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Chapter One
New Girl

It was the first day of my new school. A school, almost halfway across the world, you know. In about five minutes I was about to walk through the double doors of this terrifying looking building, Sutherland High School. It was supposedly the public school for the students in my neighborhood and the next two. We'd just got here in the last week and I took most of the time to recover from my jet lag.

Let me just rewind my story a bit. I'd passed my class ten examinations with flying colors, and I came home with the results, beside myself with joy. My father and my mother congratulated me beaming with pride. Then my father broke the news in a not-so-gentle manner.

"It's great you score an 85% percent, sweetheart," he said, smiling proudly at me, "You won't have trouble fitting into your new school."

"What new school?" I repeated, blankly, "Dad, we've been through this. Just because most people switch schools in the eleventh grade, doesn't mean I would like to join that bandwagon."

"Unfortunately, honey pie," my mother interceded on his behalf, "we didn't have a choice in the manner. You see your father got this promotion and along with that a transfer."

"To a different city?" I asked, heart hammering in my chest. I kept my fingers crossed willing it to be a city I would have no problems fitting in to.

"Another country," my father smiled.

"Try continent," piped up my thirteen year old brother, Josh.

I knew just then that the whole family knew about this shift and had kept it a secret from me for I was busy taking the most important examinations in my academic career. I was a slow adapter to change, and didn't take too kindly when I was uprooted and plunged headfirst into unknown waters. But they finally decided to tell me where the whole family was shifting.

"USA," dad finally broke the news, "I got a really great offer from my company. I couldn't turn it down."

But all I could hear in my head at the moment was: USA? Are you freaking kidding me? That's halfway across the world!

I managed to smile, congratulate my dad and then bolted to my room to cry with all my might. From the very next day packing began. Since school would start from the fall, I had every packed and ready by the first week of August. We flew on the last week of August and of course, I spent the entire week, moping and fighting the jetlag. Josh hadn't taken to kindly at being uprooted from his old school either. His cricket coach had had promised him a spot on the team now he was forced to leave all that behind and forever wonder, "what if…"

The only comfort about high school was that I wouldn't have to go through it alone. At least my brother was old enough to go to high school with me. Of course he'd be a freshman and I'd debut as a junior. I didn't even know what grade eleven stands for!

Now, both of us stood, looking up at the huge double doors, scowling down at us. Instinctively, Josh grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze.

"At least we've each other," he assured me. I nodded back at him, more bravely than I felt.

Students were driving up in their shiny new cars, some came on their bicycles. Josh and I had just taken the bus. No one paid us any attention and I was kind of grateful for that. Mustering all our courage, my brother and I walked through those gates. I didn't know what I'd expected to find on the other side – a crowd gathered to applaud our courage maybe. But everyone was going about their own business, hardly glancing our way.

It looked very much like a scene from all those high school movies I'd seen before. Everyone knew everyone, or so it seemed. The jocks bullying the poor nerds and geeks, the cheerleaders practically turning at their noses at everything, the emotional sort, the skater boys and girls, people from the drama club…it was a segregation of cliques like we have all read in the books and seen in those damn movies. I used to think it was make belief. Now I've to say, it's all really real…

We finally found our way to the guidance counselor's office. She turned to be a nice lady, about her thirties, with a slender figure. Her brunette hair was tied up in a bun. She looked really pretty, a fact my brother blurted out without batting an eye lid.

"Well thank you very much," Ms. Parker smiled down at him, "Here are your timetables, I'll get student volunteers to show you around."

Just then, a sort of tall, handsome, brown haired, hazel eyed boy walked into the room. He was in the middle of speech, when he realized the office was occupied.

"Ms. Parker, I really need to talk to you about my time –" he was saying, but stopped short seeing us.

"Oh, Mark," Ms. Parker said, pleasantly, "I was just looking for someone to show our new students around. Could you please show Anoushka around? And get someone to show Josh around. And also get them their locker combinations from the office, please?"

"But my timetable!" he protested.

"We'll look into the matter after school, Mark. Run along now." Ms. Parker said, shepherding us away from her office.

Mark didn't look too pleased at being thrown out of the office. He recovered when he realized he had to play a perfect host to his guests aka us. He caught hold of the first junior that came his way, a shy looking blonde girl, and told her to show Josh around. My brother didn't look too pleased at being separated from me in this new place.

"Go on," I encouraged him, "I'll come find you if things get bad. I promise."

He nodded and walked off with the girl. I noticed that they'd broken into conversation. They had the same class in the first period. The girl, whose name was Valerie, promised to bring my brother to his locker later that day.

"Let's go get your locker combination," Mark now said to me, "I'm Mark Chambers by the way."

"I am Anoushka Sengupta," I said, giving him a grin.

He didn't comment on my name. Of course, I didn't look anything like the average American. But still, I thought it was pretty decent of Mark not to ask me about my 'strange' name. I got my locker combination number from the office and then he took me to my locker.

"Oh, I used to have this locker last year," whistled Mark, "In case you find something, just leave it there."

I laughed. I checked my timetable. Quite honestly, I couldn't understand a word of it. I was used to sitting in one classroom throughout the day, with the teachers coming and going. Now beneath every class assigned, the room number was also mentioned. Mark gently wrested the timetable from between my fingers and read it. Apparently, he had no problems understanding it.

"You have English in room one hundred ten for your first period," he told me, "Come on, I'll walk you to class. Okay?"

He did walk me to class. He smiled at me before he turned around to start for his own first period class: social studies. I felt an odd sense of loss when he walked away. We weren't exactly friends but it was nice to have someone friendly around. I wondered how I would ever find my way to my next class, Physical Education. But it said on my timetable, the location was gym. That wouldn't be too hard to find now, would it?