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We silently walk through the trees downwind, of course. I am using the gift of my heightened senses the try to pick up any scents of game. Blake follows me unarmed, scoping the area too. I spot a deer 100 yards away. I pull my arrow back and aim. Then put it down. "Blake..." I whisper quietly hoping to not spook the deer. "Yeah?" He whispers unaware of the deer. "Are- are we hunting? Hunting? Or... Are we just roaming the woods?" Blake looks at the direction I was looking and realizes that I have the chance to kill a huge buck. "Umm... It's up to you I guess..." He shrugs. I sigh and pick up a rock, relieved I don't have to kill the beautiful creature. I throw the rock towards the tree next to it and it smacks into the tree with a crack. I stand up as the buck scampers away with a doe and its fawn that was recently out of sight. "Good call, if you did, it would have been a episode of Bambi." I giggle at Blake's poor choice of humor. He stands up next to me. "Now that hunting was a flop... What do you want to do now?" I look into his soft, blue eyes. "I-I don't know..." I say thinking of something to do besides go back to school and get a detention for ditching. "Tell me something about yourself... Anything." I stand there looking at him dreading to tell him anything about myself.

"Well..." I start, deciding to dance around the question. "I lived alone..." "And..." He pushes. "I thought I was the last of my kind, until I saw a boy on the news the other day... Before I ran to your house..." Blake looks at me very confused, so I went on anyways. "He posted a story... In my opinion, a very dumb idea." I push a stubborn light brown lock of hair out of my face and ponder whether to tell him anymore. Can I really trust him?

He watches me intently, not showing anything that he could be hiding. "My parents... Well... My father, left me and my mother to fend for ourselves when I wasn't even at the age of one. My mother was killed when I was seven. She was the only family left..." I feel a tear slide down my cheek. I quickly swipe it away not wanting him to see me like this. Blake pulls me towards him into a hug. I push him away from me. Not wanting that type of pity surrounding me again. I don't want people to pity me.

I don't need pity. His face shows a mixture of shock and pain. His eyes are a light, depressed, brown. I can't stand this. I can't watch the ones I love hurt, especially because of me. I take off into the woods. Letting the tears stream down my face with the image of his pain and my mother's. So similar but yet at the same time so different. I had did this pain, I know how it feels. It doesn't leave a mark on the outside. It leaves a mark on your heart. I run faster, flying deeper into the unfamiliar forest. My feet hit a path. I take off down it as fast as I can letting the burn of my calves fuel me. I open the gates to the little village and sprint past the houses hoping to find Hope's.

Realizing my search is completely hopeless and stupid, I leave the town frustrated at my idea. I don't even know what I would be looking for! What was I looking for a big neon sign saying, "HOPE'S HOUSE! WELCOME! HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR STAY!" A growl slips from my throat. I snap to wolf form and run faster.

What a cowardly thing. Running away. Running from my fears, pain, and my own anger. I can never seem to shake those no matter how far I run. They seem to follow me like unwanted gnats, buzzing around my head. Never leaving. I pick up more speed going faster than I have in a long time. I weave through the trees and shift into the shadows. I stop briefly to see if I am near any of the familiar shadows indicating I am still close to familiar territory. Nope. I shift out of the realm and begin to dart through the trees once more. I just want to get lost in the dense wild. I just want peace. I stop by a pond and lap up the cool, sweet water. I lay down listening to the peaceful sounds of the forest. Suddenly I hear a mournful howl in the distance. My heart wrenches. I bury the grief down for later sadness and guilt. I curl up and fall fast asleep in minutes.

I am running from the hunter again. I look down at my once beautiful party dress that's now a tattered mess. I am suddenly thrown into the air caught in a net. I can't escape. The man pulls out the gun. I close my eyes. He doesn't shoot. I look down for him. He isn't there. It isn't the hunter anymore. It is Blake. I look into his pitch-black, emotionless eyes. I hear the trigger being pulled. I squeeze my eyes shut. I hear the bang. Silence. I am not dead. I look down again in confusion. I should be dead. All I see is Blake. Dead. I scream rips through the silence. It is mine. Blake is lying on the ground around his own pool of blood. He killed himself. The net snaps and I drop into his blood.

I wake up sweating, shaking, and in human form. My throat is raw and is hurting. I stand up to find it is dark out. I slip into the shadow realm searching for any familiar shadow. I feel the place where Blake and I had shown his pack my "talents". Blake. I cuss under my breath, he is going to be worried sick. I let the shadows yank me at lightning speed. I end up standing right where he had taken my hand before I had shifted to shadow form. My fingertips begin to tingle. It travels up my hand haunting me that Blake had done this, yet I wouldn't even let him comfort me. I feel Blake's house's shadow tug me. I let it. I leave the shadow realm in front of his house. I feebly knock on the door. No one answers. I turn around to leave when the door flies open to a flustered Hope and a shirtless Zane behind her. I raise an eyebrow. She blushes realizing I have pretty much caught them in act. If we weren't in this given position I would have began to tease both of them, but I had more important things on my mind. "Where's Blake?" Hope looks at me sadly. "Ashling, Blake isn't here. I stare at them in disbelief. "N-no he ha-has to be here." Hope shakes her head, "I'm sorry Ash, he isn't here."

No. He can't be gone.

MWAHAHAHA! I have taken away the beloved BLAKE! see what Ashling does in next chapter... "Emptiness and determination"