I'm starting this story called White River, it's about these packs of wolves and a prophecy that follows one of the alpha's pups. Please read, Thank you.

Below is the rankings and what they do if you don't understand it because they aren't real wolf pack ranks or they're modified.

-Alpha Male and Alpha Female-

There are two Alpha wolves in the pack, one male and one female. The most dominant Alpha is the pack leader and can be either male or female. The dominant Alpha is responsible for leading the pack on hunts, establishing pack territory and its safety and maintaining it, accepting strangers into the pack or driving errant wolves out of the pack, creating rules and enforcing them, deciding ranking, courting, assessments, and banishments. They are responsible for keeping the pack in order and in control and will take many precautions to see that the pack is not disturbed. Each pack member is considered family but respect is still persistent. The Alpha couple is always the first to eat from a kill, gets the biggest portions and choicest cuts of food and receives the best sleeping areas. They tell the pack what to do, where to go, and how to work without questions from their members. Keeping things at a strict basis is their way of showing their care and concern for the pack-mates. The Alpha calls group hunts and decides when and where to hunt, along with the Betas and Hunters. One of the most important social functions of the Alpha is to help maintain an even temper and bond of the family. During pack meetings, most issues will be discussed with the pack as a whole. The final decision will be made by the Alpha after all opinions are heard by the pack members. The Alphas have the final say so in everything, yet act only for the good of the pack.

-Beta Male and Beta Female-

The Beta wolf is the second ranking individual within the dominance hierarchy. The Beta wolf is essentially the second-in-command of the wolf pack and beyond this most significant point, the Beta is otherwise similar to wolves in the High rank. They show commitment and loyalty to the pack, also acting as a discipliner to reinforce the Alpha's decisions. When the Alpha's are absent (which reason can be surveying areas, choosing new territory, meetings, etc), it is the Beta's job to make sure the pack is organized and under control. Any problems that occur in the pack, the Betas report to the Alphas and allow the Alphas to take control. When the Alphas are indeed away for a time, these wolves are the next in authority and demand the same respect and control from their pack-mates. They also assist the Alphas with any conflicts within the pack and enforce the rules, keeping peace within the clearing. They have the right to kick and ban a wolf from the clearing, after fair warning of wrong actions, such as fighting. Betas may also call hunts, deciding when and where to hunt, along with the Hunters. In pack meetings, the Betas' answers and suggestions are the second most important, being trusted advisers to the Alpha, only thinking for the good of the pack as a whole. There may only be a male and female Beta.


The Delta wolf is a wolf in training for Beta position. They are third in rank to Alpha and Beta. Delta's don't hold the authority to call medium or large Hunts. That is a privilege to wolves only ranked Alphas and Betas. Deltas usually become the next Beta after training is complete but one can remain Delta without moving to Beta position. When this is the case, if ever the current Beta is removed from their rank, steps down, changes rank, or leaves the pack, the Delta may take the place as the new Beta at the Alpha's request. There may only be a male and female Delta.

-Black Wolves-

These wolves are highly recognized by the Alphas and well respected by the rest of the pack, sometimes feared. They are fourth rank under the Deltas and demand respect more to them than to their Alphas. Their loyalty and compassion to the Alphas though is without fail. When things go wrong, the Alphas or the Betas call on these wolves to help maintain the pack and keep it together. They are feared by the lower wolves and will take extreme measures to maintain the order of the pack. Think of them like the enforcers or the police. Their ways are mysterious and shadowed but their fighting spirit is unmatched.

-Shaded Wolves-

Wolves like these are under the Black Wolves. They are the servants to the Black Wolves and assist them in supporting the Alphas and providing for the pack. If they sense a disturbance in the pack, they report it to the higher ranked wolves and wait for their next order. These well determined wolves do, of course, envy the dark wolves yet still maintain their submission to their leaders.

-Elder Wolves-

These wolves aren't really considered "of old age". This rank shows that they have been here and have done their hardest work to know everything about the pack. They are seen to the Alphas as responsible and are given more choices, such as: to create their own packs or become "Substitute Wolves" when the Alphas are gone. They are able to watch over the pack and keep it in control until the Alphas return safely. An Elder's opinion is greatly respected throughout the pack, being advisor to both Alphas, Betas, and Deltas. They are asked to be role models to the pack, adults and pups included, and also to visitors, showing them the Way of the Pack. They express maturity in their thoughts and actions during serious discussion or conflicts and help out where ever they can, supporting the pack through and through.

-The Hunters-

The name says it all. They can either gather food or service for the pack or track down the ones that appear threatening. They mostly introduce their recruits to the Alphas to see whether or not other wolves can be accepted. They also protect the pack by fighting off enemies or predators. If there are ones that are threatening the pack, they take on the role of "decoys" until the pack has found safety. Once the "coast is clear", they meet up with the pack hours later.

-The Scouts-

They are somewhat the suppliers of the pack. They track information that is needed if the pack is in danger. They survey the territory grounds. If the pack is threatened, they report it to the Hunters and let the Hunters assume their role. Reporting such to the Hunters and showing their loyalty to the pack gives them respect from the Alphas. Scouts are also responsible for warning the Pack of dangerous territory outside the clearing, if any. Scouts are wolves known by neighboring packs and visit around often. They stay in touch with other packs and keep friendly relations. They are to report any important changes to the Alpha and Beta. These include: if a new Pack is formed; Scouts are to find out who is the Alpha or Alphas and if the Pack is peaceful. Another change includes the banishment of a certain wolf; Scouts are to find out who was banished from where and why. This job is important for the White River Pack and other packs to stay in alliance and in understanding with another and to ensure the safety. -Sentinel-

Sentinels are to ensure that the pack is safe by patrolling the territory and watching the movements of the surroundings. They are to make sure that no intruders enter the clearing. In doing so, it is a Sentinel's responsibility to greet new visitors and learn why they are here and where they come from. Being in that position, it is the Sentinel's job to make sure each new visitor that comes into the clearing has good intentions as well. When the Sentinel is not present within the clearing or if there is none, the greeting responsibilities go to all Adult Pack members. Sentinels also make sure that the Pack Members keep themselves out of trouble, and that no fights break out between visiting wolves (or other pack members), warning them of the rules. After the warning, the Sentinel reserves the right to kick a continually aggressive or provoking wolf out of the pack and set a temporary ban. If this does happen they are to report to their Alpha and/or Beta and tell them what happened.

-High Guard Wolves-

The High Guards are the guardians of the higher ranks. They protect the Alphas, Betas, Black Wolves, Shadede Wolves, Elders and even themselves from dangerous situations. The pack admires these warriors because of the service they provide for the pack. They are fearless, dominant, and worthy of receiving admiration from the Alphas.

-The Guardians-

As their name implies, yes they are the guardian wolves. They protect the pack with their lives. If the pack is threatened and the Hunters and Scouts are indeed in danger, they take their place and fight for the safety of the pack. Unlike the High Guards (who protect the higher authorities), these wolves protect the rest of the pack.


A wolf that shows interest and skill in caring for weakened pack mates. They also watch over the older or ill wolves of the Pack. The Caretaker of the Pack ensures when any wolf is wounded, they recover properly not putting to much stress on their wounds. They serve as a support unit, and try to keep the pack in a healthy state. If they feel a wolf is not strong or rested enough to hunt, they are to inform the Alpha, Beta, or Hunter. CareTaking does not mean healing; its means helping to survive, to watch over and make sure one does not further hurt themselves. A CareTaker has to be stern to the wounded. Many wolves will insist they are fine. A good CareTaker needs to know what injuries are serious and what injuries can heal on their own. They need to make sure a wounded wolf, does not over exert themselves. They need to be firm in having the wolf rest. -The Adult Wolves- These are the wolves that usually reach their teenage years and are old enough to leave their pack to start a new one or stay where they currently are and help support the pack. This rank is the most to be noticed. And because of this, they are energetic and eager to earn the Alpha's attention. Moving past this rank depends upon their dedication and hard work.

-The Omegas-

The Omega is usually a young wolf that is very new to pack life and still learning, a wolf that has been lowered in rank due to wrong actions, or a Re-Evaluated Wolf (one who left the Pack once and was accepted back into the Pack after a period of re-evaluation). The Omegas have no authority in the pack except over pups (to support the Elders) and virtually no rights. Omega wolves do not partake in pack hunts, instead they remain at the dens and function as babysitters to the pack's pup litter, teaching these young wolves skills and providing advice for them that are given from the Alphas or Betas. They explain to the pups what is right and wrong, or safe and dangerous. Pups while low in rank have many social freedoms; their antics are tolerated by most of the members. Reaching 1 year old, pups of the Pack may become Full Adult Members. Must be 1 year to Court/Mate and 2 years to Breed (have a litter). As the last allowed to feed from kills, these wolves get the leanest and worst portions of meat and typically risk starvation during poor hunting periods. Although they moved past the rank of "Scavengers", this Omega ranks simply means they are in the pack and this will test their loyalty and commitment.

-The Scavengers-

These are wolves who have not been fully accepted into the pack yet. They follow the pack from a far away distance and after the pack's meal is finished, they eat what's left behind. These wolves have no rights whatsoever and are not allowed to participate in wolf activities. They cannot have information of the pack. They are on hold until the Alphas' approve and accept them into the pack. Once they are accepted, they are instantly moved up to the Omega rank.