He remembers how she looked the first time they met, auburn curls whipping across her round, freckled face as she danced across the garden, towards the stranger who held her mother's hand. Every fibre of her shone as she introduced herself with confidence that only a young child could have. Her eyes glowed bright as she laughed and all he could think was that she was so unbroken, so innocent and naive, not yet hurt by the world around her.

As his eyes roam over the body of the fifteen year old girl pinned beneath him, he remembers that innocence, and how he ripped it from her all those years ago. One hand knots itself into her unruly locks as he pulls her face to his, crushing his lips onto hers. His free hand trails patterns along her thighs as he slides down her underwear and slips a finger into her. He muffles her screams with his lips and traps her beneath his body as he slides into her, slowly at first then gaining speed as her body writhes beneath him.

Years later, he finds her on the bathroom floor, pale skin stained by the dark red of her blood. As he wraps his arms around her mother, it occurs to him that she's more peaceful than he's seen her in years.