Christine woke up with a jolt, and found herself on the couch, the living room still intact, and no sign of the Starcrushers.

"Christinee-weeny," Vivian said happily, "you're awake!"

"Where. Is. The cat?" Christine demanded, grabbing Vivian's shirt and pulling her close.

"Oh, Creamsickle's been right next to me the whole time!" Vivian said, totally unfazed by Christine's panicked state. "We were watching Saved by the Bell while you were asleep."

"And you were never kidnapped by the Skullsquishers?" Christine asked.

"Who?" asked Vivian, looking puzzled.

"Never mind," said Christine, "bad dream…"

"Hey, what's that smell?" asked Vivian suddenly.

"What are you—" Christine began before smelling it herself.

It was a nauseating smell, difficult to describe. Creamsickle, who was no longer sitting next to Vivian on the couch, came into the room from the hallway, meowing loudly.

"Uh-oh…" the two friends said in unison, realizing what they were smelling.

"How are we gonna clean it up?" Vivian asked Christine, examining the pile of brown feces lying on the floor in the hallway.

"Maybe paper towels? I don't know," Christine said, "my mom doesn't have pets at her house and my dad just has a dog he trained to go outside."

"Well there must be some way to clean this up." Vivian said.

"Oh God, look…" Christine said, pointing at a note posted to the bathroom door. She read it aloud. "'Girls, please keep bathroom door open as Creamsickle's litter box is in there and if the door isn't open, she will go on the carpet instead. –Miss Clyborne.' I closed the door back out of habit when I rushed in here to stop Creamsickle from getting out when you were talking to the Mormons!"

"Hey, where'd Creamiskle go?" asked Vivian.

"Look!" Christine yelled, pointing at Creamsickle, who was sitting on the sill of an open window, preparing to leap out.

"CREAMSICKLE!" Vivian and Christine shouted in unison, reaching the sill just as the cat leapt out the window and took off down the street.

"Well this is just great." Christine said, "We've lost Clyborne's cat. What are we gonna do now?"

"We'll find her! That's what we'll do!" Vivian said.

"Well we'd better work fast then." Christine said, and they took off out the door to find Creamsickel before it was too late.