Many times I've called writers out for poor writing technique. Some of the writers comment back that the poor writing technique is part of their writing style. While it is true that there is some overlap between the terms writing technique and writing style, they are actually two very different things. In my introduction to proper writing technique I am going to explain the difference between the two and how they are interconnected.

Writing technique is how words are put together to be understood. All forms of writing need to follow a proper writing technique in order that the reader can understand what is being said. This includes the stories that have a reason for breaking away from normal writing technique. Writing technique includes grammar, paragraph formatting, use of font as well as use of other elements. Writing technique is also about how easy something is to read for someone

Writing style is how the writer chooses to use words. This is how a writer chooses to express themselves to the reader. Writing style should never trump the ability of a reader to understand what the writer is saying. Writing style should also never trump how easy it is for the reader to actually read the writers work either. Writing style can also be described as the artistic side of writing and the part that helps define the writing as being a part of a writers line.

Some people may still be thinking that these are the same things, but they are not. Some may be thinking that they have seen writers who haven't followed proper grammar structure in their works. First, these writers have a strong grasp of the grammar they are breaking. Second, these writers have a reason for breaking away from proper grammar technique. They do not do it because it is cool. Third, while the writing style of the piece may be defined by not using proper writing technique these writers do not define their over all writing style by misuse of proper writing technique.

This isn't to say that poor writing technique does not define ones writing style. The fact that it does define ones writing style should not however prevent the writer from learning proper writing technique and implementing it within their stories. One does not try to define themselves by their poor writing habits, they instead work on fixing them. On top of this, many writers haven't discovered their own writing style.

The thing about writing style is that it isn't just defined by the writing technique one uses. One of the elements is the word choice a writer uses in their writing. For example, some writers describe Hitsugaya Toshiro's eye color as green, others miss describe it as blue. Others describe the eye color as turquoise, some as apple green. I personally describe his eyes as a bright teal color, while I describe Ichimaru Gin's as pale teal as I use it as an indicator of familial relationship between the two.

Another element is the person feeling that a writer puts into the writing. Each writer once they have discovered their particular writing style will have a very particular tone even if they mess up every so often with grammar and spelling. A writers tone isn't something that can easily be explained in words, but is more of something you recognize when you see it.

Writing technique is a miniscule definer when it comes to ones writing style so their isn't a problem with improving it. Instead, working on improving ones writing technique can actually improve ones writing style drastically as is learning new vocabulary. Which isn't to be confused with using a thesaurus.