Christine and Vivian ultimately moved the kittens out of the back room to a hovel they built and placed behind Miss Clyborne's garage. Once that job was done, they called her up the following day to tell her about Creamsickle's kittens.

Then, on Monday, Miss Clyborne asked Christine and Vivian to come down to her house.

"Miss Clemmons, Miss Peck," she said to them at her door, "I just wanted to thank you both for not only caring for Creamsickle while I was gone, but also for finding her kittens. I had no clue about them, and they could've died otherwise. So along with the ₱20, since I simply don't have the space for them, you two are free to each have a kitten—as long as your families will permit it, of course."

"Really?" the two said simultaneously.

"There are four," she said, smiling. "You get first pick."

"THANK YOU, MISS CLYBORNEE-WORNY!" Vivian rejoiced, hugging her English teacher.

"Yeah…" said Christine, feeling rather awkward, standing there watching as her friend unintentionally strangling Miss Clyborne. "Thank you very much, Miss Clyborne. I really appreciate it!"

Vivian let go finally, and Clyborne could once again speak.

"You can come back and pick. Of course, you won't be able to take them home until they're at least a month or so old."

Christine and Vivian came back to the hovel they threw together for Creamsickle and her litter to live in behind the garage. Creamsickle had four kittens: one calico, one brown-black one, a little orange and white one (like Creamsickle) and an orange tabby.

"BABY!" squealed Vivian, picking up the orange and white one. "Aren't you just the cutest little baby in the whole entire universe?! I'm adopt you my little baby kitty-cat and I'm gonna love you and hug you and cuddle you and I'm gonna name you Lulu!" Vivian rhapsodized to the infant feline.

Christine was drawn to a little dark brown one.

"Hey there, little guy," she said. "Are you a boy or a girl?" Christine examined her and found her to likely also be a girl. "I'll call you Twyla," she said, scratching the little kitten's head as she began to purr.

Christine and Vivian played with the kittens for about an hour before finally heading home, and thanked Miss Clyborne for letting them each have a kitten, and Miss Clyborne let them come back on Friday to visit their kittens again. Christine and Vivian visited the kittens every Monday and Friday until they were old enough to finally take home.

The Clemmons' were okay with their daughter having a kitten, on the condition she tended to the cat's litter box. Mrs. Peck, though she didn't normally allow pets, allowed Christine to keep her kitten at her house until the little kitten was old enough and big enough to be at Mr. Peck's house with his dog.

The two girls bonded closely with their kittens. Vivian made a special bed for Lulu, and gave her a large pink bow to wear, and made food and water bowls for her in art class. Christine preferred to have Twyla sleep on her bed with her, and often talked to her. She liked having a pet of her own, because it was sort of like having a second Vivian around; a companion who loved her and didn't judge her that she could love and care for.

They both had expected to get ₱20 out of caring for Creamsickle, but in the end, Christine and Vivian got something way better. It really was one of those things that initially didn't seem important or significant, but ended up being a real blessing.