The Queen's mirror was special in many ways. Not only would it shower her in compliments, but it was a looking glass to all the other mirrors she had set up across the kingdom. Jealous that such an ugly girl in her eyes could cause a Prince to smile, she turned towards her mirror for comfort. She'd normally ask 'Am I the fairest in the land?' of which the mirror would reply, 'Of course you are fairest-' where the Queen would interrupt with a vain remark. But recent events had left her thoughts muddled, causing her to phrase the words slightly different:

"Who's the fairest of them all?"

The mirror began to sing, finally able to get all its words out;

"Alas my Queen, fair you are not,

As beautiful as you may be.

Your heart is ice and soul scorned,

So the fairest in the land is she,

Snow White, Snow White, Snow White"

The Queen was shocked at the mirror's words, hastily demanding, "Who is she? This…Snow White!" and in her horror, the mirror's clouded image morphed into the one she'd most dreaded to see. Fiona.

Fury began spilling out of the Queen. How could a repulsive, revolting little girl be fairer than her? Fairer than one who was celebrated for her beauty! Fairer than the Queen! In complete rage, she flung a chair across the floor, just missing the mirror, when there was a timid knock at the door. Abruptly turning, she bottled-up her anger just enough to say, through gritted teeth, "Enter." Prince Louis, slightly startled by the screams from inside, nervously tiptoed in. "Erm…I am Prince Louis." Now, he had resumed his normal majestic manner, "I have come as my father sent me from the neighbouring kingdom in order to unite our lands in marriage and ending the years of fighting we have suffered." As Prince Louis bowed low, the Queen's usual evil smirk returned as a wicked plan formed in her mind. "Yes we will unite once an urgent quest has been completed." Prince Louis' head raised in confusion. "You must kill Fiona." Grimacing at the thought of murder, Prince Louis had no choice but to accept, otherwise his father's and the Queen's kingdoms would remain at war forever. As Prince Louis nodded the Queen informed him to take her far away and then conclude the deed.