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His greenish blue eyes stared at me and I gulped. Holy shit, he saw me. What should I do?!

Then I remembered. Why must I be scared of him? It's not like he can do anything to me in public—WAIT. Did he just wink at me? Did he just…

Sammy excused herself to the ladies room while I sat there, not knowing what to do. Seriously, what kind of friend is Sammy? Throwing me alone, here?! I muttered some curses under my breath as I tried to walk away from the cafeteria.

I walked out of the door and turned backwards. Hunter was gone. I let out a sigh of relief and continued walking to my locker.


One word to describe my situation now; because I mean, what the hell is Hunter Lincoln doing in my class? What is he doing in English class?

As far as I know, I don't even have any classes that had him in it. Because he's older than me, that's why! Now what kind of trick did he use on the poor teacher?

I tried to ease away as far as I could from the man. I saw Hunter smirked a little and I glared at him. The red hair just hummed slowly and I twitched. Bastard!

Sir Audrey entered a few moments later. He started teaching and I was busy jotting down some important tips to score English when I felt hands brushing on my thighs. I turned and saw Hunter still looking forward, but his hands were already moving circles on my thighs.

"Let go," I muttered softly so that no one hears us. Not like anyone could hear us though. We're sitting at the last row, right by the window; where no teachers really pay attention to.

Hunter raised a brow. "Why?"

One hell of a bastard!

"Because you're distracting me," I snapped. My hands stopped writing.

"I am distracting you?" he asked amusingly. I grit my teeth. One day I'm going to wipe off that smirk on his handsome face! "I'm flattered."

"Take. Your. Fucking. Hands. Off. Me," his smirk grew.

"What if I don't want to?"

"…" I was speechless. Suddenly, his hands stopped rubbing and he raised his hands. Sir Audrey and the other students turned their attention towards him. Some girls were giggling.

"Yes, Mr. Lincoln?"

"Sir, Ric isn't feeling very well. May I have the permission to bring him to the nurse?"

My jaw fell.


"Come on, Ric. Let's go, your fever is getting worst." With that, I was pulled off my seat and dragged out of the classroom. I struggled but his grip tightened. We reached the infirmary and he pushed me inside, locks the doors and pinned me to the door.

I tried to move away. Then I felt lips on mine.

Hunter deepens the kiss and his knees rose; touching my crotch. I moaned a little and was startled by my own reaction. Why did I ever…moan? His tongue was probing my lips and I gasped when his hands trails down my neck. He took the chance to slide his tongue in, savoring every corner of my mouth.

When he broke away, we were both panting for air.

"L-Let me go, you dickass," I mumbled. Hunter released me a little and I fell down, legs touching the floor again.

"Ricardo Franz, do you know why I chose you?" he asked suddenly.

I did not say anything.

"I had already noticed you for a long time since you were in junior high. I've always loved your cheerful smile, your clumsiness. It's just…you know," he rubbed his neck. "It turns me on."

I stiffened. "Are you a pervert?"

"Excuse me?"

"Okay, so. First when we bumped into each other, you told me to go on a date with you. And then in the class you were molesting me, then now you're kissing me. I mean what the hell? Why are you doing all this? I thought you have a date already? Isn't that the reason you told me that you're booked?"

Hunter's eyes searched mine. My heart did a leap. Goodness, he had such pretty eyes.

He chuckled and I frowned. Hunter took a step back and sat on the bed.

"The date was you, Ric. I was planning to 'bump' into you this morning." He told me and I took off one of my shoes and threw it at him. He dodged it easily.

"Look, now we're in a relationship—"

"We're not." I snapped.

"We are, and you are the 'girlfriend' here, so I did expect you to be a little bitchy; 'cuz that's cute and all that. But don't humiliate me," He told me and I rolled my eyes.

"Hunter, please stop daydreaming. You know I hate you. It's all a one sided love. So why don't you save your heart for some chick out there?"

This time Hunter laughed. Real hard.

"Seriously, Ric…Y-you never failed to amuse me!" he coughed a little, trying to calm down. "Didn't I just say I want to date you? That means I'm into guys and not chicks."

I flushed.

"So what,"

Hunter gave me a smile.

"Sorry, I was kidding around. But can you just think that you're doing me a favor?"

"What favor."

"Well, it's like this. My dad found a real nice blonde for me but I don't like her. She's nice and all that but I just told you I was gay so it's impossible for me to love her. I told my dad that I'm homosexual but he didn't believe me and asked me to bring back a boyfriend for him to see. Well, all the guys in this school are basically bitchy and are not suitable, so the choice left was you—"

"Hold on. You mean, you're just using me?"

"No? I really like you."

My hands touched the door knob. "I'm not going to play your stupid game, okay? Go find another."

"I told you—"

"You can find Derek Nelson. He's cute and the dream boyfriend for both sex."


"I don't like to be used, okay you asshole. So please leave me alone and go mind your fucking business."

"I don't like you swearing." He said, gaze turning dark. I tried not to be nervous.

"So what, it's my mouth and I'll do as I like."

I turned to walk away. Suddenly, he grabbed my wrist and whispered in my ears.

"Look, baby. I don't want to hurt you. But do you know that you're targeted by someone who wanted to kill you?"

My eyes widened. The fuck?


"Remember the blonde I told you? I told her my boyfriend was you and she started hiring people to follow you around."

I blinked. No wonder…there were footsteps outside my window. I thought it was Jessica—my sister who always sneaks in through my window when she came home late with her boyfriend.

His grip tightened.

"I really loved you so you better keep your cute little mouth close or I'll just ignore you; then you get shoot and that's the end of your life."

"You wouldn't," I whispered.

"Oh yes, I can. No matter how much I love that someone, if they become stubborn, I'll just let them walk into their own doom road." His voice was somehow shaking. Then I felt hot liquid on my shoulders. Hunter was crying.


His hugged me tightly. "Sorry, Ric. I don't want you to get hurt."

Hunter's POV

I hugged him tightly. Damn it, I've cried in front of him. What a shameful thing.

But I couldn't let him fall into Bella's trap. The blonde was one hell of an ex-assassin before she was 17 years old. I rest my chin on Ricardo's shoulder.

He was all I wanted to protect.

Maybe he wouldn't remember but he was the little boy that saved me from those criminals who wanted to kidnap me and asked for ransom money from my dad. He was the one who freed me and told me to run.

When I was free, I tried searching for him. But I didn't see him anymore.

Until that day I saw him in the stationery shop. He had that scar I remembered very well. It was the scar he got when he tried to unlock my cage. He saved me. He was my hero. From that moment, I loved him. I knew I do. Not even mother or Xiana—my sister—came to save me. It was Ricardo Franz, the son of our gardener.


I lift my chin. Ricardo looked at me with worried eyes. I let him go and wiped away my tears slowly. Then I gave him a kiss on the forehead.

"Sorry, baby. Didn't mean to scare you. Please promise me, you'll be my boyfriend and let me protect you. Please…?"

Ricardo looked wary for a moment before he nods slowly. I smiled.

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