Story Title: Poetry Club - December 2010

Author: Hikari no Vikki

Genre: Life/Poetry

Description: A collection of poems written for my high school poetry club in December 2010.

Author's Notes:

These poems were written during the years I participated in my high school's resident poetry club around the beginning of October 2010. Some months had a lot of inspiration, some didn't. Some poems I just forgot to date. (But they're listed in rough chronological order.) So I decided to put them up here for people to see. I graduated high school on June 4th, 2012, so the poetry club series will only go until about May 2012. Enjoy!

(Oh, and the wheel of death is sort of like an inside joke between Mac users. PC people won't get it.)

Robot - 12/1/2010

Mechanical, habitual, traditional, unoriginal
wind it up, drive it around
impersonal, methodical, perpetual, typical
stick in a coin and shut it down.

They're everywhere.

Some are broken with a few loose screws
and missing a few parts
while some are shiny and brand-new.

Some just refuse to work right.

Some are almost human
most are from it
and even if they get a little glitchy
some are pretty all right.

Funny how much we're alike.
Us and our machines.

Tis the Season - 12/1/2010

There's a reason I love this season
a reason I love with all my heart.

It's not because of Santa
or gifts on Christmas morn
and neither is it the pretty lights
or the cookies that smell of hard work.

It's something much more than that.

You see, on that special day
there is a moment, a single perfect moment
where the world finally makes sense.

There's no arguments, no hard feelings
only peace, joy, and love.

And though it vanishes as quickly as it comes
that moment is what I live for
and truly, surely, absolutely
I hope you love that moment too.

Theory on Computers - 12/2/2010

I have a theory about computers
that they're more than just machines.

Because, honestly - let me tell you something:
when the wheel of death
has been turning for five minutes straight
I swear I can hear it laughing.

Or eternally screaming in frustration.
I can never tell which.

And I've learned not to spill food
on the keyboard in case it decides
to act up for a day and give me
typos like they're hiccups.

Really, I swear my computer
is actually a sentient being.

Or maybe it's just me.

Late Night - 12/9/2010

It's late, I should be in bed
but there's caffeine in my head
and sugar in my blood-
really shouldn't have more
since I'm jittery enough.

But it's a weekend. I can stay up.

Whispering lyrics to myself
as I read tender old conversations,
another sip passes my lips
while pressed against a chuckle,
amused, I wonder if our poor climate
will ever get lucky.

Probably not.

My fingers curl and lift
checking my music.

I have enough power for another hour.

What I Love - 12/9/2010

My lips faintly turn upwards
in a ghost of a smile
as my left hand
absentmindedly trails my heart.

Warmth tingles within it's cockles
filling everything inside
making my toes curl and writhe.

I love listening to the stories.

Relaxing, the emotion moves on
as my hands resume playing
their well-loved DS
reaching over occasionally
to adjust my iPod's volume.

Eventually I'm exhausted
and I curl up in the music.

I love the music more.

Darkness settles beneath the lamplight
above my lids as I lie suspended
upon the edge of dreams.

My body shivers, preventing sweet submission,
dragging me from my better reality
forcing me to snath a peach fuzy shield
to keep the pricking ice from my skin.

Despite it all, I love the cold too.

Groggily, with music still ringing sweetly
in my earbuds, I sit in my internal silence.

Beyond everything, a thought strikes me
my cheeks flush, lips bruised behind a grin
as I realize, now awoken to the truth
what it is that I cherish so deeply.

It is because I love everything
about this season.

Performance - 12/10/2010

Don't I look cute in my coat and boots?
Don't I look pretty when I smile?
All dressed up, ready to play
hoping to make it worth their while.

I'm glad I don't sweat when I'm nervous.

When it's my turn, my mind is silent
leaving shaky, forgetful fingers
commanding the stiff, freezing keys.

I wince as they fumble disastrously.

But! There is still sweet fluffy hope
as my fuzzy brain takes the reins
gently pushing the complete melody
through to save the day.

It's not perfect, this I know.
But I'm content. it's only my first show.

Haircut - 12/10/2010

The bell rings, a bright tinkling thunder
striking my thoughts to a possible blunder.

Inside my pocket, the green burns.

Even though safety is less than a mile away
this thing is new to me, independence
invincibility coursing through my veins
as the leather seat brushes my skin.

My hair, still sitting on my shoulders, beams at me.

Picture within a picture
my heart hammering, breath quickening impatient
for the masterpiece I have created
to change myself for the better.

Silver clips click beat for beat, threads falling
spiraling down-and-up until I see
reflected in the mirror: a brand new me.

Aftershock - 12/26/2010

Another Christmas has come and gone
leaving me sitting here
staring out at the night.

It's a little cold out, so I take my refuge in that.

Was it only a little while ago
that I had Christmas
whistling in my ears?

Suddenly it was turned off, replaced in an instant.

It's shocking, really, how people can do that
shutting off the happiness and cheer
like it's food with an expiration date
and that's why the new year doesn't excite me.

Yet perhaps there is some good in this.

Unreasonable and insane through it might be
I will go through it all again and again
the waiting, the watching, the crying
the laughing, the screaming, the moaning.

I will do it all again and sit year after year
in this bizarre muck of depressed happiness
all for one precious thing.

Do you recall that moment
where all is somehow right in the world?

That's the one. The thing some just don't get.

So though the music is gone
and the moment has passed
I will wait.

I will wait again
for the world to make sense.

This Feeling - 12/30/2010

I don't know what this feeling is
that grabs my brain
and makes it gasp and pulse.

My heart can't make heads nor tail of it;
unusually detached from my chest as it is.

A slight thrill of fear rushes my spine.

My feet are ice beneath the fuzzy socks
that connect with stiff joints
and aching muscles which are strangely
absent of feeling.

Now it's gone, mostly
shying from my soul's raking eyes.

This feeling is, apparently
decidedly determined to hide.

And that's that for December 2010. If anything stood out to you, feel free to let me know or just ask.

- Hikari no Vikki