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here is CHAPTER ONE!

It crept out of the dark, like it formed from the shadows. It's sharp look paralyzed me with fear. It slinked forward, sizing me up. With a sick twisted grin on its face, it stood there deciding its next move. The creature was wolf-like but it had a more lion-like tail and maine. It's eyes seemed human, intelligent and it was huge. It was a beautiful, but terrifying creature. Suddenly, more appeared, it was a pack. I was surrounded. I growled and crouched down, challenging them to come closer. The leader hesitated, motioned to its pack mates, and showed his teeth at me. He stood up, morphing into a boy about my age. taken by surprise, I stood up, gawking at him. He had tan skin, dark hair, and startlingly electric blue eyes. He was taller than me, which is very tall considering I am around 5'6. Our eyes met, it felt like I was being electric shocked, but trying not to look weak I started to glare at him. He chuckled at me, feeling uncomfortable I shifted from foot to foot. He watched me squirm, I growled at him. He looked up at me and smiled, I frowned. He called off his pack and took a step towards me, I took two steps back. He looked at me questioningly, like I shouldn't be afraid. I wip around to run. He jerks forward to grab my arm. I snarl and snap into my wolf form. He jumps back in shock, enjoying the moment of control, I crept forward smiling. I know my other form can be very intimidating considering I am a large wolf that looks like I'm made of black and gray shadows. He shifted cautiously into his form, circling me. I smile at his skittishness. I lurch forward scaring him back. I take off into the woods laughing to myself.

One month later...

I take off into the darkness in my now tattered dress. I remember when I got it; Cleo and I were window shopping in hopes of finding something for the dance. Suddenly Cleo grabbed my arm, dragged me into a store, and demanded me to try on this dress. It was perfect. Sighing to myself, I take a quick glance down at my destroyed dress. Can't a girl go to one measly dance without getting chased after by some evil guy?! I dig my toes into the ground making myself shoot through the trees like a bullet. I can't change forms in front of him in fear he might be a bounty hunter. He keeps up behind me, advancing at me. Fear seeps into my veins as my legs start to burn, but I don't dare to stop. I move my legs as fast as they can go. I weave my way through the trees, but everything I try he keeps up with me. I step on something strange for a millisecond when I am flung into the air, trapped in a net. As I am trying to escape, the man walks up, and pulls out a gun. I squeeze my eyes shut hoping it will be fast. There's a bang, but no pain. I open my eyes and he is there in his animal form with the man pinned down and helpless. He shifts into his human form, takes the man's gun, and points it straight at him demanding him to leave and never come back. The man nods, gets up and sprints away in terror. He glares in the direction the man ran from, he looks different. I study him to pinpoint what it is, when he looks at me I notice it. Instead of being electric blue, his eyes were a dark gray, almost black color like a violent storm was about to approach. He looked at my face and his eyes lightened to a soft, pale blue. Startled I asked, "who-who are you?" he pulls out a knife and cuts a rope sending me falling to the ground landing on my butt. I try to get out of the net but I can't, I struggle and thrash and I get tangled up more. He takes his knife and begins cutting me free. I press again for an answer "come on, at least a first name?" He stares at me again forgetting about his knife and drops it inside the net. I struggle to reach it but can't. I look around to see if there is enough room for me to transform. I warn the boy to back up, he obliges. I summon all my strength and shift into my wolf form. My whole body looks like its made of shadows, but not truly because I am not see through or are you able to stick your hand through me, I am a solid. His eye color flickers. I close my eyes summoning the shadow realm. I feel my body turn into a shadow, I slink from under the net making sure to grab the knife with my teeth. I slowly close the realm learning from experience if I close it all at once I will be exhausted. As I reform I see his eyes, they are that electric blue. I switch back to human form and hand him the knife. He nods, turns around and takes off into the darkness. Instinctively I take after him. I catch him easily and tell him, "at least tell me your name if your going to follow me around and save my butt!" He runs harder. I keep up after him. He glares at me but his eyes are a blue like a beautiful summer day's sky. I run ahead of him, whip around, and run backwards facing him as I talk. "You know it's hard to look scary when your eyes tell me how you feel." My back rams into a tree, knocking the wind out of me. I gasp for air like a fish, he stops in his tracks and looks at me with fear. I pant for air until I feel a bit better. He grabs me by the waist and hoists me onto my feet. "thanks" are the only words I can muster to say. He chuckles, "you should have seen the look on your face..." I gasp in mock surprise "THE BOY HAS SPOKEN!" he laughs at me. I ask again "now that I know you can talk can you tell me your name?" he sighs and responds, "Blake Hemming." He watches me intently. Coolly I respond, "Ashling Tala." "well, Ashling, I hope I won't be needing to save your butt anytime soon." but his eyes said otherwise. He spins on his heel and jogs away into the woods. I smile and shake my head knowing its not the last time he will try to save me.