AN: sorry it's so short but I had to post it!

We reach the village and find Zane and Hope at a picnic table making googily eyes at each other. Zane slips his hand into Hope's. Hope leans forward as Zane catches his lips into hers. Blake clears his throat. In an instant, the jump away from each other embarrassed. "I'm sorry man I just can't help it!" Pleas Zane. Hope giggles at Zane's defense. I look over at Blake and see his eyes flash from dark green to gray. Blake sighs and shakes his head saying, "I think I will never get used to my best friend and my sister going out." Hope blushes, gets up and tells Zane to come with her. Zane hops out of his seat and jogs over to her and wraps his, thick muscular arm around her. Blake chuckles, "I swear they were made for each other." His eyes look into mine turning soft blue, I want to put my head against his chest and my arms around him, but I restrain myself. "Blake? How come you are the only one whose eyes change color?" His expression is pained, his eyes turn a light brown. "M-y p-parents they..." He flinches rescaling the old memory. "I'm sorry I didn't-" I stop my self and wrap my arms around him, hoping to ease the pain. He stiffens. I begin to let go of him when he pulls me closer and places his cheek on my head. I feel a tear drop into my hair. I look up into his face. He looks at me with tears in his eyes. I lean in towards him and we kiss. I pull back and kiss the tears of pain off of his face. His eyes turn to a pale soft blue, my blue. He kisses me again. I place my head on his chest feeling his heartbeat and close my eyes never wanting to let go of him again