Although the idea of murder repulsed her, Fiona knew she had to do this. For her farmer mother and father, in memory of her real mother and father and to prove to anyone who had ever judged her that the outside means nothing, but the inside and her actions will save the kingdom. The Queen, with all the horrible evil things she had done to her, to everyone, deserved to…hurt. All the fury seemed to spill out and turned into determination.

"Will you help me?" she whispered.

The elves lifter their heads and continued their chorus, "Of course!"

She had lived on a farm most of her life, so knew her ways around a knife and how to protect others like her animals. She needn't learn much about how defend herself. However, the elves had another trick up their sleeves.

"Try this weapon Fiona." Said Emera, as another elf handed Fiona a majestic looking dagger. Holding the jewelled blade in her own hands, it felt different to her own blunt one.

"It came from the same source as the Queen's mirrors. This might break her hold over the kingdom for good." Emera stared at it longingly, as if it was a new born baby.

Fiona breathed in deep. She was ready, but one thing was gnawing at the back of her mind.

"When I was running away, I fear I came too far into the forest and lost the path. How are we going to get to the kingdom?"

"Ah, don't worry, the forest of Schnee holds no secrets from us. Alas, there is no guarantee we won't run into danger along this passage. Are you sure you're ready Snow White?"

"Yes…I can do this." Fiona was terrified, but she could not show this to the face of what is to come. Standing up tall and pulling her cloak over her head, she started for the kingdom, an army of elves behind her.

However, Queen Leila would be expecting them. The mirror Emera had produced whilst explaining the looking glass was the gateway for the Queen to see their conversation. Furious that Fiona was still alive, this added on top of her anger about Prince Louis mysteriously going missing! Discovering his lie would be an excellent excuse for his murder in addition to war, but she must deal with the fighting later. The Queen decided to make one last attempt to kill Fiona without getting her own hands dirty. Sending a new dwarf in need of proving his loyalty deep into the woods, he could have easily been mistaken for an elf himself! Just to make sure all went well, the Queen sewed a mirrored button onto his dress (to make certain that he fit in with the girl elves, not just for the Queen's amusement) so she could watch the results herself.

By this time, the elves and Fiona had found the path once again and was nearly at the kingdom. A loud crunching of leaves made them all jump in surprise, but the elves knew this new elf was not their own and attacked him as soon as he had stepped out.

"Fiona you must go on!" Emera yelled, as Fiona looked helplessly at the scene.

"You'll only get in the way here! There's enough of us go!" The elf with the sword just missed the intruder by an inch. Knowing the elf's comment would probably be true; Fiona nodded in thanks and ran as fast as she could to complete the mission and get back to her family, the elves and a free kingdom.