That was the word that exploded in Jack's mind when he saw her. Hot, then dangerous followed. Cammie was waiting for him on her front lawn, her long legs stretched out.

Bare feet and slim ankles overlapped in a casual way that hopped the line to sensuous.

Speaking of sensuous; her lips!

Naturally ruby red, tilted in a secretive half-smile to the sky, which made you wonder if God had spoken down just to tell her a joke. Her eyes were closed and incredible lashes rested on her cheeks ever so coyly.

When she heard the soft and distinctive rumble of his truck, she only peeked at him with one eye to reveal a midnight blue stare, with a unique hint of purple in her right iris. Her slight smile deepened to flash him a shy dimple on her cheek.

"Finally." She sighed with a teasing tilt.

Jack opened his dry lips to apologize but instead forgot his name when she stood and stretched.

Cammie had lifted her arms high to pull away the stress on her neck and back, but little did she know that this lifted the hem of her dress scandalously to display more thighs, but teasingly not enough to be indecent.

They should charge admission to be in her company, Jack thought simply.

She wasn't the type of girl to be seductive or revealing, but hell did she have some appeal. The dangerous part was that she doesn't know it.

Before his imagination could run away with him, the embarrassingly loud creak of his rusty truck door shuddered through his bones and woke his body.

"Where are your shoes?" was all he could manage, and even that was rough.

She frowned at him slight, as if she forgot that shoes were still a necessity in society.

Jack shook his head, chuckling at her predicament and pointed to the steps of her house, where a pair of red wedges laid waiting for their sweet, delicious owner.

She laughed too, when she spied them, and then shrugged.

"Let's go," she ordered and when he raised an eyebrow, she added, "You know where they are now."

Jack blinked twice, and then sighed to cover up his bubbling amusement and constant exhilaration in her presence.

"Alright, but crank the window down." He negotiated as he reached to put the air con as high as it could go; he suddenly felt like he was sitting on the Sun, now that Cammie had enclosed herself so close to his body.

The truck was big enough to fit a washing machine, a dishwasher and a tent, in one trip. Yet it was too small to ever be at a safe distance between him and Cammie Elder in her little cotton dress.

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