Purely coincidental if any of the characters names are similar to those who are either death or alive. Please remember, this is fiction. Thank you!

"Ricardo Franz!"

Holy shit! When she calls my full name, nothing good ever happens! I dashed downstairs, wearing my watch as I do. She stood there, on the staircase—hands on hips—and glared at me.

I stop abruptly.

"Don't block the stairways, mum!" I groaned. "I could've bump into you."

Mum raised an eyebrow.

"Bump into me? Hah, do you know what time it is now?!"

I cover my ears and groaned. Here she comes again, the 'ultimate nagging attack'. I tried to walk pass her but she blocked me.


She narrowed her eyes at me as if telling me to shut up if I don't want to see my precious mangas get thrown or burnt. I zipped my lips immediately.

"Now you listen to me," she started. I rolled my eyes. "You are already sixteen years old. That means no more jumping down the stairs!"

I mimicked her and that earned me a pang on my arm.

"Ow! Mum!" I yelled. She sighed.

"Ric, you're already a big boy. I and your father want to see you to be a successful person,"

I clamped her mouth quickly or else I'll be late! I squeeze past her and grabbed a toast before dashing off. Her yells were getting softer and softer until it was heard no more—


I bumped into something. Or perhaps, someone…I look up. Holy monkeys! My mouth hanged open.

"Hey, watch where you're going, bitch." He snarled.

Wait, what? He calls me bitch? No one is getting away after calling me a bitch! I chased after him who had started walking away.

"Hey you, jerk!"

He turned. I swear if he turns like that again, I can say bye-bye to my family. Why must a jerk have such beautiful eyes?!

"Me?" he smirked.

"Yes, you," I said dryly. "Who else…?"

He smirked.

"If you're asking if I can hook up with you tonight, sorry baby. I'm booked."


"I'm not asking for a hook up, you idiot!"

He raised an amused eyebrow and cocks his head to the right. My inner self kept doing a happy dance in me and I feel my heartbeat beats erratically when he smirked at me.

"Then what do you want?"

"How dare you call me a bitch," I stated angrily.

"Then what are you? A hooker…?"

I swear I'm going to punch his face right now! The guy was still studying me as if I was a specimen. I feel my cheeks burning. I turned away quickly and that earned him a chuckle.

"Ricardo Franz, right?"

…Okay. This guy is officially creepy. I don't even know his name!

"I saw you in the yearbook…" he explained. I narrowed my eyes and frowns.


"And I was wondering if we could hang out?"



"You heard me," he stated amusingly. "You and I, we're a couple now."

WHAT IN THE WORLD?! And for God sake, for my mangas' sake, we're both GUYS! Humans with an Adam apple and a penis! Now what the hell does he mean that we're a couple?!

"No way,"


"No fucking way. You and I," I shot back. "Are guys…We can't, you know, 'hang out'." I quote the words hang out and he laughed.

"Trust me, we can."

"No way! I don't even know how it works!" I protested and froze when he grabbed my wrist, and the next moment his lips crushed into mine.

Sparks flew and a gasp, giving him the opportunity to slid his tongue into my hot cavern. We were kissing for about two minutes before he pulled away and I pant for air. The guy's lips curled up into an amusing smirk.

"See? We still can do it." He said, patting my shoulders.

I stood there, mouth hanging low. I just kissed a boy, just kissed a boy, just kissed a boy! My heart almost fell out from my ribcage. What the hell was that?! Why and why and why when he kissed me I feel so turned on? Why?!

"Close your mouth. We're running late. It's 7:34am now." He said, walking away.

I snapped out of my thoughts and quickly ran after him. Wait. He studies in the same school as ME?! He turned around suddenly, making me almost bumping into him. Actually, I did. We were in the hallway and students were pushing by, trying to get in class quickly.

"Ric," he called out.

"Don't call me that." I snapped. Cup!

My eyes widened. Oh. He. Did. Not. Just. Kissed. Me. In. The. Hallway?! A few students turned and gasped. Some looked amused, some didn't bother and some looked disgusted. I pulled away but his lips trailed down to my neck.

I could feel his hot breath tickling me and I shiver. Slowly, he sucked on my skin until it formed a hickey before he licked it like a cat. I pulled away again, covering my neck with a flushed face. I'm sure I could explode here. Like, now.

"Why did you do that…?!"

He smirked. "To let everyone know you're mine. So they won't mess with you." He shrugged, like it was no big deal and obvious. I gritted my teeth as he turned and walked into his class.


"Ric!" I turned and saw Sammy, my best friend. She looked at me weirdly.

"Why are you covering your neck?" she asks concern. "Let me see."

My eyes widened. "No! No, no, no!" I stop her and she squints at me.

"Ricardo Franz. What are you hiding from me?" her tone was threatening and I hated myself to be scared of her while I'm a boy. I sighed and removed my hand.

Sammy's jaw dropped. See? As expected.

"R-Ric…is that a...hickey?" she stared intensely and I quickly cover it up while nodding.

Sammy's eyes sparkled. Uh-oh.

"Who gave you that?"

I shrugged.

"Oh come on, Ric! Tell me!"

"I don't even know his name!"

"Describe, please?" she pleads. Uggh, why can't I set my priorities straight just for once? In the morning, it was my mum. Now, Sammy. My life sucks.

"Um, well," I started, trying to recall his features. "Tall, red messy hair, greenish blue eyes…and—"my voice trails off.

"And…?" when she saw me staring at something, she followed my gaze and gasped.

"That's the…guy?"

I nodded.

"Ric…you do realize that is Hunter Lincoln, the school's Casanova, right…?" she asks me slowly. I turned to look at her.


Sammy scowled. "Stop staying under all those mangas! Take some fresh air in the real world and pin some gossips into your brainless head!"

I grinned. "If my head is brainless, where am I to store the gossips?"

Sammy poked me with her elbow. "Ow!"

"Serves you right," she said and I hissed. "Back to the topic, Hunter gave you that hickey?"

I groaned. "Yes, ma'am… Hunter Lincoln gave me a hickey. And he forced me to be his…boyfriend."

Sammy squealed and I had to calm her down before people started to think we're insane.

"Shut up!" I hissed and she giggled.

"But I'm so excited. My best friend is the popular, hot, rich and clever Hunter Lincoln's boyfriend!" she whispers excitedly. "Oh my god…! Next time please, please, please invite me to your date!"

I frowned.


"So I can catch you two making out."

I spit out my chocolate milk and coughed. Sammy stood up, brushing off some of the milk that has landed on her brand new denim. I turned to the counter to get a cloth and met with Hunter's gaze.

Oh shit.

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