"I killed her." Kimmy smiled. The other girls gasped in response. "That's what he said, when they found him. That was before he ended up in the mental institute." The story ended, but the other girls were still tense. Shauna spoke up." Wow. That was creepy." Felicia and Ava nodded in response. Angelica shivered. The girls sat in Shauna's attic, in the midst of a sleepover. Kimmy had volunteered to begin the scary stories. She had just moved to Haven Lot, and had told a story that had been the tale behind her previous house. A loud noise sounded and Angelica yelped. Shauna grimaced, " I still can't believe my parents keep this old thing up here." The girls looked to the right, where a large grandfather clock stood. It had just announced that it was 3:00 a.m. "It's kind of cool," Ava murmured. "It would make a wicked picture." Felicia rolled her eyes. "Of course." Ava was a crazy photographer, and her latest fad was antiques. Her pictures were amazing, winning her the Haven Lot Best Amateur Photography Award. "That was a pretty scary story." Shauna declared, changing the subject. "Yeah. I've got goose bumps everywhere." piped up Felicia. Kimmy smiled at the girls. She had just moved in a few weeks ago, and this was her first sleepover. She had been excited and nervous. But scary stories were her specialty. "Thanks." Haven Lot was her fresh start, especially after what had happened before. "You guys want to go to sleep now?" asked Ava, yawning. "I don't think I can sleep, after that." Angelica muttered. "It is pretty late." said Shauna, already braiding her long raven locks. A signal that she was getting ready for bed. Kimmy frowned. "But it's only 3:00." She exclaimed, surprised that the girls were already for bed. Ava gave Kimmy a weird look, "What time do you sleep?" Her tone was exasperated and slightly annoyed. Of all the girls, Kimmy liked Ava the least. She was suspicious, often giving Kimmy a hard time. Earlier during the sleepover, Kimmy had lost her camera roll and she was still upset. "We'll find it in the morning." The girls had said to Ava, but she still seemed upset. Now, Kimmy looked at Ava. Her deep set eyes were hazel, similar to the dull brown shade of her hair. Ava was small and ordinary, but she could have been pretty, if she tried a little harder. "After at least, three stories." Kimmy responded, coolly. "I guess we could hear one more." replied Shauna, oblivious to the silent argument going on between Kimmy and Ava. Kimmy smiled, earning a glare from Ava. "Yeah. But last one." agreed Felicia, lying down on the sleeping bag, looking up at the girls. "Okay." agreed Angelica. She and Felicia had blond hair, the colour of honey. While Felicia had big blue eyes and wore her fair share of makeup. Angelica had pale gray eyes. Now, their faces was plain, but still noticeably pretty. Kimmy liked Felicia, not only because she was pretty and easy to convince, but also because she was enthusiastic and friendly. She had been the one to first talk to Kimmy. Thus, making Felicia her favorite of the group. Angelica was nice, too. But she seemed to be closer to Ava, making Kimmy hesitate to be really good friends with her. "Hold on. Let me think." Kimmy said, searching her mind for a good story. Ava was now lying down, fingering her lifeless hair. Finally a story came to Kimmy. "This one is called Cliques."