It was a typical day in the town of Wacovia. At the local high school, Miss Clyborne's English class was just finishing up.

"—and tonight, everyone please read chapters 19 and 20. Tomorrow we'll review them together and have a discussion. Class dismissed." said Miss Clyborne.

The students got up and were walking out, chattering away about all sorts of topics, from the new Tim Burton film coming out that December, to who was caught necking in the tax records section of the library.

"Miss Peck, Miss Clemmons, could you stay for a moment?" asked Miss Clyborne. "I wish to speak to you."

"What for?" asked Christine.

"Girls, I have to go to a teachers' convention in Kiawak this Saturday," Miss Clyborne said, "and I need someone to watch my cat, Creamsickle, while I'm gone. Would you two be able to do it?"

"A kitty!?" asked Vivian, "Sure! We'd love to!"

"Vivian!" hushed Christine, "Miss Clyborne, why are you asking us, specifically?"

"Because I know that you two are good students and always work well together." Miss Clyborne said. "And if you can do it, I'll pay you both ₱20.00"

"Sounds reasonable, and Vivian apparently already decided for us; Yeah. We can do it." said Christine.

"Wonderful! Thank you, both. Be at my house on Saturday around 10 and keep a watch on her until 4." Miss Clyborne instructed the two, and they were dismissed to their next class.