Hello and Goodbye 8-24-12

Hello, hello, my friend

It's been a long goodbye.

You're looking well, my friend,

As if not a day has gone by.

Friend, I've missed you.

The years have been long.

My friend, I'm no longer new,

And I never sing our song.

Hello, hello, my friend.

I've been doing just fine.

Can I see you soon, my friend?

I'm running out of time.

My friend, it has been hard.

These years have been lonely and cold.

Friend, I've been dealt some bad cards,

And I'm ready to fold.

And now you're gone, my friend.

You're the goodbye that never came.

Goodbye, goodbye, my friend,

Without you, it will never be the same.

-In dedication to my friend,

Micheal Hutter