Beatbox of Doom

Synopsis: A strange, cryptic, Grecian symbol laden gold box appears on Milo Sandersen's front door. Thinking it is his ticket to popularity, he takes it inside, not knowing it is Pandora's Box.

Chapter 1-Diary of a Geeky Kid

Milo Sandersen had always been the underdog in a crowd. He had unusual hobbies, like stamp collecting and a penchant for naming every horror film that had ever been produced. He also had a massive collection of horror movies in his room as well as movie theatre posters. One of his best friends, Bruno, worked at the cinema, so when a movie was finished playing for the month, the posters would go to Milo.

But these weren't his only hobbies. He kept himself active with reading, exercise and the occasional outing to the arcade to hang out with Bruno. Bruno was considered the brother that Milo never had. Being an only child could be boring and lonesome, but Bruno was a spot of sunshine in Milo's sometimes dreary life. Other than his parents and Bruno, there weren't many other people that understood Milo's near-obsession with horror stories and roller coasters quite like Bruno or even Milo's dad, Andrew. Milo's mom, Deborah, wasn't keen on roller coasters, but she did enjoy Milo's taste in action/adventure films and even collected comics herself. It was not your typical family but they seemed to squeeze every ounce of fun they could out of the moment and savored every instant of life they could.

School wasn't much of a comfort to Milo, save for lunch and extra-ciricular activities such as Spanish club and 'movie afficionados' groups. He wasn't popular and many of his peers bullied him. Milo could stand up for himself, but there were days when the bullies would win the jeering, mocking and taunting brawls they would have with Milo. There were times Milo would arrive home, eat dinner and then head to bed, crying himself to sleep. He didn't want to burden his parents with the unfortunate nature of middle school. They had tried to get him into a private school or home school him themselves, but their money situation was too tight in order to do so. That night, like others when times were tough for Milo, he prayed that his situation might be changed; if not for himself but for his entire family. Little did he know that a rather sinister force was going to take this supplication seriously.

Chapter 2-The Golden Box

The next day was like many others that had occurred before. Wake up, brush one's hair, brush one's teeth, grab lunch before heading off on the bus to go to school after kissing mom and dad goodbye for the day. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until Milo returned from another somewhat boring day at school.

There had been a blinding streak of heat and light sweeping across the horizon, burning brighter and brighter until the object approached earth, hitting the soft turf in Milo's backyard. No one had seen this 'comet' earlier, but the earthquake of the impact had been felt. It was a small 'shaker' and no one thought anything of it, since earthquakes were occasional in this Californian suburb.

Milo had finished his homework early, and as usual, he went outside to shoot some hoops. Typically, he would've called Bruno via cell to play some one-on-one with him even though Bruno had a height advantage. From the corner of his periphery, he viewed a glinting gold box that pulsated in the light. It emenated a strange whistling noise that was otherworldly. Despite all of that, Milo was still attracted by the box's design and how it was able to hover in the air without any propulsion system whatsoever.

'Are you what I have been asking for ?', he questioned the box, internally.

'Yes. You want to have wicked mad DJ moves, am I right ?', the voice from the box replied. It was a female voice, musky and seductive. He had never had a woman speak to him before and the lure of this lady's voice was intoxicating.

'Transform me into whatever you want me to be, lady.', Milo said, hugging the now iridescent box to his chest.

'I thought you would never ask !', the sultry voice replied. The now see-through box with cogwheel interior began shifting, whirring, transforming into a turn table that was just Milo's size.

'Happenin ! It's a beat box !', Milo exclaimed. A young, slender scrumpet of a thing stood beside him. She looked Grecian, and her accent sounded middle Eastern. Something about her was strangely familiar. Then he could remember the classic Greek myths he had read when he had been bored on rainy days. Those had always held his imagination. She was Eris, the Goddess of Dischord.

Chapter 3-Transformed by Eris

'We have got to do something about this ensemble.', she said, wrinkling her nose in disgust at Milo's clothes. Milo knew he had unleashed something horrible, but just being in her presense made him forget everything else much like the lotus eaters after partaking of the lotus blossoms so graciously offered to them in the tales he had read thousands of times over.

'What's wrong with my clothes, Eris ?', he said. Eris was bemused this mortal knew anything about gods, or her type of goddess.

'They're passe, lame ! First step in popularity is changing your look.', Eris said. With a snap of her finger, she had vested him in a track suit, gold chains and a backwards baseball cap. His voice had even changed as well.

'I think you can let Pan...I mean the beat box take care of everything from here. I'll be watching from a distance, taking in all the glory of what happens afterward.', Eris said as she floated ethereally out of existence onto a nearby building to stand lookout over Milo. Like a magnet, Milo was attracted to the beat box and before he knew what he was doing, he was throwing down some nasty beats. He had never played DJ Hero before, but this actual version was even better than the video game. He was rapping like a pro and looking even more fly than he had a right to. People began swarming around him, following all of his commands. Eris stretched out her hands and began storms, earthquakes, volcanoes and all sorts of weather anomalies.

Fish and other strange objects were falling into the skies. The revelers around Milo didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that fish, reptiles, snakes, spiders and other creepy crawlies were surrounding them. Milo didn't even seem phased until he saw his best friend Bruno in the crowd, hollow eyed, pale, swinging his arms about like a drunken ape. Momentarily, he stopped, and the crowd ceased their dancing.

Chapter 4-Breaking the Beat-Spell

'I can't continue doing this. None of this is right. I wanted popularity, but not this way. This is wretched, and downright horrific.',Milo mused. He tried his best to refuse the allure of the box, which he had figured out earlier had belonged to Pandora. This box in modern times had come to accomodate itself to the culture and people, and Milo had become the perfect puppet to unleash its enchantment and hell unto the unsuspecting populace.

'This box can take the shape of the desires of the subconscious.', another, more tender feminine tambre whispered to him. It was the voice of Pandora that had just spoke to him.

Somehow, Milo knew exactly what steps to take next. Using his imagination, he formed the beat box into a massive vaccum cleaner and turned it on to its maximum suckage ability. Eris who had been sidetracked watching hard-bodied body builders along Venice beach and other 'hunkalicious' guy candy walking by lowered her sunglasses and saw the vaccum a bit too late.

'No ! This suuuuuuuuucks !', she said, getting sucked into the vaccum. Pandora laughed a bit and stood outside the box with Milo.

'If anyone can teach you a lesson, it's someone who's had previous experience of a disaster, and how to align fortune in your favor.', she said, wisely. Eris pounded on the box, irate.

'Let me out of here, you half-wit !', she grumbled. No one could hear her kavetching from inside her golden prison, and that is where she was going to stay.

'Sorry, I couldn't quite hear what was going on thanks to this buzzing I keep hearing.', Milo said, tossing the box into the sky. As it came back down to earth, Pandora used her powers to form a baseball bat out of ethereal energy and knocked the box far, far into space, where it would never return. Maybe another universe would have to contend with it, but at that level of space, the box and its contents would most likely freeze and upon entering another planet's atmosphere, would break into millions of pieces upon impact. Anything surviving would be a miracle.

Chapter 5-Saying Goodbye to Popularity, and Pandora

Once the dastardly device of doom had been catapulted into heavens and gods know where, knowing it would never return to any place, time or people, Pandora thanked Milo for his help.

'You were the one that hit it with your ethereal bat !', Milo said, with a huge smile. Even though Eris had been seductive, her beauty was only a facade. Pandora, however, was entirely different. Her soul was gorgeous, and even her essense was lovely. He could see it in her aura.

'Don't worry so much about being popular Milo. One day, you're going to have a life beyond all imagination. Just wait and see. I realize that the trials you're going through seem like Dante's Inferno compared to the future. Don't fret so much over the details. Just enjoy your life, Milo Sandersen.', Pandora said before kissing Milo's cheek and disappearing in a whisp of turqouise smoke that smelled of jasmine and olives.

Milo sighed dreamily and woke up to reality. Everyone in the crowd had disappated, except for Bruno. Bruno, being his usual self, looked around in a daze.

'What just happened, bro ?', he asked, in his typical surfer accent.

'Man, I got a tale to tell you. But you may not believe it.', Milo began. Knowing Bruno savored the paranormal, he was certain Bruno would eat it up. Besides, Bruno was probably the only other attentive party in his life other than his non-judgemental parents.


No one remembered what had happened that evening when the block party had begun or being under the influence of some rogue beats laid down by a teen under the tempting lure of Eris the Goddess of Discord. She would never be seen or heard from again. It was very unlikely that even she couldn't survive the deathfully gelid temperatures of the far reaches of outer space. Milo returned to his every day life and learned a valuable lesson to be himself no matter what others said or thought of him. He was sure that Pandora's foretelling would come to be someday. But that didn't really matter at the moment since he and his friend were about to sit down to one of the best marathons in the history of mankind; Fright Night Movie Marathon.

After this, they'd play a few horror games and sleep in the wee hours of the morning.

Nothing else could compare to this bliss.

The End