Sunday 4th of October 2012

Tensions are growing. It's been one week now, one week, and still we have no idea what's going on here. The prisoners are getting restless. They want the truth. Last week at 8am I was in the canteen when every male prison guard dropped dead. They were spewing up blood from their eyes and mouth as they fell to the floor. One of them died right in front of me, he fell on the table gargling on his blood as the rest drooled into my breakfast. Prick, it was fry up Sunday. A riot broke out between the prisoners but they quickly turned on the guards when they intervened. They were over powered though so they got out the riot gear. If any of us didn't return to the cells they were happy to beat the shit out of us. I'm sure one of them killed Sammy; she tried to take one of them on but the guard just let her taste the back end of a nightstick then she repeatedly battered her on the ground. I haven't seen her since then so yeah she's probably dead or she's still stuck in her cell (most probably dead). Once they got us in the cells they kept us there.

At first we thought an infection had broken out and we had been quarantined. Is that the procedure for prison infection? A lot of us came to that conclusion as it was only 3 days before that Michelle hung herself in her cell. A rumour was spread about that her body was left to rot in the mortuary out of spite causing a break out of disease. It was easy to believe, the guards fucking hated Michelle, so did I, she was a cow (god rest her soul). The night the men in the prison died the guards returned home after their shifts leaving us in the cells all night. A lot of them didn't return and the ones that did returned with a face like thunder and a misguided sense of duty. They weren't the same, we could tell, this wasn't just exclusive to the prison something happened outside these walls. We asked what happened and we were replied with abuse. So with no answer we started to get rowdy but we were quickly shut up. Helen called the Captain a bitch and she just snapped. Now I would totally agree with what Helen said but what the Captain done was unpredictable. The Captain and two guards opened her cell dragged her out kicking and screaming and gave her a severe beating before throwing her over the catwalk. Everyone in the prison could hear her screams of abuse and her cry for help but we could do nothing. Her body was left there until she bled out three days later.

Over the next three days there wasn't much sound from the other cells. The people were terrified. Now these are hardened criminals who have dealt with pimps and abusive husbands but none would challenge the Captain. The Captain was an arsehole but we knew she had her limit. That's what struck the fear of God into us. Something seriously fucked up must have happened out there to make the Captain not only kill someone but make her believe she could get away with it. We hadn't been fed for days and there was still no word from the Warden, the guards never spoke of her and when someone did they were told to fuck up. We started to believe she died with the male guards as well but by Thursday she had came out of her office to establish some sort of order. As many of us were conspiring to take over the prison she compromised with us. She gave us our three meals a day and allowed us to use the canteen and the recreational area but under no circumstances were we to leave the building. We also agreed to be let out of our cells at 9am and go back at 10pm. So it was business as usual.

I don't know what made us agree to this but we did. There was many, like me, who were serving life sentences and we easily outnumbered the guards but we still agreed to stay within the prison. I think it was out fear, if the guards and the Warden found it safer to stay in the prison then we didn't want to leave either. The Warden said she heard some of the inmates talk about taking over the prison so we were chucked back into the cells. Now I don't know if this was true or not (I heard fuck all) but it certainly was now. There was word going about that Sharon was organising to kill the Warden and take over the prison. It is now Sunday again and the majority of prisoners want to leave the security of the prison out of curiosity for the outside. And I know I'm one of them…

'You're gonna have to let us out sooner or later, you old bitch'

'Fur fuck sake Becca, am trying to fucking write here'

'Who has a fucking dairy? What are you, 16? These whores have got us caged up in here and we have no fucking idea what's going on out there' Rebecca began to bang on the cell door again 'answer me you, you cow!' the door opens. She must have been listening. The Captain gestured her hand to allow them to leave, her head hanging in shame. Sarah stands up from the bed in confusion and Rebecca stands hesitant. Was this a trick? Where was the riot? Where was the revolution? The girls stood out from their cell into the catwalk. All the prisoners to their right were released and conversing and to their left the Captain was releasing the rest. Sarah looked over the catwalk onto to the floor below. A sea of people, a mixture of guards and inmates, were walking side by side towards the exit. Rebecca ran off and quickly left to join the crowd but not Sarah, no, Sarah wanted answers. She walks through empty corridors until she is outside the Wardens office. Opening the door she finds the Warden spinning with the chamber of a revolver like a child playing with its food. Sarah stands at the door and the warden acknowledges her, they both know what's going to happen next so Sarah asks her one last question.

'What Happened?'

'All the men are dead' she answers, she then raises the barrel to her chin and pulls the trigger BANG! A chunk of her skull explodes and her brains decorate the room. Sarah closes her eyes and clenches her teeth as it happens. She then closes the door and leaves.

She runs to the top of the hill which towered over the city of London, she looks down and smiles. Closing her eyes and swigging her head back she embraces the cold winds of freedom. She kneels down on the shivering grass, caressing it between her fingers. Knowing what she knows, most people would deem this the end of the world but not Sarah McCLane. For the patriarchal society that had imprisoned her is now gone, and she is free.

To Be Continued…