Not Another Typical Teacher-Student Fiction Press Story (R)

I met Nicole Ciaole in Sophomore English class and the only reason we talked to each other was because of our mutual love of reading and writing. I had seen her around school and she reminded me of me, always with a book in her hand, sometimes writing in a journal. My kind of girl!

I probably wouldn't have talked to her at all had we not shared our passion for the literary arts and writing. We were about the only kids in Wilson's Sophomore English class willing to answer his questions about the novel we were assigned to read or to debate him (and each other) while discussing plots, themes, characters, and style.

Actually, the only time I heard Nicole (her friends called her Niccie) talk was in Wilson's class. Otherwise, she was about as quiet and shy as I was. The other think I noticed about Niccie was how well dressed she was. She wore attractive and pretty dresses and skirts. She always looked fresh and she was noticeable even though I think she liked to blend into the crowd. She cut off her blonde hair sophomore year and kept it as a bob for the rest of our time in high school together. Her new haircut made her look that much sweeter.

Wilson recommend both of us for Honors English Junior year where we engaged "with dominant movements, authors, and ideas and continued the writing process, various research techniques, and presentation skills as we began to employ advanced rhetorical techniques and critical analysis."

English 12 was optional but Niccie and I both took the class, "surveying the major works in British literature while applying our critical thinking, writing, and presentation skills to better understand the literary movements, authors, and works of England's past and present."

We also ended up in the same English elective classes. We were in Journalism studying how to write articles and put newspapers together by publishing the student newspaper "The Hurricane" while participating in all aspects of writing, editing, reporting, and opinionating. There was also a creative writing class we both took, a workshop format where we wrote original pieces, participated in class critiques, and revised our work together. We also had to compile portfolios emphasizing our growth as young authors.

It was in our journalism and creative writing environments where Niccie and I did our most communicating, interacting, debating, and I guess socializing. We both loved writing and Niccie definitely had a passion for the art. One day in creative writing, our instructor Lavarnway paired Niccie and me together and he made us swap our latest work to critique. It was the first time I had shared one of my creative pieces with anybody. I found journalism to be much more factual and less critical – capturing who, what, where, when, why, and how in a non-fictional though creative way wasn't all that threatening.

But writing a fictional creative piece was much more personal, real, challenging, scary and nerve wracking and while I trusted Lavarnway's opinion and feedback, letting somebody else read my stuff was stomach-wrenching.

My work that Niccie read was called 'The Invisible Hero' – a fantasy super hero story about a shy high school kid by day who becomes an invisible superhero at night saving girls from bad dates, dangerous boyfriends, drunken parties and other crises. The hero, of course, has to get naked to be invisible and I was embarrassed to let Niccie read that part of the story, afraid she might take me for a pervert.

Niccie's story was called 'First Kiss' about a shy high school girl who tries out for the school play just so she can get her first kiss – even if it is on stage. It was a sweet and moving story, well written and likeable, but I found talking to Niccie about our stories to be brutal, afraid she was going to laugh at me or tell me my story sucked.

"I want to recapture the loss art of innocent romance," Niccie told me when we sat down to critique our work.

"Why?" I asked, not really one for the gushy stuff.

"Because people detach themselves from meaningful details," she complained. "It's about the sex and not the romance of somebody touching somebody's hand for the first time."

"Do you read those Harlequin romances?" I asked.

"Shut up!" She growled. "Anyway, did you notice that I end the story after the couple's first kiss?"

"Yeah, just as the lights went down," I said.

"Leaving you the reader to your imagination regarding the character's future," she explained. "I want to write different scenarios with that 'first kiss' concept."

I nodded in understanding and agreement. "It's an interesting idea."

"Thank you."

"But I found your character sort of naïve and unbelievable," I admitted sheepishly.

"What do you mean? She was quite surprised.

"I find it hard to believe that a senior as pretty as Mia would never have been kissed before," I reasoned.

"I don't," Niccie replied. "We usually write from our past experiences, right?"

"I guess."

"So I very much identify with the non-experienced girl," Niccie said.

I wasn't sure if she was telling me that she hadn't been kissed yet either but I wasn't about to ask.

"So," she said, holding up my short story. "The Invisible Hero, huh?"

I shrugged with embarrassment. "I didn't know you would be reading it," I admitted.

"It's funny and real and sympathetic," she said. "I like your lead character. But you've got to get rid of the locker room scene."

"How come?" I asked, sounding defensive because it was one of my favorite scenes in the story with our naked hero hiding in the girl's locker room after an evening swimming meet.

"Because it's gratuitous, warped, sick, stupid, and adds nothing to the story or character," she argued. "It's just there to tantalize."

"I guess it is every guy's fantasy," I admitted with embarrassment.

"Is the story about being a super hero or being depraved?" Niccie wanted to know.

I took the scene out.

After that encounter, Niccie and I became trusted confidants willing to read and comment on each other's works. I guess it was sort of an 'I showed you mine and you showed me yours' kind of thing and we developed a high regard for each others opinions. We talked about our writing and bounced ideas off one another. We even co-wrote an opinion piece for The Hurricane regarding bullying in schools.

Lavarnway told us about Fiction Press on the internet as a way to post our writings and get feedback from other writers and readers. I used the pen name 'The Invisible Hero' for my stuff while Niccie went with 'Onthestageoflife'. I got a few hits and two or three reviews for the four or five stories I posted but I noticed when I put the locker room scene back in 'The Invisible Hero' and added some more nudity, my hits went through the roof which surprised me.

"Let's face it, people like to read about sex," Heidi remarked when I mentioned this phenomenon.

Heidi Gray was a fellow creative writing class student and she had managed to hit it off very well with both Niccie and me. She was a tall girl with long black hair she wore in braids every day and bangs that hung in her face.

"If you want to get your stuff viewed on Fiction Press, make sure it's rated M," Heidi advised.

"I refuse to believe that," Niccie argued. "Readers want romance with character development and emotions and plots and themes they can relate to and identify with. They want good writing."

"Some kids won't even open M rated stories," I agreed.

"Then they're wimps," Heidi replied. "Goodie two shoes."

"Maybe they just don't want to read trash," Niccie offered.

"Trash?" Heidi was offended (l later checked her fiction press account as Heidialps and saw that all of her stories were Rated M).

"Smut," I clarified.

"Hey, sex is part of life," Heidi defended.

"Hopefully not when you're fourteen," Niccie remarked.

"What are you, a priss?" Heidi challenged.

"I don't need to write sex scenes to have a good story," Niccie said.

"That's because you probably haven't had sex," Heidi said snottily.

Niccie turned red faced and left our table without further comment.

The sex scenes I wrote were based on stuff I'd seen in movies and read elsewhere since I had no idea what sex was like yet but I wasn't about to tell Heidi that.

"I don't write stuff I don't know about," I confessed. "I mean, I can't have a priest as a lead character because I don't know what it's like to be a priest."

"Sure you do," Heidi teased. "You're celibate!"

She laughed as she left the table and I felt myself turning red.

Even though we had our differences on writing, Niccie and I got along with Heidi who was as passionate about her writing as we were about ours. Most of the creative writing class shared e-mails and sometimes swapped stories and late one Friday night I got an e-mail from Heidi (I saw that Niccie was in the to line too).

Hey guys!

I attached my latest story for your review & comments. We'll talk in class Mon. Kisses – Heidi

I opened the attachment and read the following:

After School With Mr. Jolsen

By Heidi Gray

It was the beginning of class and Holly smiled as Mr. Jolsen walked into the classroom to begin the Current Events discussion. She looked forward to his remarks just so she could listen to the sound of his sexy voice. She also loved it when he turned to write on the board so she could check out his firm butt in the jeans he usually wore. She liked to think about what he looked like underneath those jeans, on both sides!

"Wouldn't you agree, Ms. White?"

Holly was still in her trance sizing up his bod before her gaze finally traveled to his face. She felt heat filling her cheeks as she met his sparkling blue eyes that playfully responded to her blank expression at being caught.

She was admittedly embarrassed but she quickly recovered and tried to cover her awkwardness. "That sounds accurate to me, Mr. Jolsen," she said, even though she had no idea what the teacher had said.

"I'm glad you concur," he grinned.

His voice was dreamy and his looks were from Heaven. Holly sighed as she continued to daydream about his naked ass. She'd give anything just to squeeze those ass cheeks just once!

She knew she had it bad when she started having dirty dreams about Mr. Jolsen. And it didn't help that she was masturbating every night to thoughts of him too.

'Mmm, yeah right there…..' Holly had moaned in the dark just the night before. 'Oh, Mister Jolsen…'

The series of images flashing through her mind of Mr. Jolsen naked in her bed made her wetter than usual. Her fantasy was the same every night when she rubbed herself to climax. Her English teacher Arthur Jolsen, the thirty-something blonde and the sexiest man she had laid eyes on, was all over her naked body, feeling her, touching her, and fucking her.
Not that the real Mr. Jolsen had given any indication that he would act that way in real life. He was a friendly and personable teacher, well liked and admired by the students at Hillside High School, but he was professional and was never sexual in his comments or behavior.
Maybe it was his lack of interest in Holly that made her so wet. She imagined him struggling to stop her from kissing and touching him but she always won out in her favorite fantasy. Mr. Jolsen would roll his head back in undeniable pleasure and she would get her reward.

As the school year went on, Holly tried to devise ways to capture her teacher's attention and desire. She flirted with him in class room discussions. She wore revealing and tantalizing clothes in his class. She hung around after class to 'further discuss' a class topic or to follow up on something Mr. Jolsen had said.

On this particular day, the seventeen year old senior decided after her morning shower to forgo underwear. She smiled at her lightly make-upped face and looked down to notice the cold had stiffened her nipples underneath her thin white blouse. Holly did not consider herself a slut but since becoming aware of her sexuality, she had been routinely masturbating in secret while never talking to her friends about her desires of wanting her teacher inside her, his cock so deep that his balls would slap her ass. She knew it was simply a guilty pleasure saved for night time but that didn't make it any less real for her.

Holly had lost her virginity to her brother's friend when she was sixteen but he never excited her the way Mr. Jolsen did and she soon grew tired of their periodic romps. The poor boy wasn't a very good lover and she found sex with him boring and unfulfilling. She knew Mr. Jolsen would be the best lover ever.
Holly put on her favorite sweater and headed for school trying to replay in her head what she would say and do once she saw Mr. Jolsen during last period. The day dragged on and finally lunch time came. Holly was nervous and she thought of backing out at the last minute but when she got to the class and saw him again and those darling ass cheeks she knew she needed him badly. Her heart raced when he looked at her and the usual feelings stirred under her skirt, heightened by the air cooling her moist pussy lips without panties to protect her.
Holly smiled at Mr. Jolsen from where she sat in her usual seat at the front of the class, taking off her sweater as the class progressed. Her heart melted every time he spoke, sending warmth up her thighs. She wondered if she should spread her legs open and see if he'd be interested in looking up her skirt. What a surprise he would get if he did!

Mr. Jolsen handed out a newspaper article he had copied for the class to read and annotate with their feedback and opinion. Holly quickly retrieved a pen from her bag and commenced enthusiastically writing. When it was time to hand in the questionnaire, Holly was pink cheeked and a wet patch had formed on her skirt because she had never been so exhilarated in her life.

Mr. Jolsen collected the handouts and she stared intently at him, noticing every expression and reaction. She hoped he read what she wrote and she was excited when he did. At first he blushed and turned red and then he shifted on his feet where he stood in front of the classroom. He wiped his forehead as he glanced at her. He scratched the back of his head, ruffling his gorgeous brown mane and she smiled in response.
Holly wondered when the last time Mr. Jolsen had sex. She knew women found him attractive but she also knew he never hit on his students. Did he date? Did he have a girlfriend she didn't know about? He didn't say anything after reading Holly's paper and she felt defeated, fearing that he didn't want her. Oh well, she'd just have to accept it even though she hadn't thought about how she might feel if he really wasn't interested in some young pussy.
The bell sounded for the end of class and the students began to scatter.
"Ms. White, can you stay behind, please?" Mr. Jolsen asked in an even tone.

She stopped herself from whipping her head up excitedly and instead nodded casually while packing her things, waiting for the rest of the class to depart. Mr. Jolsen walked to the door, closing it and locking it while Holly stood from her chair.
Holly made her way to his desk as Mr. Jolsen walked across the room. His face was slightly pink as he took his seat but other than that he showed no signs that anything was wrong. The thought crossed her mind to sit on the edge of his desk but she wasn't sure if he was about to discipline and reprimand her or bury his face into her sopping pussy so she decided against it.
"Grab a seat, Ms. White," the teacher instructed.

She dragged the nearest seat to his desk and sat, twiddling her fingers while waiting for him to respond. Then she noticed the huge bulging in his pants and Holly felt a strange calm wash over her. She sat back in her chair and pushed her chest out slightly, her nipples almost visible through the thin white material. She also opened her legs just a little in case he offered a peek.
"Is there something wrong, Mr. Jolsen?' Holly asked innocently.

Her hands found the hem of her skirt and she caressed herself upward, bringing her skirt halfway up her thigh.
"I want you to read this to me aloud," he said, handing her the paper she had written.
"Okay." She smirked and took the paper, carefully slinking her finger over his seductively.
"I think it is appropriate to teach sex education in Public School health classes," she said. "I know there are those in the article who advocate that sex should be taught at home but I disagree. Kids need to know what's going on. For example, a girl sleeps in her bed at night dreaming of one thing. Before she sleeps she touches herself in ways she tells no one. She thinks of the man she sees every day, the man she desires, so close but out of reach. But what really keeps them apart? Does he truly not want her or could she have her way if only he knew how she really felt? That would be a real sex education, don't you think? All I want, Mr. Jolsen, is you to teach me. I'm yours. My body, my lust, everything I have is yours. So if you feel something stirring inside you then teach me how to fuck. I'm not here to compromise your integrity. I'm just a girl with a fantasy whose body aches to be satisfied."
Holly finished reading and she looked up and saw that the teacher was sweating.
"I don't think you understand the consequences of a paper like this, Ms. White," Mr. Jolsen told her. "You can't write something like this to a teacher."

Before Holly knew what she was doing, she was on his side of the desk muffling him with her lips, straddling him and grinding her hips back and forth on the hard on beneath his pants. He smelled like musky after shave. There she was, all over her teacher, at last! She lost herself in the motion of his lips, kissing him deeply and moving with him like liquid until he abruptly ripped their lips away from each other and he pushed her back, holding her arms.
'Holly!' He was out of breath and his cock as stiff as ever.
"Look at this!" She giggled as she got off his lap and sat in front of him on the edge of his desk, lifting her skirt, spreading her legs and exposing her fresh young pussy, practically dripping with her own moisture, to him.

She lightly traced her pussy lips with her middle finger, spreading the nectar around, displaying how drenched she was. She moved her finger between her lips and around her clit so lightly it would have tickled if she wasn't so aroused.
Mr. Jolsen let a moan escape his lips. He couldn't take his eyes from the sight of her touching herself. She was clean shaven and her pink rose hadn't a trace of hair on it. It was smooth and flawless and his cock pulsed against his jeans.
"It would be a shame to let this go to waste," Holly said as she lifted her wet finger to her mouth, sensually licking and sucking her own juices.

Mr. Jolsen nodded his head in agreement and she moved her foot to his bulging crotch, massaging the hunky area.
"You gonna teach me?" She asked gently while stroking the length of his hidden cock with her foot.

"I am a teacher," he replied with a grin.
Her foot left his crotch and she continued to stroke herself, building a rhythm against her clit and heating her insides, causing her wetness to saturate the desk beneath her. She looked at him curiously while doing this, wondering what he was thinking.
Suddenly, Mr. Jolsen leapt from his chair and kneeled before her, taking each thigh in his hands and spreading he legs further open. She gasped with surprise and her hand shot away from her hot pussy just before Mr. Jolsen's tongue enveloped it, sliding back and forth against her clit and probing her tight little hole. She moaned and felt his lips suckling at her pussy lips.
Holly's eyes grew wide and she couldn't believe what she was feeling. When it finally hit her, she grabbed the back if her teacher's head and gyrated her hips, wanting him all over her.

'Ohh... God... Yeeees..." she moaned loudly.

Mr. Jolsen was becoming increasingly animalistic as he hungrily devoured her sensitive flower. With each sweet new spot his tongue found, the harder his cock grew and he was sure his skin would split.

"Ahh!" Holly called out and then her body began shuddering violently as a fresh gush of her honey filled his mouth and covered his chin.

She whimpered softly, squeezing her eyes closed as the powerful orgasm ripped through her with each flick of his tongue on her swollen clit. She was still gripping the edge of the desk when he finally pulled his head away.
Mr. Jolsen looked at her. She was breathing hard. Her skirt was still pulled up, her hair was loose and messy, and the first button of her blouse had come undone. He moved in and their lips met, her wetness lubricating their kiss. He placed his hand on her cheek and held it for a minute and then slid it down to her chest, tugging each button of her blouse loose and then pulling the shirt off completely, leaving her small perky breasts exposed.
He marveled at how perfect they were and he squeezed them together, his thumbs finding her nipples and massaging them in circles. She cooed softly at the sensitivity of her nipples while she stared at the huge bulge in his pants which was now growing a visible wet patch at the end.
Holly unbuckled his belt and slid his pants down with some effort. Mr. Jolsen's boxers were unable to hold the beast any longer as his thick cock stood at full attention a mere inch away her saturated honey pot. She stared with awed fascination at his huge member for a long moment. She had never seen anything so big and masculine. He grinning knowing that it was the biggest cock she had ever seen and by the juice oozing from her swollen pussy he knew she wanted it.
Mr. Jolsen's tip glistened with precum and Holly tentatively smoothed her fingers over the head before pushing him back onto his desk chair and she slowly crawled to him with a devious expression on her face.

"I bet you haven't been someone as young as me before," She said while sliding her hands up his thighs.

"Not since I was your age," He revealed.
The teacher felt her delicate hand on his shaft and it sent warmth up his stomach and through his balls. She stared at the grand cock in front of her face. She couldn't believe she was finally doing what she had dreamed of since she first laid eyes on this hunky teacher. She was actually about to suck his cock.
Holly grasped him at the base and his cockhead was at her lips. She slid off the desk and dropped to her knees on the floor in front of his chair so his erection was still a few inches away from her face. Mr. Jolsen felt a moist pleasurable pressure of Holly's mouth on the tip of his cock. She had never had a cock in her mouth so she was tentatively sucking the end until she built up enough confidence to open wide and take it all down as far as she could.
Mr. Jolsen's eyes rolled in pleasure as Holly downed his cock, letting it hit the back of her throat. She gagged momentarily while he gripped the edge of his chair as she kept up a steady rhythm of suction. The warmth in his balls and stomach were growing. She was sucking him off like a pro as she sloppily licked his cock down and up his shaft and then back down her throat his cock disappeared. She could taste his excitement growing which made her even more enthusiastic.
Just then his balls tightened and the buildup overflowed. Mr. Jolsen's cock erupted down the back of Holly's throat as he gripped the desk with one hand and used the other to muffle any groan or breath that might have escaped. Holly swallowed all she could and let the rest drip onto the floor below her. She wiped her face, loving the taste of his thick cum in her mouth and Mr. Jolsen took her by the arms and lifted her to her feet, whipped her around so she was facing the desk. He pulled her skirt down to her ankles and squeezed one of her beautifully round ass cheeks.
He pushed her head down onto the desk, bending her so her ass was completely open and exposed to him. Her pussy was aching with need. He was kinky and she loved it. She wiggled her ass at him and he let her hands go, centering himself behind her and taking her hips with both hands.
Wearing nothing but shoes and socks, bent over her teachers desk waiting for his cock, Holly was in heaven. This is exactly what she wanted. Mr. Jolsen was rock solid and he could hardly keep himself from plunging in right then but he took his time, teasing her tight young pussy by gliding his enormous cock over her lips, probing her entrance, and massaging her clit.
"Ohh.. Please.. I can't take it!' Holly pleaded, her pussy aching to be filled with his meat.

She pushed back against him but he moved back. Her whole body was filled with lust and longing and she felt as though she was going to burst when she finally felt him slowly push himself inch deep into her. She gasped as his thick cock invaded her young pussy.

'Auuhh!' She cried.
He pushed further into her and her pussy was so tight it was like someone squeezing his cock and he pushed himself as far as her pussy would allow in one thrust. He heard her moan long and loud.

"More... Oh God, yes, more!" She reached back and found his meaty ass cheeks with her hands.

He fucked her until she screamed in climax and he released himself inside of her, pounding her against the desk with his balls smacking against her ass cheeks as he plunged over and over again. She was screaming in ecstasy and then she was crying with happiness as she slid to the floor once he pulled out of her.

Lying spread eagle on the floor, she looked up at the teacher standing over her with his cock waving like a triumphant flag.

"Oh, Mr. Jolsen, that was the best lesson ever," she cried. "Thank you."

"Come back tomorrow and you can get some more extra credit," he grinned.

I sat at my computer screen having finished reading Heidi's story with my mouth hanging open. I couldn't believe a girl I knew had written something so explicitly sexual and vulgarly honest. I heard my email beep and I saw a message appear from Niccie.

"Why is Heidi sending us porn?"

"I guess we'll find out Monday," I typed in reply, too embarrassed to write anything more on the subject.

I wasn't exactly looking forward to Monday's creative writing class having no idea what I was supposed to say to Heidi about any of this although I spent the rest of the weekend thinking about Heidi wondering if she really did masturbate at night like Holly. Did girls really check out teachers' asses like that? Would she really show up at school with no underwear on underneath her dress? Had Heidi had sex like that before or did she just write about it from imagination? I knew she dated a few guys over the years. Did they have sex? That was supposedly Holly's first experience with oral sex but had Heidi done it before?

Was I really this out to lunch when it came to sex?


"Hi guys!"

It was a cheerful Heidi waiting for us when Niccie and I happened to walk into our creative writing class at the same time. She waved us toward her.

"Come on," she said with excitement. "It's time to discuss our stories."

Niccie and I exchanged glances and reluctantly strolled across the room to where Heidi was sitting.

"So," she said with interest once we gathered ourselves into our seats. "What do you think of 'After School with Mr. Jolsen'?" She asked.

"You first." I deferred to Niccie.

"Why are you sending me porn?" Niccie asked.

Heidi laughed. "It's not porn! I mean, there weren't any pictures, right!?"

"It's written porn," Niccie said.

"It's my creative writing story," Heidi said. "I know it's sexual, but so what?"

"It's offensive, improper, and there was no plot or character development," Niccie said.

"Sure there is!" Heidi said defensively. "The plot is having sex with your favorite teacher."

"It's trashy," Niccie complained.

"It's called teacher-student romance, Niccie," Heidi said sarcastically. "There are hundreds of such stories on fiction press all the time."

"It's kiddie porn," Niccie replied.

"You don't know what you're talking about," Heidi protested angrily. She turned to me. "Mark? What do you think?"

"I think you need to change a few things," I said diplomatically.

"Like what?" She asked.

"Names for starters," I said nervously. "It's pretty obvious Mr. Jolsen is really Mr. Jensen. And Hillside is Hillsboro. And Holly White is…, ah….."

"Heidi Gray," Niccie groaned.

"Oh, it's that obvious?" Heidi wondered.

"Aren't you embarrassed by any of this?" I asked.

"What? It's just a story," she said. "Don't you like teacher-student stories?"

I shrugged. "Actually, I sort of agree with Niccie," I said.

"Figures," Heidi groaned.

"I mean, lets face it, Mr. Jolsen would go to jail if he ever got caught doing what he did," I said. "Would a teacher really put his career and life at risk just for some sex?"

"Especially in his classroom? At the School? Get real! It's kiddie porn," Niccie repeated.

"I'll make Holly eighteen then," Heidi said with annoyance.

"Well, you'd better make Jolsen a Professor and make it college instead of high school, otherwise the story just isn't believable," I said. "It's illegal sex."

"Oh come on, don't you have any fantasies about any teachers here?" Heidi complained.

"Sure," I said. "Of course. But I'd never act on any of them. And I'd never write a story about it around here. Change the names and post it on fiction press if you want as Heidialps but don't let Lavarnway see it."

Heidi pouted. "I wanted his review."

"That's probably not a good idea," Niccie said.

"Oh, you two are just uptight prudes," Heidi protested. "You don't like sex."

"Letters to Penthouse Forum is not exactly creative writing," Niccie pointed out.

"It's a story about sex!" Heidi growled. "What's your problem?"

"You need to give the reader a reason to care," Niccie responded, staying calm. The sex has to be part of the story at best, not the entire story."

"It's her sexual fantasy," Heidi said, sounding as if she was trying to explain something to a couple of third graders. "

"But why should we care?" Niccie replied. "What's Holly's story leading up to the sex? Is she sexually frustrated? Was she abused? Does she have a father? Did her brother's friend do something bad to her? And why would the teacher be willing to put everything on the line to have sex with her? Is he in love? How long had he noticed her? What made her stand out over the hundreds of other girls he taught? What's his story? Was he married? Girlfriends? Is he lonely? Horny? Perverted?"

"You should try to develop a plot and character development leading up to the sex," I said gently. "Otherwise, it really is just porno."

"So, you didn't like it," Heidi said sarcastically, looking like she wanted to cry.

"Well, I thought it was great sex," I admitted sheepishly, afraid to look at Niccie.

"Really!?" Heidi asked hopefully.

I blushed, not wanting to say more.

'You know, there are plenty of fluff one shots on fiction press that are just sex," Heidi said.

"But this is a creative writing class," Niccie said gently. "We should be trying to go for more than just that."

Heidi pouted and cross her arms over her chest. "Oh, okay," she grumbled. "I'll try to write a chapter before the sex scene explaining why Holly…um…..Jane…is attracted to Mr. Jo….er, Professor Harrington. At…..Masonic College."

"Maybe she's home sick," I offered.

"Maybe the Professor is a father figure to her," Niccie said. "Her real father is dead, perhaps."

"Or maybe Jane is coming off an unhappy relationship," I said.

"Or she's a prude or religious and the Professor is the one who gets her to think about her sexuality," Niccie said. "Maybe he's her first kiss or something."

"Oh please," Heidi said. "In college?"

I glanced at Niccie who looked offended. "Not everybody kisses by seventh grade," she said defensively.

"Maybe the Professor is a lonely widower," I suggested.

"Maybe she's using him to further her academic career," Niccie said.

"Okay, okay, I get it," Heidi growled. "Let me write my own damn story, okay?"

She left the table in a huff, leaving me and Niccie behind to look at each other.

"Well, that didn't go as badly as I feared it might," I said with relief.

"I think sex scenes are so unnecessary and over used," Niccie remarked. "Unless it's a real part of the story….like an affair, or a first time experience or something, you really don't need to include it in the story line of most stories. That's what the fade out in the movies was invented for. It's okay to imagine once in a while."

"I guess," I said.

"Says the guy who put the nude locker room scene back in The Invisible Hero for fiction press," she said with disapproval.

"Oh, you saw that?" I asked innocently.

"I see that most of your stories have at least one nude scene in them on fiction press."

"That's because nobody knows who I am," I said. "On Fiction Press, I'm The Invisible Hero not Mark Roberts. I'd never let anybody except Lavarnway read that stuff in here."

"You like nudity?" She accused

I didn't want to tell a pretty girl like Niccie Ciaole that I had never actually seen a girl naked yet. My only true romance was with Nancy Phillips and she wasn't ready to go all the way.

"That's okay," I had told her. "But can't at least see you naked?"

She thought I was perverted for that and we eventually broke up.

I looked at Niccie and shrugged. "It's not the kind of subject you can talk about so much," I explained. "But writing about it is a little easier. And more natural. I'm not going to deny I like the idea of the freedom of nudity in my stories. I try not to make it gratuitous or dirty or voyeuristic unless that's part of the story line. People who are together see each other naked. Or get naked together. And people who aren't together sometimes wish they were together so they could see one or the other naked."

She shook her head at me with disappointment. She probably thought I was a pervert too.

I had checked Niccie out on fiction press as Onthestageoflife and most of her stuff was sweet and innocent and believable and real. I noticed she had a couple of sex and nude scenes in her stuff too but I decided not to debate her on it now. Most of her stuff was K and T while six out of my eight postings were M so I guess she had a point.

Heidi changed 'After School with Mr. Jolsen' to 'Professor Harrington's Young Love'. The original one six page sex scene went to four or five sex scenes of a few paragraphs duration each. She made Jane a sympathetic virgin waiting for the right man to come along and the Professor a lonely older gentleman who was much better with his lectures than he was in his personal life. Somehow the two find each other and Heidi captured a quaint, sweet, sentimental and believable love story between two sad characters. Lavarnway said it was one of the best pieces of the year and Niccie had nothing but wonderful things to say about the story too. Heidi had really come into her own as a creative writer.

Niccie and I continued our writing relationship but we were both too shy, insecure, and afraid to take our friendship beyond that and she eventually started dating some guy from Greenville High. I couldn't get over Heidi's original 'After School with Mr. Jolsen' story (which she posted on fiction press under Heidialps) and I kept asking her about it and some of the other sex stuff she had written.

"Do you want to see me naked, Mark?" She asked me bluntly one day.

I turned red faced. "Huh?"

"I read your stuff on fiction press too, you know," she said. "You're not as celibate on there as you are in real life."

"Thanks," I mumbled with embarrassment.

"Why don't you come over to my house this weekend?" she suggested.

"Can I be Mr. Jolsen?" I teased.

"If I can be Holly," Heidi replied without missing a beat.