The Lady or the Tiger (alternative ending)

part 1

Without the slightest hesitation, he went to the door on the right, and opened it. Taking the old rusted latch the young man yanked it up and ripped open the door. Backing up a few feet, a pair of burning red ember eyes stared at the youth; if looks could kill the young man would surely have died already. Retreating back a few inches the man watched as the figure gracefully stepped forward little by little. Soon everyone could see the short thick orange hair, the skinny lithe frame, the odd lopsided smirk, and the gleaming eyes. Waves of hunger appeared to roll off of the figure as it approached the young man who started to slowly inch towards the left, looking anywhere but in the eyes of the beast.

The crowd watched with hazed eyes, tracking each and every movement made down in the arena. The semi-barbaric king knew that it was all over as soon as the foolish man walked over to the door on the right. Bursting into a fit of laughter, the king cackled as his plan worked and the young man was cornered between the wooden gate and the figure with the devilish smirk. Upon hearing the noise the crowd came back to life. Excitement and adrenaline coursed through the people as they began cheering at the thrill of the site below.

Turning towards his daughter the semi-barbaric King's feral grin and beastly expression soon turned into one of confusion as different emotions fought for control until finally annoyance and anger won out. Feeling her father's eyes on her the princess turned to meet his gaze, the small satisfied smile twisted into one of smugness and amusement. Her beautiful porcelain face and deep brown eyes filled with mirth showing her amusement at her father's anger. Turning back to the arena she watched as the vile beast below licked its lips and took the last few steps towards the handsome man. Allowing the King to sneak away unnoticed.

Taking a step back the man hit the old oak door with a grunt, and watched as the orange haired creature stepped forward once more while the corner of its lips twitched. Taking a deep, breath the young man extended his arm placing his hand on the furry shoulder and gave a hard push. As the figure stumbled back it gave out a short growl and radiated a murderous aura. Quickly the young man spun around raising the latch to the second door and grabbed the doors edge and sprinted towards the left, opening the gate wider and wider. A pair of muddy green eyes soon rose and looked directly at the figure on the ground and gave out a vicious roar.

Getting up from the dusty ground the proud figure crouched down and got ready to sprint. Shadows hiding the feline as it stood crouched looking more like something out of a horror film than a four foot nine, five hundred pound tiger. Sharp claws extended, dirtied orange fur, white jagged stripes going down its face and body, and the twitching of the long slender tail showed that the animal truly was meant to be feared. The girl on the ground watched with fearful eyes as the predator came out of the dark cave and started sprinting forward. Ducking down she brought her arms up shielding her head as tears dripped down onto her animal skin clothing. With blood pounding in her ears she watched as the hungry cat charged forward and snapped her eyes closed tightly. The semi-barbaric princess observed everything as if time was starting to freeze. Slowly the tiger was heading straight towards the King!? Only one thought ran through everyone's mind "Who is the one that is really in danger?"