This is something I wrote in my spare time, I'd like to eventually make a plot around it but only if people enjoy it XD I'll warn ahead of time the perspective is a bit different, you have to envision the voice is speaking to someone. I know it's a bit strange of an approach but I thought if nothing else it would be interesting. This is my first story, so any feedback is appreciated. I'll stop blabbing now, on to the story!

Would you take the chance to get to know me? Take a leap of faith into a world unknown? Give up all you've cherished in life for one chance to glimpse upon the worlds truths?

Oh you would? Well then, what are we waiting for? There is much work to be done~ Follow me into the Abyss, hopefully you'll be one of the lucky ones who survive.

In the realm: (they survived the passage over)

Fortune certainly shines upon us today, or rather you at least.

No need for such a sour look, I was only teasing. Here everyone's role is vital. Yes that's right, you are in the Realm.

What were you expecting, something fancier? Tales of this place are grossly exaggerated.

Yes the streets are barren, buildings crumbled- Hey are you paying attention?

Oh your gazing at the "sky". Yes, it's just white, caught in a spacial rift between time and space, there is no concept of "day" nor "night". It just is or isn't. Does that make sense?

You feel dizzy you say? Remember, you gave up all you had to come here. Yes everything, that includes your memories.

Goals, ambitions you talk about? Ha, I'm sorry my friend but I'm merely a guide. I gave you the glimpse you so wished to see. And your token of pay is that you'll give yourself up to the "lord".

Tricked? How ignorant can you be? You had the chance to see something upon which others only dream about. And more importantly you no longer have to meander in a meaningless life.

You will be a great servant, a true honor to be bestowed.

Sleepy? Must you ask so many questions? That's normal, you see your energy is now being passed on as you become a part of his being, the great lords being! I'm trembling with jealousy.

Where am I going? It seems your "tour" is over. Soon you'll become whole, part of the lord.

In the meantime I'm off to scout the next, that who is ready to have all their dreams come true, just like yourself.

Don't cry, it doesn't befit you. This being the happiest moment of your life.

Oh, Hello there young soul. Would you like to have a glimpse into the true meaning of life? I promise, you won't be disappointed.

So as you can see it's part of a big plot, Eventually things will shed more light when I make the actual story and the characters, such as the one speaking here, are revealed. Thanks for your time, and I hope you enjoyed!~Rose