The Dreams of a Nation

As the sun rose up over the world marking the beginning of a new day a lone scientist was finishing of his work and was about to begin his final round of testing. His "work" to try and create a Parasite that could be controlled and used for psychological help. The parasite would be an already known parasite, something like a bacterium or anything that would attack the brain and can reproduce easily and quickly, or along those lines. The scientist had changed and altered the parasite's DNA to make it a helpful parasite instead of a destructive parasite. It also allowed the parasite to be controlled, by using special devices.

This scientist was part of a very secretive movement in which only a handful if scientists were a part of and had been trained and taught in the area of science that this scientist had been trained in. the area of science at hand was DNA manipulation (DM). It may seem easy although there was a certain art and method to be able to mould and shape the targets DNA into whatever the scientist wanted. This wasn't an area of science that was conventionally used and taught because it was seen as inhumane and godlike. Scientists who used this area of science were considered to be outlawed in terms of the science world and the work of DM was made illegal pretty much as soon as authority had heard of it. Saying this, it doesn't mean that every scientist that used DNA manipulation was outlawed. Many prestigious scientists were trained in this area of science in case of an emergency although these scientists had to swear an oath and sign a treaty saying that they will only use DM in an absolute emergency or only when asked.

The scientist's work was almost complete; He had altered the DNA successfully although he had to re-inject the new DNA into the single celled parasite. The new DNA had provided the parasite with accelerated reproduction in mild climates, the ability to feast on the human brain, the ability to survive for extended periods of time prior to feasting on a brain and lastly they could alter the dreams that the host had, although there was mistake in the scientists work. The scientist had altered the DNA to provide nightmares, not replace nightmares with good dreams.

With careful precision and an expert eye he carefully injected the new DNA into the parasite and it animated into life, flying and buzzing around in its test home. As the scientist was going to put the parasite into its carrier he noticed something; the parasite was shaking, slowly but surely the parasite had split and had become to single identities. The new DNA had accounted for cloning but not at these speeds, a few moments later the parasite split again.

The parasite's DNA accounted for climates much like England, where the parasite was intended to be tested to see if it worked. The scientist was working on the Isle of Man just of the coast of England. Soon enough the parasites had reproduced tens of times. They were about to burst out of the cage when the scientist thought it would be a good idea to open the door. The swarm of parasites infested and engulfed the scientist in seconds.

The swarm, now reenergised made their way for England although they were separated to make sure that they weren't spotted.

Back at the camp only one parasite remained; the original parasite who remained alive although in a deep hibernation state.

They were small, smaller than the naked eye to could see but in a swarm as big as it was, it would look to be about the size of an overgrown flying rat. The swarm had made it to the coast of England and began to multiply and thrive in the mild climate that England brought to its inhabitants.

It was harmless on its own but in a group they can be very deadly which is why the scientist had almost no chance of escape. The parasite targeted one person each. When it had found its carrier, it made its way inside of the host and began its wait until the host is asleep. When the host is asleep the parasite will then begin to feed on the brain, the effect to the health and mental capability is harmless but the effect on the dreams that the host had were significantly changed. Each parasites DNA accounted to change the dreams to nightmares. Nightmares that showed loved ones dying. This dream would be on repeat like a broken record until the day the host died through natural occurrence or otherwise.

The day in England was mostly sunny which meant that everyone and anyone was at the beach trying to soak up as much of that sun as they could before they got loads and loads of rain, this was natural weather for Britain. This was good for the parasites as they had almost no trouble finding a host and infiltrating them.

There were a lot of easy targets, children shouting and playing about in the sea, the early parasites got to them quickly and the later parasites were given the task of finding easier and easier potential hosts before another parasite got there first it was a race, a very scary and horrible race.

Its DNA allowed it to track every other parasite that shared the same DNA which allowed the last parasite to know whether it was the last parasite and enable it to hold back and clone some more before finding a new host. For a parasite, these ones were really advanced.

Soon enough the first beach had been attacked by the swarm, the few remaining ones headed off all in different directions away from the beach in a fan; some heading to northern most Scotland and arcing around till some were heading to southern England and to places like Portsmouth, all of them were reproducing and finding hosts as they went. It was midday when the first swarm had infected the beach and as time passed more and more people had become hosts to these parasites.

Around midevening, about eight o'clock or so everyone in Britain was host to a parasite, every one of them completely unaware as to what had happened during the afternoon.

One of the first people to have been infested by the swarm was a news reporter, he and his family had made their way home from the beach, where they had spent the majority of the day and were now sitting down to dinner, all of them completely unaware of the monsters inside of their heads.

The last of the parasites didn't die of. It had started his hibernation in case anyone came in to Britain, and he needed to infest them. Even during hibernation he continued to reproduce, each one of them flying off to find a new place for hibernation, some staying with the first parasite others finding new places in Britain to go and hide in and reproduce.

As dusk was beginning to fall, the youngest members of society were being out to sleep, their parents hoped for a restful night but no one knew what was going to happen during the night.

Time passed on, as it did more and more parasites were brought in to this world and more and more people were turned into habitats for them, with each arriving plane that touched down on British soil, each of the inhabitants became hosts to a sinister creature.

As soon as all of the children and babies had been put to sleep the parasites came into life, crawling around inside their heads but showing no sign of existence due to their immensely small size, they made their way to the part of the brain that controlled thoughts and dreams and attacked, sending instant nightmares to the child's sleeping self. All across Britain people parents were alarmed with the startled screams from their children's bedroom. All of the children who could talk replied the same thing through sniffled sobs; Bad dream.

The parents ushered their children back to sleep, or tried to get their children to sleep, the ones who refused simply stayed up until their parents slept, the babies were mostly unaffected by the parasites although the ones who were affected suffered terribly and their parents were confused as to why. The babies escaped the menace that it brought because they are still developing and their brains aren't as fully developed to enable dreams to take place.

As time slowly dragged on the children were growing more and more tired although refusing to sleep due to the suffering they endured whilst in their state of slumber. Their parents were completely unaware of what is happening and what will happen to them.

Slowly but surely the parents and adults of society made their way towards an inevitable fate; sleep. Humans are dependent on sleep, we need it to get the required energy in order to go throughout our busy day to day lives, some need less, some need more but either way we need it to survive.

The parents and adults went to bed and slowly but surely drifted off to sleep, as they slept the parasites animated into action, locating the part of the brain and feasting.

The news reporter had landed softly on his bed after a hard day of looking after his kids and as soon as he fell in to a slumber he rose again, startled and breathing heavily, the same with his wife and his kids, who came running into his room saying the same thing; The same dream again Daddy.

The parents were confused, but again ushered their kids to sleep saying; it'll be fine just think happy thoughts. This happened across the nation. The adults slept again but woke up from the same dream. The news reporter and his wife both looked at each other and described their dreams to each other; both exactly the same. The children came running back into his room and they were asked to do the same; each one of them having the exact same dream. Soon enough, one of the news reporter's friends rang asking if they had been having nightmares. The news reporter answered by saying that his whole family were having the same dream, then described said dream to his friend. The friend responded that they had been having the dream as well, then went to say that everyone that they had phoned were having that exact same dream as well.

The news reporter hurried on down to his living room and turned on the T.V to the news and sure enough, the breaking news headline the nation kept awake by same recurring nightmare the news reporters who were on air were utterly confused by what was happening.

One of the news channels had a chance to talk to one of the leading scientists at Cambridge University. He was saying that it might've been the work of the DM scientist working on a parasite to help psychiatrists with some of the extreme patients. The scientist also said that he was going to go out to Isle of Man to find the research and experiments and see if there is anything he can do to change and help the current situation. He also mentioned that he will keep us updated with his progress.

With that the news program went back to the anchor-man and the news reporter turned off the T.V. he went back up stairs and told his family what he saw and ushered his kids back to bed.

The scientist had packed his bags, rather quickly for someone who was running on about 3 hours of sleep. He made his long journey to the docks that would hopefully ferry him to the Isle of Man.

Luckily when he arrived he noticed that there was a boat waiting for him, albeit not the best boat in the world. The scientist made his way up to the boat yard and explained his situation to the boat keeper who reluctantly said that he would take the scientist there although not back. The boat keeper said that he would tell the ferryman of the scientists where a bout's when he awoke.

When the boat keeper and the scientist arrived at the island they almost instantly found the camp of the previous scientist, they also found his remains. The boat keeper said farewell to scientist, wished him the very best of luck and departed back for England.

The scientist got to work on finding the old scientists work. When he found it he immediately found some errors in the new DNA coding, obviously made on purpose, the DNA manipulation scientists couldn't be trusted for the most part, although the scientist was trained in DM himself so luckily it didn't take him long to find out what was wrong and how to correct it.

The scientist corrected the mistakes and made a new batch of DNA that still had all the climate stuff about it but it targeted the enemy parasite instead of targeting the host's brain, one thing was left to do; find a suitable thing to be the new DNA carrier. The scientist went over to the test habitat and to his fortune one little parasite remained. (The outside glass also acted as a magnifying glass so scientists could easily see what they were doing)

The scientist got to work, he found the old tools that were left behind; they were the right size to work with the little parasite. He sorted out the DNA into one of needles and slowly and carefully extracted the old DNA out of the parasite and injected the new DNA back in. just like before the little parasite animated into life happily buzzing around its cage. Soon it started to split, the scientist opened the gate and let the parasite free, he phoned the news reporter to let everyone know to open their windows to be able to let the new parasite in, he also asked for this message to be passed on to everyone in the country via any means necessary.

Whilst everyone was passing that message and simultaneously opening their windows, the scientist had to wait but surely enough, one of the little parasites made its way into the scientist and he was able to sleep.

Throughout his sleep the swarm of new parasites had made their way across the length and breadth of Britain hunting and killing any of the old parasites that remained, house by house, Britain was sleeping again.

The scientist rested until morning where he woke up to find a ferryman looking over his body. The ferryman explained what he was doing there, and why he was there. The ferryman took the scientist back home where he was a hero.

He had managed to get the nation sleeping again and for that he was regarded as a hero and was going to receive a Knighthood for his service to science and society. All of the scientists who were secretly trained in DNA manipulation were found and locked up in prison, to stop something like this happening, the DM movement was also stopped and all the scientists who were trained and taught in DM were made to swear that they would not train anyone in the use of DM.

Eventually peoples sleep schedules were back on track and Britain was back on action, and on full steam. The scientist kept his job at Cambridge although he was also working for higher operations in the field of science. With his specialties in multiple areas of science he was a valued person and was kept track of by the government whilst doing scientific experiments for the government.

Before long, maybe two or 3 days after this whole ordeal the newspaper reporter and his family were all back to normal, this was the same with the rest of England.