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Hola dear readers of this blog! I am AntonioMartínez Carrión, though you may call me Toni, Tonio, whatever nickname you have. Yes, I accept all nicknames. I am the main person managing the Class 10 blog here, to answer most of the questions. Though, I might get my fellow classmates to write a thing or two if the question is out of my knowledge.

Here's the main purpose of the blog: Like I said, to answer the questions dear readers have for my dear classmates and I. Ask any question you'd like! I'll (or they'll) answer them all. And, when I feel like it, I might post a few quirks about me and my classmates, or when I kick into my poetic self, I might want to write up a poem. Careful- they are morbid.

And here comes fun fact Number 1 (probably answers to questions none of you will ask):

Jesper has the highest death count. He died exactly 287 times.

And poem number 1:

Find the call
And dive deep
Cut it through
The neutrality of peace
Fight the arms that pull and push back to the surface
Find a small breath
Find a small wish for hope
Stretch your hands
Before I fall again
Pull me up from the deep
And bring the light.

I think that's all for today. Questions can be asked by either e- mail, PM, reviews or DeviantArt. In the case of DeviantArt, send the questions to DoctorOUCH . My e-mail is written above. And yes, e-mail is REAL. DOn't believe? Send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

There is another blog coming up manned by Hanson. That blog gives details about the Faroeis, and things in the story that you don't understand. It will be up soon; Hanson as of now is busy fighting with Matthias over food. But hey tomatoes are the best aren't they~