Three years ago scientists were studying how to fuse the DNA of a human with the DNA of an animal, but they had no test subjects. To get test subjects they put up posters saying "Test subjects need, for new miracle drug, 20 male and female test subjects, preferable 16 come by Usagi Middle School at 12 o'clock on October 30th 2017" and now we go to Regal.


"Regal! Get your lazy ass down here, now boy!" His mom yelled "What mom?" He asked "how many times have I told you? Call me her Highness!" She yelled "what your grand majesty?" He said more refined "I found a flyer with money!"

"Oh God, what I'm doing this time?" Regal asked "miracle drug, with side effects like amnesia, random nose bleeds, fainting, migraines, and possible death!" She said in a happy tune, "possible death! What the Hell?" He jumped "Yeah isn't that thrilling" she said still with a smile "very" he replied sadly "well get prepared for tomorrow, my little moneymaker" then she walked off .

"Big brother is everything going to be okay?" three little girls poked their way around the corner. "Big bro is going away for a while, but while I'm gone don't open those doors you got it, don't let her get you, the emergency kit should be finished when I come back, okay?" Regal explained, the three nodded their heads in unison.


"Okay first date with the cutest boy in Yuki High. Don't freak out, don't freak out, don't freak out, I'm freaking out! Okay contain yourself, it's just so cool how he ask me out instead of Witeny".

FLASHBACK, 7 hours and 30 minutes earlier, "hey Rachel isn't that Sandy from class 4-D" her besty Lin said "yeah" Rachel replied "so what?" She replied cooly "So what? Go talk to him" Lin said "I know someone has a crush on him" she continued "Shut up Lin, he's not my boyfriend or anything I just find him attractive, like most of the other girls here in gymnastics" she replied, "beside why would he ask me out of all people?"

"Okay start stretches girls" shouted the coach and blew the whistle. "Coach needs a boyfriend" Rachel said "ahha" Lin agreed "yo sharks 2 o'clock" Rachel turns her head and sees Witeny and her sharks. "Hello Chubbs and Bones hope you guys break a leg because you'd be doing all of us a favor. Tahtah!" And she walked off "I would to love to sink my claws in her snow white skin" Rachel said angrily and was swiping the air because her friend restrained her from actually sink her claws in her skin. "Stop doing that you look stupid, Rachel" Lin said and Rachel looked around and saw stares from every side "nothing to see go back to your stretches. Hahahahaha." Rachel said quickly "stupid, hey look at Witeny she's talking to Sandy and by my mouthing skills she's asking him out!" Lin freaked "oh, no if they go out it's going to be hell for 4 years! We got to do something!" Rachel cried "But what to do?" Lin whispered "I know what to do." Rachel said and got to a prehurdle position "don't do it, what happens if you land wrong?" Lin quivered "I don't plan to land I plan to kick some ass" Rachel said and braked into a run "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" her friend yelled but it was too late.

She lifted her arms, skipped, did two front flips, stretched out her legs hoping to hit Witeny but instead she was crooked and hit Sandy! They rolled for a while when they finally stopped she was on top him flat on his chest, once she realized she automatically sat up "I'm so sorry I was practicing something and I guess I was crooked and ah" and he gave her a big kiss on the lips, Rachel turn bright red "you were the one I was looking for" he said and she blushed even harder.

"Hey what were you thinking kicking him then kissing him, he is MY boyfriend after all, Chubbs" Witeny screeched, Rachel got up immediately looking down ashamed, "I'm your boyfriend? So I don't get a choice?" Sandy said "no, sweetie, you get a choice, but not with her" She glared at Rachel "well, as long were telling the truth, you were never my girlfriend." He said coldly and Witeny gave a shocked face, "I want Rachel" Sandy grabbed Rachel by the shoulder and pulled her close. Everyone was in shock, until coach blew the whistle "get back to work you lazy pansies."

"She really needs a boyfriend" Rachel said "you can say that again" Sandy said. After gym Sandy said "Rachel see you tonight at 6 o'clock at the park", "wait, what?" Rachel said befuddled, but he already walked away, she could feel the evil glares from the other girls and a shiver went down her spine. "Score you got Sandy to ask you out!" Lin shouted, Rachel felt the glares getting hotter "Rachel you don't look too good" "I'm going home early please get my stuff" Rachel said sickly. "Okay!"

PRESENT, "okay everything is ready, just breathe ohhhhh" Rachel said "oh, no it's 5:30! I going to be late" and rushed towards the front door and ran to the park. Sandy was waiting wondering where she was, and then he saw her rushing towards him. "So sorry I'm late, my mom made me do some chores" she lied, "didn't you tell her you were going on a date this evening?" Sandy asked "No way, she would have grabbed my dad's rifle and shot you!" Rachel answered "Fair enough" he replied "so where did you plan on going? A restaurant, a movie ,maybe?" Rachel asked "were going to a carnival actually." Sandy answered "cool, what's the name of it?" She asked "in spite that it's only open once a year in October it's called Halloween Hall."

"Sounds festive!" She squealed "Everyone is going in costumes, or at least all the workers" he gave a little giggle "aww, I wish you had told me early so I could put on a costume" Rachel grumped "but you look so cute, why would you want hide behind a costume?" Sandy said, and her face looked like two roses blooming in unison. "Here it is" it was very spooky looking and Rachel grabbed his arm tightly "don't worry, I'll protect you" she gave a little nod and loosen her iron grip.

"I can't believe she's acting scared, it's so last year, right Tanna?" Witeny whispered "right, Witeny" Tanna whispered back "Witeny where's Sena?" Tanna asked "she's just late, she'll be here soon" she answered. "I hear footsteps, Witeny" Tanna quivered "It must be Sena, your late!" Witeny hissed "oh I'm I" said a voice behind them "yes you fool, we got to stop this date and turn it rotten, hehehehe" Witeny giggled.

"Uuuu, Witeny….." Tanna quivered again "What Tanna?" Witeny asked angrily "You might want to turn around" she answered "Why you fo…." When she turned around and saw the devil herself. "What you want to ruin their date? I'll send you to hell before that happens!" Lin growled, her eyes were glowing fire red as if they were gateways to hell, they jumped out of their skins. "Sorry almighty Demon Queen don't send us to Hell" and they ran out of there, passed Sandy and Rachel "was that?" Rachel asked "Na, just your creative mind Rachel" he answered "okay", "well look who's here, it's Rachel and Sandy" Lin said walking up to them. "Wow nice costume Lin you're a Demon Queen, right?" Rachel said with enthusiasm "Yup" she was wearing a leotard with an oval in the middle of it with diamonds on the side and a belt with red rubies across the center of the belt. "So what other costumes are there?" Rachel asked "well mine is the sexiest so don't worry, I'm not allowed to spoil anything or I'll lose my job, so be prepare" Lin warned. "Don't worry I'll protect your date Rachel" Lin thought with a smile.

"Okay first attempt didn't work, but never fear doesn't give up easily" she growled "I wish she did" Tanna thought and fell to the ground "don't worry scaredy cat, just don't let Lin find you" Witeny told her.

And so it began the fright fest that changed the group of high schoolers forever. Every time they had a chance to scare them, on a rollercoaster, at the tickets stall, and the theater, it just brought them closer together, and Witeny got madder and madder every time because Lin kept getting in the way.

"Wow, that...heh…girl gots some…..stamina….heheh" Witeny panted "oh come on I'm just getting started" Lin said without being tired "ahhhah! Don't pop out of nowhere, it scares the hell out of people." Witeny hissed "good cause 1 it's a job requirement and 2 teaches you not to mess with their date you, hear?" Lin barked "Yes, crystal clear" they said' but as Lin walked away Witeny gave a wicked smile, "hey Witeny did you ever notice Lin's tail moves and she says it's just plain old snake skin, do you think it's alive or is it …" a shiver went down their backs, but Witeny kept her wicked smile. " I know that wicked smile anywhere no fricken way! I'm done!" Tanna yelled at her "I have wasted my entire evening when I have better things to do!"

"Yeah like what?" Witeny asked "I had a date! I'm leaving damn it!" Then Tanna stomped off Witeny's wicked smile disappered, "whatever, I don't need her, okay time to bring out the big guns" and she crept away "what is she up to?" Then Lin started to follow. Sandy and Rachel were at the ballroom at the haunted mansion where they hold dances, a romantic song started to play and Sandy asked "Rachel want to dance?" She started to blush "okay", they began to waltz "it feels like a fantasy to be dancing with my dream guy, I just know good things don't last forever" Rachel thought and started to cry. "Why are you crying?" Sandy asked "don't worry everything will be okay" she replied with tears and a giggle "let's make this moment last, please." She said softly "as you wish" he replied.

"I've got to do it" Witeny said holding a sniper rifle aimed at Rachel "I..I..I got to, I..I can't do this as much as my heart aches for him" she stood up put the sniper on her shoulder "have a nice date, bitch" she said with a smile and walked toward the exit. "Hey what do you think you're doing with that sniper?" Lin barged through the door "you didn't, did you did you really?" Lin quivered "Na, I'm not that shallow, especially for some boy" and Witeny gave a little giggle and walked out the door. Lin walked over to where she sat, "I knew you weren't that shallow along" then Lin sat down, kicked her legs and laughed and watched everyone dance.

"Okay, folks that's the last track for tonight hope you had fun here at Halloween Hall" the DJ said over the speaker. "Hey Sandy it's getting pretty late, I think I should start going home it's a long walk" Rachel said heading towards the exit. "Wait, I don't you wanted to stay longer?" Sandy asked "Yeah but it's getting late like I said and my parents would be worried sick if I not home by 10:00" she explained "okay, but I walk you to the park" Sandy worried "okay….." "Sandy is acting like a completely different person now, but why? He's so clingy now, what did I do?" Rachel thought.

On the way to the park it was dead silent until they came up to poster that said "help people get a better medicine today!" "Hey Sandy look at this" Rachel went over to the poster and took it off the wall. "It says to come by tomorrow it looks fun and were both 16, it says for 16 years-olds in the requirements. So what do you say?" And Rachel showed him the poster "Are you sure? Isn't there something you rather do?" Sandy said trying to find a loop hole "Why?" Rachel asked befuddled "Just because you know….."

"Actually I don't know, please tell me what I don't know." Rachel said her voice rising "Well it's sorta kinda complicated, I don't think you'll understand if I told you" Sandy was trying to find the words "so you think I'm dumb?" Rachel snapped "No no, I don't think that at all it's just….uhhhh" he was still trying to find the words "you do think I'm dumb, well I'm going tomorrow without you then." She screeched "But…" Sandy try to explain "SHUT UP! and leave me the hell alone!" And she ran off.


"Ugh, she wouldn't even let me explain." Sandy said thinking out loud walking back to his house "it was top secret, our research wasn't finish and very faulty there wasn't even a successful proto type." Sandy thought to himself "maybe those rouge scientists took the data and are going to test it on people, maybe everything is going to be okay and it won't affect anyone, but if it does affect the volunteers that's bad news for everyone, maybe I should go." Sandy thought "leave me the hell alone!" Her words echoed through his head "it's better this way for now, for now." He told himself.


"Danna I said decaf not caffeinate, you lazy servant!" Shouted , "I'm sorry that you don't like caffeinated, but deal with it! And I'm your equal dumbass!" shouted back "besides were going to stay up all day today because the test subjects are going to be here and don't forget what happen in Peru. You fell asleep and the subjects got away, and to add on top of this ice cream we were kicked out of Peru forever!" She reminded him angrily "Okay, okay calm down, it's going to be okay because I am smart and invented these!" He ran into the other room and gestured her to follow, "oh God what fresh Hell did he bring now?" She said to herself "hey I heard that!" He yelled back "Good" she shouted.

When she walked in he was standing next to an enormous thing with a cover on it, "as I said before, what fresh Hell did you bring?" She repeated "Danna, Danna, Danna, you worry too much you should put more faith in me" Dr. Curn said ashamed with his partner's faith "when hell freeze over."

"Then I'll create a device that makes Hell freeze over!" He said as the idea struck him, "Keep dreaming, asshole, what did you want to show me?" Dr. Potell moaned "I swear why do I have to be paired up with a dumbass" thought beating her head softly. "This is the B.E.C!" and he ripped of the cover and look like she just watch the worst film ever, but took it as 'I have no words' "I told you, you would be impressed ." He mocked "It's just a bunch of cages super glued together, giant cages super glued together. I could do this in thirty seconds maybe twenty seconds tops" She said unimpressed.

"WHAT?! It took days for me to do this because I add electricity!" He yelled "okay an hour then" she replied "I hate you, you, you, you" he was trying to find the word "dumbass, asshole, bitch, bastard, jerk, I have a list if you want to see" said looking at the B.E.C "so what does B.E.C?" She asked "What? Oh yeah it stands for 'Big Electrical Cages'" he said proudly"wow, very creative doctor" she said sarcastically, "well it's time to go to our station, let's go to our stations, my minion!" He shouted "I'm your equal dumbass!"


"I can't wait they said I get paid!" "I know and I'm so excited to help people today!" "I here because my parents told me too" the crowd was mumbling "wow there's a lot of people here, I wonder how many are here" Rachel thought to herself, she was just barely got into the top twenty females. She was looking at the rest of the line she saw a black haired boy he was very tall his shirt had a picture of a panther on it he seemed a little bit on the emotional side of his teen years. "Hope I don't run into him" she thought, she looked around again and saw two girls one was yelling at the other, the other not giving crap.

The one who is yelling is a brunette and has a jacket that has a porcupine picture on the back of it and a reddish pinkish shirt on but above her knees, and the girl who doesn't give a crap has more of an orangey reddish color to her hair and was wearing an orange short sleeved dress that almost blended into her hair. "I wonder why that girl is yelling at her and why she's not giving a damn, it would be interesting to get to know the girl with the red dress, but the girl with the porcupine jacket I might want to stay clear of."

She looked around some more and saw another guy who had dirty blond hair with some bruises and cuts on his face has if he got into a fight not too long ago; he was wearing a dark green shirt with black pants he looked like a villager from the movies. "He looks like just another guy but there's something different about him from the other people here I don't know what though" she thought to herself then he looked up and his blue eyes looked as cold as ice as if his soul was frozen, that made her look away immediately. "Okay he was a little bit scary, but I'm okay" she thought, she looked again and she saw Sandy the last person on earth she'd want to see especially after what he said last night.

"Oh why the hell is he here? Especially after what he said last night saying it was too dangerous, so why the hell is he here!" She thought angrily, "Okay were excepting applications now, so let's get this line moving!" Shouted one of the doctors at the table, and so the line moved and one by one the teenagers went to the back, she saw the teenager with the panther shirt got in, the orange haired girl got in, and the shouting one just barely got in. Then came the dirty blond boy they did a little looking into his files for criminal records, they found nothing so he was good to go, and then it was her turn and the scientists looked at her, the male scientist had blond hair that had black roots at the top so you could tell he wasn't naturally blond. The female scientist had beautiful aqua like hair must of turned blue during an experiment but it complimented her fair skin color, they said "your good to go to the back", then Sandy come up and they both kinda froze solid they did nothing except just say "your perfect to go to the back" but the girl grabbed him by the shoulder and whispered into his ear.

"What's got them hyped up? He's just a regular dude, right? This gets weirder every second, what did he do? More importantly who is he if he spooks the shit out of people?" she asked away in her head and continued walking away into the back. There was a huge RV in the back, with microwaves and a refrigerator in it, some people complained about not seeing out the windows that had black painted on them while others didn't give a damn. That girl was still yelling away and the girl still doesn't give a damn and the panther boy was mopping in the corner with some candles and a hoodie, "wait did he have those the whole time?" Rachel asked herself, she just shrugged it off and hopped inside, after about fifty minutes later it was time to go.


"This doesn't look so bad" Regal thought "maybe I'll live yet." When they started to move there was a jerk before they moved, then over the intercom the scientist said "you are free to move around the RV, feel free to eat anything in the refrigerator, please get to know each other they'll be the last person you probably meet, heehhee…..*cough* *cough*." "Weird people, right?" He jumped at the sound of her voice "oh, I didn't mean to startle you, I'm so sorry, I just wanted to meet you. But I understand if you want me to leave you alone" she said timidly and started to get up, but he grabs her arm and says "I don't mind I was just startled because I didn't know you were beside me" he explained quickly "please sit back down" he begged "okay" she replied cheerfully.

"So what the Hell happened to your face? Freak accident, fight, bullied?" She asked "ummmmm…." Regal replied "okay don't tell me, oh how could I forget my name, it's Rachel I'm a second year attending Yuki High. You are?" she introduced "Regal self-tutored, by the way my mother did this to me, well my adopted mother did anyway, I'm technically an orphan." He said grimly "Wow just by that I can tell you had a rough life none the less" she patted his shoulder and said "I'm sorry if I'm causing more pain for bring it up, want some water" she offered "um, sure that sounds nice".

"Okay I'll be right back." "She seems nice" Regal thought "I should socialize with others it might be good for me." Regal smile "Okay I'm back here, you go" she gave him the water and sat down "what do you think they mean when they said they'll probably be the last person you meet?" Rachel asked hungry for information "Well base on my experience of the odd things that my fake mother has done to me for money, I say were probably going to a government hideout to stay and work like slaves for the rest of our lives."

"Aw that sounds amazing" Rachel replied sarcastically "yep, had to run for miles nonstop while like nine Rottweilers chased after me" he said. "Why not like ten or twenty Rottweilers instead of nine?" Rachel asked "There was forty but getting out they accidently they shot about ten and the rest were on the other side watching to see any others were coming." Regal answered "we're almost there so get ready to be unloaded!" The scientist yelled over the intercom "hey Regal I have to go over there right now to talk with a classmate of mine, I really didn't think he would come." Rachel said to him "okay" she got up and walk to the other side of the RV, "I just hope I live through this for my little sisters" Regal thought.


"'Protect your blond girlfriend, boy, or you're going to regret not doing so' what do you think, I tried to protect her Danna!? She just stubborn that's why I here!" Sandy thought angrily "hey what the hell are you doing here, especially after last night?!" He looked up and saw a pissed of Rachel "crap" he thought "well since you came and I thought I should come and protect you." He answered calmly and she just slapped him in the face as hard as she could, but he didn't flinch at all. "You don't think I can protect myself, like some helpless child!" She shouted at him "not from what's coming real soon" he said back still calm "what the hell does that mean?" She yelled at him with tears in her eyes. "Something you can't do alone like you try to do with everything" he got very serious and looked into her eyes "leave me alone" she said and she walked away with the tears gathering in her eyes.

"I'm just no good" he sighed "tell me about it" said a mysterious voice "huh?" Sandy looked around and saw no one "Right here" then all of a sudden a girl dropped from the ceiling and was hanging by her feet she had a red flamey looking dress which sorted blended with her hair, "your probably wondering why my dress is not falling down, right?" She said really fast "well it's because the bottom has elastic band that you can make loose or as tight as you want! Anyway you suck ass when it comes to girls!" she laughed "I know I know I suck, wait how do know I suck?"

"Well I saw you a the Halloween Hall and man you pulled the oldest tricks in the book, anyway you guys looked interesting so I followed you two. The fight was just easy to avoid, just say yes then block her house or do something so you would miss it, and to make sure she had miss it too." The ceiling girl said "oh by the way I'm Flox, or CG", CG told him "what does CG stand for?" Sandy asked "It's simple it stands for ceiling girl of course! Hehehe" and she just started swing from side to side "so what's your name stranger?" She asked still swing from side to side

"Sandy, why did your parents name you Flox?" He asked back "Well when I was born I had flame red hair and sort of a foxish look to me so fl- from flame and ox from fox put them together you got Flox." She answered then cut the rope at her feet and dropped silently down on to the ground she looked about half of his size. "Your sixteen? But you're so small you look like a seventh grader" Sandy laughed "yes I'm sixteen second year at Haruhi High also the leader of the ninja club" She dignified "well that explains a lot."

"Why didn't you tell her that we're going to a rouge scientist experimenting center in the middle of nowhere?" Flox asked "because do think she would believe me? Not a chance, and how do you know?" Sandy was confused once again "I know everything, that and I loosen a few of the screws on the top panel and saw nothing but dessert for miles, and the clues they left on the intercom messages. There not the smartest people ever" she said "wow you're very smart for a girl your age."

"I told you I'm sixteen! Any way back to the problem what are we going to do about evil scientists?" She asked "I don't know, she's the only reason I'm here" Sandy answered pointing at Rachel "aw, that's so romantic!" She squealed "there you are you little Fox I'm not done with you!" Shouted a girl with a porcupine jacket "well bye-bye Sandy" and she jumped on to the roof of the RV when he looked up she was gone.

"Wow she disappeared like magic" Sandy said amazed "it isn't magic it's just that she is really fast! I'm Kesha by the way, I have to look over her even though she's sixteen she's a child at heart." She panted "I was lecturing her about sneaking up on people and telling her about going to college so she has to give up on Ninja Club." She said more dignified "you know she just might start up a ninja club at her college or if it as one she'll probably join" Sandy pointed out. "Shit" and she slide into the seat next to him "I just wish she would grow up, she still acts like she is older than me been like this since were in preschool." Kesha sighed "what? So she's been treating like a little sister for more than thirteen years now?" Sandy said shocked "Yup, just one day in preschool change everything, it was the first day of school."

I wore a pink ribbon and a white frilly dress, walking down the hall very happily until I meet him. He walk right up to me and I said "hello, I'm Kesha Holly is this your first day too?" he replied like a jerk "gross pink makes me think of a baboon's red ugly butt" then he grabbed my ribbon and mushed it and start to call me baboon head I started to cry. Then this little girl she was the size of a baby just barely walking sucking on her binky then she started to scowl at the boy toke the binky out of her mouth and shout "hey asshole stop picking on her!" As he turned around she jumped up crazy fast I was amazed at such a little girl moving so quickly then when she was face to face to him she kicked him so hard that he flew over to the wall and bounced back. She caught him about to bounce on to the next wall "now listen you piece of shit, pick on another kid I won't hold back as much as I did, you understand?" He shook his head up and down furiously I thought his head was going to come off, and then he ran to the class room, I knew he was going to tell the teacher about the girl. But she just came over picked up my ribbon dusted it off and put it back in my hair "there, pretty!" She said "What about the boy he's going to tell the teacher you'll get into trouble especially after what words you said." I worried "Please if you told a teacher that a girl the size of a baby beat you up and cussed would you believe them?" She asked" "Guess not but what if he does convince him or her?" I fret "Really? Can't believe you, who couldn't love this adorably face" she comforted me "haha, I guess so" I giggled "let's go".

"And so that's how she became like this I was never bullied again" Kesha concluded "what about other schools? Did she attend all the same schools?" Sandy asked "Oh heavens no, I guessed that kid spread a rumor that said I was dangerous" she said "or she wanted to protect you like a big sister would" Sandy said. "Who knows, I guess before we depart into Hell I'll find her you might also want to work on your lady skills you suck ass like Flox said and yes she told me everything I'm second in command in the ninja club." She walked off giggling "oh ve."

Third Person

They arrived, then all of a sudden an entire army as it seemed came and took everyone making sure that no one was close to each other. There was a bunch of noise people screaming, others shouting to their friends. Others thought it was a good idea to fight back but they got tranquilized, while others reached trying to grab their friends, they were being treated like animals, stuffed into cages. "The panel! Sandy your right under the loose panel you can break it open! Go and get help for what is going to be left of us!" Flox yelled as they ripped her of the roof of the RV she started to beat up the guards that caught hold of her clinging to the roof. "Flox! Come on we can get help together just crawl ov….." sandy was yelling "I need to hold them off so you can get help and our opportunity is closing now go damn it!" She yelled at him once more before getting tranquilized and fell to the ground "Flox!"

"Sandy don't let her sacrifice be for nothing now damage the hell out of that panel and escape!" Shouted Kesha who fought back "NOW GO!" she yelled then just like Flox she got tranquilized, "Regal!" Rachel yelled her hand out stretched trying to reach him "Rachel, just try a bit harder!" he yelled back. "I'm trying as hard as I can, almost there, come on stretch!" they almost grabbed each other's wrist but the troops pulled them even further apart and their fingertips touched and they slipped away from each other "NOOOOOO!" Rachel yelled and tears started to fill her eyes then she saw Sandy beat open a panel on the roof and ran out on top. "He's running away while the rest of us are captive! That coward!" Rachel thought. They were pushed into rooms were they were injected with DNA of animals as Rachel struggled they brought her to the bird room. "NO! Stop please DON'T, DON CCAAWWWWWWWWWW!"

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