the stairs and slammed the doors to her study shut. Mary and Sam walked towards Alice and then started to circle her like a pair of vultures, eyeing her from head to toe.

"You're a lot younger than our last dog!" Sam stopped circling her and said in awe.

"Indeed she is isn't she?" Mary said as she nodded in agreement to her brother's statement.

"You know what this means don't you Mary?" Sam said with an amused smile on his face. Mary simply nodded her head.

"It means we don't have to go easy on her!" Mary said as her brother got behind Alice and pushed her. Alice waved her arms in the air trying to regain her balance but then Mary kicked Alice's feet out from under her and she collapsed to all fours on the ground. Once she was on the ground Mary snapped a collar around her neck with a chain attached to it and Sam jumped onto Alice's back.

"Now… let's go play in the backyard." Mary said as she yanked on the chain. Alice let out a grunt but then just did as Mary said and walked out to the backyard.

All day long Alice was the 'dog' to the two kids and played games with them. Mary and Sam threw rocks at her, pushed her down the stairs, and kicked her in a pond to fetch their ball for them, and even 'accidentally' poured hot tea over her. To get a break from the harassment Alice hid in a small pantry underneath the stairs. She was there for a few minutes before the door to pantry creaked opened to reveal two very angry kids.

"You're a very bad dog… running away from your masters like that!" Mary said as she grabbed a bunch of Alice's hair and yanked on it trying to pull her out of the pantry.

"Ah! Please stop it hurts…" Alice said in pain as Mary pulled on her hair, practically in tears. Mary looked at her with a cold glare and then turned her attention down to her brother.

"Hey Sam, hold her for a second." She said as she gave Sam the leash and let go of her hair and ran into the kitchen. When she came back out from the kitchen she had a match in her hand. She walked up to Alice with a sinister smile on her face.

"This is for talking back." She said as she grabbed a wad of her hair and then lit the match. Alice's eyes went wide when she figured out what she was going to do.

"No… please don't…." She said completely horrified. But the two simply laughed at her. She tried to run away but Mary simply yanked on her hair making her stay put. She felt tears come to the corner of her eyes when she saw the match closing in to her long her.

"I said stop!" She yelled as she pushed Mary with all the strength she had. Mary looked up at Alice shocked as she collapsed to the ground. The match fell out of Mary's hand and landed on her dress.

"AH! MY DRESS!" Marry screamed as she patted down her dress trying to put out the flame.

"S….Sister are you alright?!" Sam said as he ran over to the girl and helped her with the fire at the rim of her dress. Once the fire was put Mary shot her a look full of hatred and gritted her teeth in anger.

"You…you…" She said with a fiery glare. Alice looked at her feeling scared all of a sudden.

"What's going on down there?!" She heard Clarissa shout from upstairs. Fear took over her and she took a few steps away from Mary and Sam, and then she ran. She ran out the door as fast as her legs could carry her. She ran out of the estate and towards town. She stopped running when she got to a corner of an Alley. She sat down on the cold stone ground and then hugged her knees to her chest.

"W…What do I do now? I can't go back or else mistress will whip me for sure… and I've got nowhere else to go…" She said as she wiped the tears from her eyes. But no matter how many times she wiped them away they just kept sliding down her cheeks like a pair of streams. She cried for what felt like an eternity and then when she looked up she saw something that left her speechless.

In front of her was a white stuffed rabbit with red eyes standing upright just staring at her. She gazed at it in awe and then the rabbit started to walk away down the alley. It looked back at her and motioned her to fallow and then it continued to walk. She watched it walk away from her in a daze and then without thinking she stood up and fallowed the rabbit down the dark alley.

They walked and walked for what went on like forever and then finally she saw something at the end of the alley. It was bright at first but as she got closer to the object she started to recognize what it was. It was an oval full length mirror. The little white stuffed rabbit stopped in front of the mirror, looked at Alice once more and then stepped into the mirror and disappeared.

"Ah! Wait where are you going?!" Alice yelled at the mirror that the rabbit disappeared in. Then a stuffed paw popped out of the mirror and motioned for her to come closer. Alice did so obediently and then reached out to grab the bunny's stuffed paw. The moment she reached out towards the paw another one came out and grabbed Alice's wrist and pulled her through the mirror. Once she was on the other side of the mirror she began to fall down, the world she just came from dissolved and all around her was a blue voice surrounded by mirrors of different shapes and colors. She had fallen into the looking glass, and this marked the beginning of a girl named Alice's story.