Okay, this was going to be awkward. I cleared my throat. Casting my eyes around the well-furnished kitchen I tried to distract myself from the grim task ahead. "Umm…Alex?" My older brother turned his head in my direction, momentarily distracted from his omelette frying. It was just me and him at the moment; my other brothers were off at a party somewhere.

"Yeah?" I chickened out.

"Uh, could you open this jar for me?" I asked, dodging around the question I wanted to ask. Wordlessly he took the jar of sweets and popped it open easily. He gave me a funny look, his dark eyes narrowing. He turned back to his cooking.

I studied him closely. He'd certainly gotten broader, and taller. Up until a few months ago, the only contact I'd had with him had been a few scant emails passed between us, seeing as he'd moved to California for some unknown reason, along with the other two. That had been three years ago ago. But things had changed, and now I'd suddenly found myself living with him and the others again.

When I was younger my brothers and I were closer than anything. Alex was quite a bit older than me, but I'd always been allowed to play with him, always been included. He wasn't my only brother, though. I had two more, both older than me, but a year younger than Alex. They were twins, though they were anything but identical. They both bore the typical Lucas family traits; long eyelashes, a defined jaw, and a vast amount of silky hair.

Seb was slightly taller, and although they were both muscular like all the men in my family, Adam was the slightly broader of the two. We'd all got on extremely well, and I had been worried after a year without so much as speaking face to face that they would all have changed so much.

But it had been fine, and I thought back to the moment I'd got off the plane. Alex had tried to talk me into letting him come over to England to accompany me, but I'd adamantly refused. Both Seb and Adam had been against me coming over on my own, but I'd refused to be treated like a child. As soon as I'd got off the plane I'd began to get nervous, though. A constant nagging sensation had chipped away at me until I was convinced they would all be completely different; strangers.

They'd welcomed me almost immediately when I'd got off the plane, and it had been like they'd never left. Adam and Seb looked pretty much the same, but Alex had changed subtly. It was a small thing, like his increase in height and build; he'd definitely muscled up since the last time I'd seen him, probably countless hours spent in the gym. That was no surprise, though. As a rule everyone in my family used physical releases for anger; the twins punched stuff, and me and Alex exercised like we were possessed. But it was more than just physical change, though. He'd seemed older, somehow, more mature. Maybe it was the wise glint in his eyes, or how his face seemed older. But whatever it was, it was definitely noticeable.

"So," He said, bringing me back into the present. "You got anything planned for tonight? Cause if you do, I'll need to plan around you."

"Why? What are you doing?" He turned around, bringing the food to the table. He sat it down with a clank, and I jumped up to grab the knives and forks.

"You want juice?" he asked, already pouring some. I nodded.

"You were saying…?" He looked over, puzzled. "About what you were doing tonight."

"Oh," he murmured, reaching over to ruffle my hair lightly. I hate it when he does that. "Nothing you need to worry about." I smoothed my hair down and gave him an irritated look.

"Fine, whatever." If he can keep secrets then I certainly wasn't going to reveal my plans for tonight.

He eyed me carefully as he chewed. "Something up?" He asked through a mouthful of omelette. For someone with such a pleasant appearance, he really could be disgusting at times.

"Nope." Just then my phone rang, and I jumped up to get it off the sideboard. Alex gave me a stern look. I looked over at him innocently. "What?" I mouthed as I answered it. I didn't have to ask, I already knew it was my best friend. "Hiya!" I said excitedly, and attempted to walk out of the room for some privacy, but Alex soon stepped in my way. He held out his hand, palm up in an attempt to confiscate it. Not gonna happen.

For some reason, ever since I'd come to live with him, he'd been really strict about meal times, obviously a firm believer of family time, despite the fact it was only the four of us. It probably stemmed from the fact that we'd never had much in the way of family. Our mother had abandoned us the second I'd been born; for some reason unwilling to stick around for my upbringing. And for my father, well, who knows. He'd disappeared one day without a trace, and I had no idea whether he was dead, or just missing. I'd just woken up one day to find the house empty. That had been the point I'd move country to live with the boys, having no one left in the world.

"Hold on, can you wait a moment, Sam?" I asked, then looked up to meet Alex's gaze with an exasperated sigh. He was five years older than me, and he seemed to think it gave him some God-given right to boss me around. "I am talking."

"I don't care." He snapped when he sensed my attitude. He was really starting to piss me off. "Call them back. Whoever they are, they can wait."

"No, they can't."

"Why? Who is it? Are you talking to a boy?"

"None of your business." I said, turning my nose up. I wasn't of course, but Alex didn't need to know that.

Sam was my best friend, and we'd known each other for as long as I can remember. It had been difficult on both of us when I'd had to move to California, but her parents were loaded and had a holiday home here, so she was often flying out on miniature vacations. She was always desperate to break the rules, having what I liked to call Rich Kid Syndrome. I, on the other hand, didn't see what was so fun about rule breaking, especially as it was always me who got caught.

Sam was over for this week as it was the holidays. For some reason she was hell bent on us going out clubbing, despite the fact we were both only sixteen. She'd set us up with some fake IDs which we've stored at her house. If Seb finds them I'll never hear the end of it, so I wasn't taking any chances.

I put the phone back to my ear. "Can you wait a second, Sam? Alex is being an idiot again." His brows furrowed.

"Phone. Now." With a heavy sigh I said my goodbye and hung up.

"That was rude Alex." I said as I slapped the phone down in his open palm. I was definitely sneaking out tonight.