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Shadows are a tricky thing aren't they? They cower behind you and when you turn around they disappear. When you're young you don't really waste your time wondering about this thing shadowing you, taking your shape and simply knowing you more than yourself. You just chase it everywhere, hoping to catch it and step on it and make it go away. You end up going round and round and round... and round. Yet our minds where too tiny and fragile to dwell on the real concept of these strange little things that everybody has. Soon they will be taking over the world, but not yet.

Mind you my mind wasn't tiny at all when I was young. I'd grown too mature for all that childish business. I knew more than anyone else ever knew. I was always the smarter one. The one who plans, the one who thinks, the one who's best. That's why shadows are important to me. They are me and I am them. Doesn't make sense right? Well look at it this way. You ever notice there is always a shadow with you whether or not its night or day, or you even notice it. But it's there alright, watching you, protecting you. Now you're saying 'protecting you?!' with that stupid incredulous look on your face. Well it's true. It's called The League of Shadows. They are those people who stand out but are not really social. They stick to themselves and themselves only, with the exception of few people they trust. It's hard to trust someone if you are like us. We have inhuman beauty like no one else, with exception of vampires.

Now you're thinking 'what? Vampires exist?' Oh they do alright. Every supernatural being or creature you've ever come across in fantasy books exist. They live in a little world, well big, very big, big meaning the whole world, right under our noses. They are just people who you don't pay attention to, well sometimes you do but it's like having an attention span of a two year old. You're watching the little mermaid one minute, the next you are staring at chocolate being put discreetly in the cupboard by your mother.

It's natural for me though. For a normal person it would be frightening or simply shocking, but I practically fist bump with trees, or tree bump. Now you're bound to think what about the 'baddies?' well let me tell you something... we kick their asses! That's our job, protect the good and the innocent and perish the bad and the guilty. That's how our world works. You're either good or evil. I think it's best to say, be a goody.


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