On Saturday at 10 o'clock, Vivian and Christine arrived at Miss Clyborne's house on Elk Street. It was a one story building with stucco on the exterior, and a small porch on the front with hanging plants. Miss Clyborne's car was not in the driveway. The key into the house was where Miss Clyborne said it would be: under a flower pot containing a large ficus.

They stepped inside. The room was handsomely furnished with a large sectional sofa, ottoman, an 18-inch television set with a VCR and stereo, soft beige carpet, end tables with stylish lamps, and opposite the entrance were a pair of saloon doors that lead into the kitchen.

"Oooh!" Vivian squealed, "Miss Clyborne has such a pretty house!"

"Yeah, it's a nice place she's got here." Christine said calmly. "Where's Creamsickle?"

Just then, a large, fat cat came strutting in. It had white fur with orange tabby spots. It meowed—well, not so much 'meow'-ed as it made more a 'mee-yaaah!' sort of sound. This was Creamsickle.

"Oh aren't you just the cutest kitty in the world!" Vivian squealed happily on seeing Creamsickle. She picked up the rotund cat and began scratching her.

"Hmmm," Christine said, entering the kitchen, "where does she keep the cat food?"

The kitchen was as nicely set as the living room. The counters were sparkling clean and off-white in color. The stove, refrigerator and dishwasher were all part of a matching set, white with silver trim. Next to the backdoor was a pair of bowls, one for water and one for food, both labeled CREAMSICKLE.

"Here it is." Christine said, finding the cat food in a cabinet next to the refrigerator and just above the sink. She also found a note from Miss Clyborne that read

Girls, please feed Creamsickle upon arriving. I fed her at 5 this morning before I left and she will likely be feeling hungry again.
PS—whatever you do,
do not open the door for too long, as she will try to escape and I do not wish to have Creamsickle wandering about the neighborhood without me home.

-Miss Clyborne

"Hmmm… Vivian, Clyborne says she doesn't want us to let Creamsickle out, so whatever you do, don't open the door unless I'm holding her, so she won't get out. Got that?"

"Got it, Christinee-weeny!" Vivian called from the living room.

We look after Clyborne's cat for the day and get twenty Pinnuns, Christine thought to herself, how hard can it be?