Act 1, Scene One:

Setting: Court of Plebes

Exposition: Long ago in a far away city of Plebes, there was a King named Jonah who was greatly unjust. The people of Plebes have been waiting for a hero to come and save them. One day, a strange man arrives in the city. There have been numbers of failed uprisings, and the main conspirator, Bretli has been captured and is facing his condemnation.

King Jonah: Those who dare betray me, they pay with the cost of their lives, for I am the boundary of life and death. I am the king of the finest land there is, therefore I shed the blood as I do the peace. King Jonah rules all and all rules none! [pauses] What have I here?

Guard: The prisoner, sir. The one you have sought.

King Jonah: Of course, of course. He who attempts a rise against my domain with fire shall end with the flame! [glances vividly at Bretli, who is held between two guards, his expression is indifferent and he does not look his king in the face] I grant him four days in the dungeon, North Tower, and then to the stake on the dawn of the last day.

The guards and Bretli exit. A messenger arrives as the King prepares to leave the Court.

Messenger [bows]: A word for you, my fair King.

King Jonah: If it is worth the time.

Messenger: News of your family and capitol.

King Jonah: Aye?

Messenger: The remaining rebels have been seized and shot. The West Wing of your palace has been placed under immediate reparation and shall be complete as soon as possible. Your wife is safe, but a child of yours is wounded…

King Jonah: Tell me which, as it may disturb my concerns…

Messenger: Your prince Marcus. He interfered with the fighting, and was stricken viciously across the abdomen. The doctor promotes that his chance of surviving is unlikely.

King Jonah (very angry):Who dare strikes my flesh?!

Messenger: The offender was immediately slain, my majesty. I could not identify him without his head.

King Jonah: You saw the attack?

Messenger: Only a swift glimpse of the execution. Another one of your guards informed me on what had occurred and sent me to your presence right away.

King Jonah: and my Iris?

Messenger: She is well, unharmed. Obeyed your orders and did not fight the rebels.

King Jonah: Aye, my girl, obedient and chaste. She will make a fine Queen someday. For my boy, his fate was foreseen.

Messenger: What a pity, sire…

King Jonah: Very well, is there anything else you were sent to inform me of?

Messenger: Yes, sire, just one more thing. There's a man, a strange man walking about the city streets. He has a thin beard and wears a yellow frock tucked into a pair of fine cobalt trousers. He can't be more than thirty.

King Jonah: Is he a rebel?

Messenger: I do not know what he is your majesty. Nobody does. He doesn't speak to anyone. I do not know how he managed to pass through our gates.

King Jonah: Perhaps he's just a traveler…

Messenger: Aye, lord, perhaps he is…he carries a ratty sack over his shoulder which seems to be a burden, it's so big…

King Jonah: Aye, no fear, loyal subject. It's just a trekker.

King Jonah and the Messenger exit

Act 1, Scene Two

Setting: Iris's Garden

Exposition: Iris is in her garden, waiting to hear news on her brother's recovery. She is by herself, with her sword tucked into her dress at the waist. She cries very timidly. She eventually notices Saros stalking her from behind the garden gate.

Iris (withdrawing her sword):Who goes there, intruder? You better run, for I am tempted to slay, thee…Oh pity, or should I slay myself? Leave myself to bleed like my contemptible brother…of whom I love so dearly [begins to cry] …oh pity us all! Come out, come out strange fiend and finish me for once. Let me escape my father's fruitless reign and live peacefully and joyfully among the clouds! Be my hero!

Saros (chuckling, exposes himself from behind the gate and looks Iris in the face): Despairing lady, I shall inform you that I mean know harm, only if you are willing to create a pact with me.

Iris: Speak no more strange man. I am unwilling.

Saros: Please, lady, I need to speak to you.

Iris (holding out the sword): Who are you?

Saros: My name is Saros. I was born here in Plebes. I left with my family when I was young, but now I have returned.

Iris: And what is your business here?

Saros (sarcastic): You, my dear. I have been admiring you from afar…

Iris: Ugh, how dreadful that you lie to me and present your acerbic tongue, now tell the real reason or I will slice you to bits!

Saros (chuckling, then whispers): Alright, if my "charm" can't win you, then I suppose I'll tell you what I've heard.

Iris: Aye, go on…

Saros: Your name is Iris, and you are the King's daughter. You want your father to be deposed. Am I correct?

Iris (lowering her sword): Where did you hear that?

Saros: The rebels. They have sent me here.

Iris (moving closer to Saros, and putting her sword away): The leader of the rebels was captured this morning. His name is Bretli. He was the strongest of us all. Without him, the fight is hopeless. My father is a terrible man. I will admit it; he thinks I cease to fight to obey him, when in reality I'm only trying to trick him into trusting me. I'm also leaving the rebels for the kill. As much of a snarling, nasty beast the leader of this land is, he is still my father, and I shan't be the one to finish him. Only a handful of rebels know that I oppose him.

Saros: As so I've heard…for they have called upon me to do the dirty work…

Iris: Where do you come from? I know you said you were born here, but then where did you go? And how did they find you?

Saros: I come from across the sea, in a much fairer land. I am among the strongest ones there. I have returned to Plebes when I was called upon from friends that I have here to aid in this trouble. Basically, the rebels urged me to fight for them.

Iris: Much were slain in the uprising this morning…

Saros: As so I witnessed…

A voice yells from a distance…

Belinda: Iris! Iris! Where are you my dear?

Iris (to Saros, in a lower whisper): Oh, my dressing keeper calls! Quick, mighty Saros of Fair Lands, abscond at once!

Saros exits…

Iris (soliloquy): Oh dear, my blood or my pride! What a wretched fool I am! Certainly, she's calling to inform me that my brother has past, killed by the rebels of whom I claim to favor…look at me in mercy here oh Lord for I exist between a boulder and a pit of fire! Justice! Blood! Of where do I turn? [breaks into tears] Of whom do I trust? What power am I? The blade of justice? The shower of shame? Have mercy!

The curtains fall.

Vignette One: Remaining rebels walking along a path in the woods by their hideout. One escaped the uprising today and has come to inform the others about Bretli's capture and the death of the prince.

Rebel #1: You tell the truth, Bretli is not dead?

Rebel #2: No, he was arrested by the King's men.

Rebel #1: Aye, but now what are we to do?

Rebel #2: We storm the palace immediately after we find Saros.

Rebel #1: And the prince? He's really dead?

Rebel#2: Aye, sir, his wounds were fatal…We shall gather the others and attack again before Bretli's execution day.

Rebel #1: How do we know when that will be?

Rebel #2: Four days at the stakes. I watched the court myself, disguised as a guard. I stole the uniform from a dead one. If we find Saros quickly, we may be able to rescue him sooner…

Rebel #1: Aye, good man, we shall inform the rest…

Rebel #2: Immediately.

Rebels exit the stage. Curtains open.

Act 1, Scene Three

Setting: Dining room of the Palace of Plebes.

Exposition: It is Marcus's funeral dinner. Queen Maude is weeping at her seat and unable to eat her dinner, like most of the other guests.

King Jonah: Why all of you save your tears and dine! There is no great reason to mourn over what has already happened. My son was a fool. It was only a matter of time for this fate to find him.

The Queen, Iris and regal guests continue to weep uncontrollably. King Jonah loses his patience.

Oh damn you all! You feeble subjects, if you are not going to dine with me in humor then I dismiss all of you, but my wife and faithful child.

The royal guests exit.

Queen Maude (in tears): Oh I can't bear this!

King Jonah: He was no good at all…why do you waste such frail energy?

Queen Maude: He was our son! You beast of a man that was I was strained to wed, it should have been you! [Stands from her seat and runs offstage]

King Jonah (astonished): How could I hear such words of treason from my own wife! I shall condemn her!

Iris: Father please! She is ill, you know that. And Marcus's death has made her depressed, which will worsen her illness. Do forgive her, father; she knows not what escapes from her lips anymore. She doesn't know which thoughts are right and which are the devil's lexis.

King Jonah: You are wise, my daughter. I am proud to have you in my sight for you shall, of all people in the world, be the one that will never deceive me. You and I are forever, and as you wish, your mother is spared from condemnation.

Iris: Thank you, father. I will never [stutters] deceive you…

King Jonah: Very well. My trust lies in the palms of your chaste hands [pauses] you are dismissed, my dear.

Iris trembles slightly in her exit.

King Jonah (soliloquy): Oh what rage! My Kingdom, my most beautiful kingdom of Plebes falling to pillars of sand! Am I unjust? Why of course not! I am the King. I stand in the lives of mindless civilians and guide them to give into my glory. And now what? A rebellion! A foolish attempt of stones being thrown at my power! For sure, their leader in my hands…he shall be burned before all the rest of the rebels…

Messenger enters

Messenger (dropping to a knee): Sire, forgive me for I bear unfortunate news… (King Jonah turns and faces him, fury stricken across his face) but, the prisoner has escaped, or perhaps has been rescued…broken out from the dungeon…

King Jonah (in a rage): Bastards! How can my foolish guards fail me?! Nobody has ever escaped my dungeons!

Messenger: Well, you see, sire they had some help… that strange man in the yellow frock. He calls himself Saros. He is not a traveler. He was called on by the rebels for the attack and many more. Your most noble guard, Elijah said that his moves are as dark as night as and faster than the heaviest winds. He is the real threat to the kingdom of Plebes!

Curtains fall. End of Act One.

Act 2, Scene1.

Setting: Rebel hideout in the forest.

Exposition: The band of rebels is gathered in a cave in the woods plotting their next attack and praising Saros for his help in the success of rescuing Bretli. Iris arrives, but since Bretli is not convinced that she is really there to help them, he orders her be killed. This upsets Saros, who is quickly falling in love with her. After a heated argument, Saros stabs Bretli fatally and demands the rest of the band to follow through with his orders.

The rebels praise Saros as he humbly enters the cave early on the dawn of the next morning.

Rebel 1: Saros! Our good man has arrived!

Other men cheer; Bretli comes forward and shakes Saros's hand.

Bretli: I thank you with all the best, dearest Saros! You have the strength of a thousand wild beasts and the cleverness beyond any man. I am happy that you came to join us, brother!

All men raising their glasses: Aye!

Bretli: And now my fellow comrades, we must plot for an official blow on the Palace of Plebes. With the help from our friend here [leaning towards Saros] we shall not be defeated!

The men cheer wildly, except for Saros who stands humbly. Iris enters.

Mandwell: Iris!

Bretli turns to face her suspiciously, the other men greet her warmly. Saros watches her with an air of delight.

Iris: Hello, my friends. I have come to warn you all that my father has ordered a band of his men through the woods today to seek out your camp. I recommend that you pick up and run immediately!

Bretli (to Iris): Who are you? You're not the blood of the beast, right? How did you know we were here?

Mandwell: She is indeed blood. Other rebels have led her here. I do not know her business with us. I, personally do not trust a word she says even-

Iris: It is true! I am blood! But I am here to help you! Please you must listen! The soldiers are on their way and-

Bretli: Enough! Men, I demand her to be seized. I am skeptic of her trust, and even so, her blood is that of foul swine. I shall shoot her at once [picks up rifle]

Iris tries to run, but Mandwell, grabs hold of her. Bretli prepares to shoot, but Saros unexpectedly seizes the gun from Bretli and throws it aside.

Saros (to Bretli): Let her go.

Bretli (astonished): why do you insist?

Saros: Let her go, I say! She means know harm.

Bretli: You, man, are mad!

Saros: I saved your life, and I can just as easily take it!

Bretli: You bastard!

Saros: Let her go!

Bretli: I want her dead!

Saros (withdrawing a knife): Let her go or it will be your bloodshed!

Bretli holds still. The rest of the men are speechless. Iris breaks free from Mandwell's grasp and runs away.

Bretli: You're the traitor!

Saros: I am as I am. [stabs Bretli] and you sir, are now food for the hawks.

Saros falls to the ground, the word "traitor" escapes from his lips as he falls dying. The rest of the men are astonished. Some start to rush to Bretli's side, but Saros picks up Bretli's rifle and threatens to shoot them. They back away and come to realize that Saros is their new leader

Saros: You fools will never win a revolution with this louse. [pokes Bretli with the butt of the gun] It would have been beneficial to us all if we had just left him in the dungeons of Plebes. [pauses] I am your leader now. For those who haven't heard, I am Saros, the all powerful. Nothing will ever shatter me. And if you're not with me, you are against me… [points the gun at them, nobody moves.] Very well my friends, we shall prepare our fight with loyalists that we have been forewarned about.

Rebel: Should we flee like the princess told us?

Saros: No, we shall stay and fight them off. There is no victory in running, comrade. [pauses, glances down at the dying Bretli] Leave him, follow me.

The men follow Saros outside the cave. Bretli is left to die inside. He squirms, let's out a final yelp and is dead.